I Just Had a Star Wars / Obama Epiphane

Chancellor Palpatine, Evil in Disguise

Chancellor Palpatine, Evil in Disguise

I was somehow in the twilight zone and some how Star Wars then the Presidential election swirled together.  Then I snapped back to reality when I saw something in my mind that turned me cold.

Everything in Star Wars, and about the old republic and such can be likened to what is happening today.  First let’s create some definitions:

Star Wars, then their Real Life Equivalent

  • Old Republic -> United States of America (A Republic too).
  • Young Anakin Skywalker -> The gullable, indoctrinated, “hope of the future” liberal youth.
  • Obi Wan & Qui Gon Gin -> Sarah Palin and John McCain, respectively.  Also represent parents.
  • Queen Amadala -> The ignorant and trusting populace in awe or in love with what they should be in fear of.
  • Senator Palpatine -> Barack Hussein Obama.
  • The Trade Organization’s Seige of Naboo -> The current Fannie Mai and Freddie Mac so-called “bail out” fiasco.  All caused by Democratic socialist requirements for unreasonable loans to those that could not afford them.  You can only burn a candle at both ends for so long.
  • Jar Jar Binks -> Joe Biden and Barney Frank (take your pick, they are both idiots, and no matter what they do general maheim is the result).

The story pretty much goes the same way.  Like Palpatine, Obama uses and exploits things happening in the republic that he secretly endorses and supports that makes him look like a messiah or hero.  When in fact, he’s a Marxist wolf in sheep’s (or messiah) clothing.  He makes sure everything is a nearly perfect storm to have the people WILLING and almost begging to give up the liberties and control they enjoyed for many years and previously faught hard and long for.  Like anyone hunting for absolute power, he uses those to reach his goals and then tosses them aside when the usefullness is over.  Obama, tosses aside his pastor, his Acorn group, his friends, his own family (brother, aunt, etc.) and sweet talks many people to join his side with promises of power.

He has the minorities and the poor swooning at his feet treating him like he is the messiah, yet it is the very socialist programs that keep them poor and in their condition.  Programs Obama fully endorses even to legalized theft of those not participating in social welfare programs.  In Star Wars Sanator Palpatine looked like their savior, he was going to make the republic safe.  He was going to bring “peace” to the galaxy.  What he did do was eliminate liberties, and brought “order” to the galaxy, but certainly not peace.  He even was granted emperorship.  This was the beginning of the end for Rome, once a republic as well.

I don’t need to get more specific than that.  It’s oddly similar in how fiction predicts current events.

It’s easy to follow along.  Just was what and how the Old Republic in Star Wars was replaced and turned into a dictatorship or empire?  Look at what Obama and your Democrat party wants to do to our Republic all in the name of Marxism.  Nothing good can come of this.  Marxism and socialism always and will always fail.

Padme Amidalla of Star Wars

Padme Amidalla of Star Wars

So, this is how liberty dies; to the sound of thunderous applause.” – Senator Amidala (Former Queen)

3 Responses to “I Just Had a Star Wars / Obama Epiphane”

  1. Amadala: “So, this is how liberty dies; to the sound of thunderous applause.”That’s one of my favorite lines from the prequel.  I love that you are a SciFi geek!

  2. [this is good] That quote was too good to leave alone.  I’ve done some editing.

  3. That was the scariest line since the one in Elliot’s Hollow Men, “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a wimper.”  Both send chills down my spine with their truth.

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