Europe vs. the USA

For the past 1000+ years, the average time span between major war involving governmental or boundary changes in Europe and even Asia, has been 68 years.  Most have involved some power-hungry megalomaniac desiring land and power.  This same region claims to be the intellectual powerhouse of the world, they claim to be progressive, and full of
wise philosophers and great thinkers.  History has shown that the only times such a war was not successful was in the early twentieth century with World Wars One and Two.  All have been in Europe and both were the only ones involving the rescue and assistance of “the barbaric, backward thinking, stupid, imperialistic, conservative, and power hungry” armed forces of the United States of America.

The same country that is full of “stupid rednecks”, “gun toting nutjobs”, “simple-minded twits”, “religious fanatics”, and “greedy imperialists,” yearly, gives protection and comfort to many of those European nations, including former enemies, by contributing billions of dollars from its “greedy” citizens, the same country that in addition to the “official” assistance and military protection they offer (with their own money), also has the highest charitable donation percentage of its populace than any country in the world.  This same “rogue” nation that could have built a veritable empire, in both Europe and Asia, after World War Two, chose instead to help the Europeans and Japanese rebuild their broken countries, and made sure governments were set up to give them freedoms they never had before in the history of the world.

So next time some high-thinking, yet ignorant professor, reporter, or politician tries to convince you that Europeans are far more advanced than the “primitive” Americans, may I suggest you study a little history.  The world would not have the freedoms, inventions, and technologies it now enjoys without them.  Your right to hate and bash Americans, and their President, was given to you by Americans that gave their lives for you to have that privilege.

Maybe, just maybe, we should pay more attention to those backward Americans than listen to those pompous intellectual jackasses that “think themselves” into stupidity.  What lessons do Americans try to teach the un-listening “rest of the world?”  No philosophy, social, environmental, and economic can succeed without the freedom of the individual, and that history is to be learned from, not ignored.  There are those that would try to change the United States of America into something more along the lines of the European methods of socialism, communism, or fascism, all philosophies demonstrated to be failures time and time again by European society itself.  When the USA changes, is the day the world is no longer safe.

You may think placating evil is the way to avoid war.  You may think deny the existence of evil is the way to avoid provoking those that cause war.  You may think that giving evil what it wants to prove somehow you respect them is a way to avoid violence.  All you do is give up your freedoms and way of life until you are no longer free, and live in fear.  Is that freedom?  Is that peace?  Is peace only the absence of war, or is true peace the absence of worry for your families?

So next time a group of people demand you grant them the ability to kill their disobedient wives and murder their daughters, and demand special treatment for their own versions of law, us American’s suggest you tell them to return where they came from and never give up your freedoms just to placate unjust or “cultural” demands.  How long before their culture and unjust laws replace yours?  How long before your daughter is killed because she wears a skirt and doesn’t cover her face?

Does this seem like “peace” to you?

American’s even though many are hated, will fight to the death to retain their freedoms to live, breath, and worship the way they see fit, and not have their actions dictated by the crowd.

These are the opinions of one American.  Want to know an American?  Talk to them, and stop listening to the propaganda of your news media.  The days of honest journalism went bye-bye in the 1960’s.

Is America perfect?  Of course not.  The very forces and philosophies that end up in the ruin of other nations are becoming mainstream today under the guise of being “progressive” or “enlightened”.  What ruins a nation is loss of identity, loss of morality, and loss of culture.  Abraham Lincoln demonstrated what was necessary to have a healthy nation, and that living by ALL of the God-given laws of freedom (for all races) was what makes a society and country great.  Winston Churchill demonstrated that evil must be stopped and never placated at all costs, else society falls.  Ronald Reagan demonstrated that people and freedom are what makes a country great, and not its government.  George Washington demonstrated that the peace true freedom brings was more important than the illusion of peace under tyranny.  A humble Jew once demonstrated that there is no greater love, than the love of one that is willing to give their life for their friend’s freedom.

Say what you want about any war on this earth.  It is a just war if tyranny is toppled and freedom is allowed to grow.  There are those that would say stirring up a hornet’s nest is suicide, and then there are those that would say the absence of the nest is better than tip-toeing around the hornets in the first place.  Eventually you will get stung as the hornets multiply.  On the other hand, being free to play, swim, dance and run is much better than trying not to stir up hornets.

3 Responses to “Europe vs. the USA”

  1. Excellent post!  I wanted to add a comment of my own, but there is nothing to add.  You said it all, and you said it well.

  2. Aside from the wisdom in this piece, I just noticed your text runs completely to the right border.  Makes me jealous.  Makes me want to be a computer do it all like you.May our youth be snorkeled wisdom like this through the flood of crap coming through our educational systems and our information industries.  ie. colleges, newspapers and TV news.  OR we shall all drown in despotism as the inevitable result of socialism.  So have every other nation in history unless outside forces destroyed them first.  Or as mentioned in the article, America invested a fix it for them.

  3. Just change your design layout my friend.

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