The “War” on Terrorism

I recently read an article by the lovely and very eloquent Ann Coulter.  She was praising President George W. Bush for keeping us safe for the past seven years, and I join her in that praise.  However, I have some complaints as to how President Bush has fought the war on terror the past seven years.

Anyone that grew up in the Vietnam war era (and is a conservative) would tell you we could have won that war and won it quickly, if our armed forces were allowed to fight it like we have fought wars in the past.  In Vietnam, it was too politically correct.  Too many rules to follow and too much “respect” for those shooting at us.  This fear of the press and obedience to ridiculous UN imposed “rules of engagement” caused that war to be a failure, a bloody failure.  The armed forces of the United States are not Constitutionally intended to be international police nor “peace keeping” forces.

After September 11, 2001 President Bush declared that “if you’re not with us, then you’re against us” and sounded all big and bad about avenging the dead.  Well, unfortunately, President Bush should have taken some lessons from General Patton and Douglas MacArthur of World War II.  The way you win wars is to completely obliterate and demoralize the enemy until they surrender.  You certainly do not refuse to bomb a mosque the bad guys use as a headquarters because you “respect their religion”!  You destroy the mosque and kill those inside it so they think twice about doing it again.  You do it so the people that love their mosque in the next town will help you next time so their mosque doesn’t get destroyed.  Once the enemy knows your weakness, they exploit it.

The so-called innocents are not innocent if they aid the enemy or refuse to point them out.  People will think twice about putting their children up as shields if the enemy is what they are shielding.  The key here is, that if the children are killed in the process of killing the enemy, then using children as shields won’t be tried again.  People do not realize how many innocent lives could be saved in the long run if the war was fought as a war.  I seriously doubt that this wouldn’t be going on for seven years if our military would just have been allowed to kick ass until an unconditional surrender or the people bring the bodies of the terrorists themselves to stop the war.

The other problem was inviting reporters in with the fight.  Kick these liberal jackasses out.  The Constitution only applies in the USA with freedom of the press.  The press was tightly controlled in World War II, and for good reason.

So yes, President Bush has protected us the past seven years.  I don’t think people give him credit for that. It’s just I think seven years is a bit unnecessary if this “taking it to the enemy” war would be fought like wars have always been fought.

Stop picking on grannies and stop banning two year old’s from flying just because they have a similar name to a known terrorist.  While I do know that some two year old’s can be a terror and some can de-calcify one’s spinal column at the mere sound of them screeching, I have never known of a two year old capable of hijacking a jet liner.  The TSA is Bush’s seven year failure.  If all hijackers and terrorists to date have been of Middle Eastern descent and of the Muslim faith, then it’s not racial profiling to be concerned over those matching that description.  It’s called being intelligent not racist.  Ignoring the obvious is stupid and a waste of time.

When World War II was over, we did something we have never done before (except after the civil war).  We helped our once enemy rebuild all of those buildings we bombed.  We helped the economies and infrastructures of both Japan and Germany grow healthy again, but this time under a free and people chosen government; of course, under our careful watch.  Look at what Japan and Germany have turned into.  They are free countries with free markets free of dictators and fascism.  Their people now choose their own destiny.  Churches, schools and temples are restored.  Life eventually continues on with the new.

This brings me back to our modern war.  Instead of not bombing mosques and such with terrorists holed up in them.  Just use them for bombing targets until they realize all they are accomplishing is getting their mosques destroyed.  When the war is over, help to rebuild those mosques.  Being afraid to bomb certain buildings gives the enemy a weapon they otherwise wouldn’t have.  Buildings can be replaced, no matter what they are.  The key is to let the enemy understand they are vulnerable no matter where they are holed up, be it church, hospital, mosque, or school.

As to Pakistan, they have to be made to understand that either they throw out Al Quida and get their border under control or we will.  As long as the Pakistani tribes on the border of Afghanistan know we won’t bomb or invade that part of Pakistan, they will always harbor Al Quida and the Taliban.  If they realize it is not in their best interests to do so (ie: they get killed or bombed because Al Quida or Taliban is in their village), then Al Quida and the Taliban will no longer be welcome.  Yes, I think fair warning to them is justified, but also the acknowledgment they were warned, but ignored it, if villagers die in an effort to kill the enemy.

Pakistan has no legitimate leg to stand on by saying they are neutral or sovereign.  If people are coming from their country and killing our soldiers and are being protected and harbored by their citizens, then they need to understand we have a right to fight back even within their borders to stop it.

Yes, President Bush has kept us safe for seven years.  I just wonder could it have been less than seven years to have really won this war?  I believe so, and to hell with the inept, liberal, and pompously pontificating UN should they complain.  Personally, I feel anyone that does complain should have all aid and/or military support (and we protect 70% of the world ourselves) removed immediately.  A vulnerable country is a cooperative country.

Frankly, as useless as the UN is, we should evict them and make Switzerland deal with those jackasses.  Most of the money that funds the UN comes from the USA.  Why we still allow that corrupt and inept organization dictate to the world how to behave when they line their pockets with shady deals and child sex and rape scandals is beyond me.

The League of Nations was inept, the UN is inept.  Why oh why do we still put up with them?

Sorry Ann, but Bush could have done better.  The surge was a much needed improvement, but totally unnecessary had it just been fought like a war in the first place.

2 Responses to “The “War” on Terrorism”

  1. My complaint from the beginning was that we were not being forceful enough.  Terrorists only respect one thing.  Force.  If you have the force and choose not to use it, they assume you are cowardly.  If you don’t have the force and threaten to use, they assume you are Saddam Hussein, if you have the force and use it to the full measure until respect is restored, then you are the GREAT SATAN or of ALLAH which in my mind means just about the same thing given their guiding books.

  2. [this is good] Bomb the mosque until the learn they are only getting their mosque bombed! That’s perfect. 

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