The Patomic Two-Step

Once upon a time, Bill Clinton, while being deposed for his own perjury case, argued about the definition of the word “is”.  Something that is hard to do, especially since you need the word itself as part of your language to do it.  Doing what Clinton’s are best at, he sat there with a straight face and actually made the attempt.

Now today we see Obama.  The former candidate that ran on a platform of the word “change” and essentially nothing else.  So now that he is soon to be President and is no longer running for the office, it seems the word “change” must have a different definition than every English speaker in the world is familiar with.

Cambell Brown at CNN has an excellent article about Obama and his so-called promises of change in regards to lobbyists.  It’s a real eye opener.

As competent and eloquent the article is, I must confess that the phrase “Our rules are more strict” is better explained in the movie “Clear and Present Danger”, where they called such politics the “Patomic Two-Step”.

Let’s go back to Clinton.  He ran his campaign on a platform of “I’m not going to raise taxes”, and then almost immediately gave the “I tried real hard but…” excuse and then raised taxes before the inauguration ink was dry.  I believe George HW Bush said “read my lips” and later ate those words too.

Obama, who hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, which is a first for this dance, is doing the Patomic Two Step.

The only change people are seeing is the Constitution being swept aside.  Here’s a document that guarantees our liberties and defines what the government must do and what it must not do.  Nevertheless, the dancers in Washington ignore that document all in the name of “rescuing the economy”.  Keep in mind, however, is was these same clowns that caused the problem in the first place.  How convenient this must be to the Marxists in the Democrat party to have succeeded, finally, in ruining the USA’s economy and at the same time show up saying they are going to “rescue” it.

The problem is, government has never “fixed” a problem.  In fact, every time the government has interfered with the economy it has just made things worse.  FDR prolonged the depression by not allowing the market to stabelize itself, as well as entrusting our stability to a bank instead of the gold standard (a topic for another day).  Jimmy Carter created Fannie Mae and then later Freddie Mac.  A bloated monster without any accountability to market changes full of people patting each other on the back and giving each other bonuses for actions the economy could never sustain.  We finally have Bill Clinton, although throttled with a Republican Congress.  He increased the damage these two banks could do on the economy by using them to strong-arm banks into giving loans to people that could never pay them, all in the name of “everyone deserves a house”.  You know, some people cannot afford a house no matter how much a socialist thinks they “deserve” one.  Apartments and rentals make good homes as well.

The entire world’s economy has been affected by government sticking their socialist fingers into a capitalistic market and screwed it up for everyone else.

Now these clowns want YOU to pay for it, and like a bunch of mindless lemmings in awe of Obama, you’re willing to let them do it,

Want to know how to strengthen the economy?  Want to know how to “fix” it?  It’s very very simple.  Have the government get their grimey dirty hands off it.  Let the companies fail.  Let the banks that made bad decisions fail.  Get rid of Freddie and Fannie.  They will be replaced by companies run properly.  I’m not saying eliminate regulation.  Every game needs a referree.  Just keep the refs out of the way.

Frankly, who destroyed the big three auto makers were the unions.  There must be consequences for greedy actions.  Yes, I said GREEDY actions.  People aren’t “entitled” to giant pensions, pay without work, and on and on.  Those are things you earn.  Companies are formed to profit the stockholders.  Yes, they should fairly pay the workers, but the workers are not the stockholders.  When the workers demand more money out of a system that cannot support it the system fails.

The rest of the world considers American cars laughable pieces of junk, and compared to many foreign cars, they are.  The big three has to use the lowest bidder for all the materials (plastics etc) and have people that only do the minimum amount of work and that’s it, and still pay them more than most people in white collar jobs get.  No wonder the product is crap.

Let companies fail, no matter how large they are.  In fact if they are “too large to fail”, then they are too large period, and should have been broken up into two or three competing companies years ago by the SEC.  There needs to be consequences for bad decisions for both the management of companies and bloated and greedy unions.

Want to know what the federal government can legally do?  Read the Constitution.  Bailing out banks and auto companies is not “provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty”.

The “Patomic Two-Step” is heating up to feverish and orgasmic socialist pitch and turning into a veritable political mosh-pit.  Money is being passed out left and right like its candy at Halloween.  Everyone, naturally, sees the party and wants a piece of it.  Unfortunately, that money is coming out of the US tax payer’s pocket, and what isn’t, is being printed up out of thin air.

Yet, you see people that came out of Obama speeches in tears saying “now I won’t have to worry about taking care of my children anymore, or buying gas for my car, etc.” not realizing how stupid that sounds.  There is this drunk euphoria of a bunch of idiots partying with our money, trashing the house, vomiting filth in the capital building, throwing dung and feces at the Constitution and Declaration of Independence claiming they are “outdated” or “don’t work”.  It’s amazing.

I never thought George Lucas to be a great writer.  His Star Wars stories had ground breaking special effects to make them into blockbusters.  The stories themselves are pretty lackluster and “B” level.  Nevertheless, one of his characters, Queen Amadala, spoke a line so poignant, so deeply true, and yet oddly prophetic at real life.  Like in my “Star Wars Epiphany” article I explain it better.  Nevertheless it must be said again to illustrate my point here.  She said, “So this is how liberty dies.  To the sound of thunderous applause.”

Our country is in a “perfect storm” right now.  Thanks to the greediness, and mostly cowardice of Republicans in Congress, or formerly in Congress, we have turned over power to the very people that caused our problems.  They had a more charismatic speaker that knew how to pull on people’s emotions instead of their common sense.  They knew making promises of “we’ll take care of you” and such would win out over “I was a prisoner of war”.  They played the Soviet Union’s Socialist Playbook to get the country where it is.  What?  You don’t know about that works?  I will explain, and their plan to do this, is working to this very day.

OK, this is easy.  Back in the Eisenhower administration, many years ago, when we
knew how dangerous communism and socialism was to our country, Eisenhower had a Secretary of Agriculture he told to meet with Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Premiere and leader.  The Secretary of Agriculture was a man named “Ezra Taft Benson”.  Mr. Benson didn’t like the idea, but obeyed his President.  Listen to what Mr. Benson said about the encounter, but before you do, keep in mind this was during the 1960’s and Mr. Benson’s grandchildren would be about 40 or so right now:

After listening to the audio, consider this:

You can’t throw a frog into a boiling pot of water, because he is smart enough to just hop out.  However, it is possible to throw him into a pot of cold water and very slowly turn up the heat until he dies.

Folks, the USA is the frog, and Communism is the boiling water.  When seeing communism for what it really is, one rejects it outright as was the case in the 50’s and 60’s, but we have been fed little bits of socialism, which is what communism is based on, and now the water is beginning to approach the boiling point.  Are you going to stay and accept your condition?   Are you going to allow these clowns in Washington ruin everything that was fought long and hard for, or do you really think socialism is going to really take care of you?  Ask a Cuban, ask someone who lived when the USSR existed, ask a Chinaman not living in Hong Kong about communist and socialist life and how much they are “taken care of”.

Are you going to join in the dance of the Patomic Two-Step or are you going to whistle and say “Alright!  Everyone out of the pool!”  YOU are responsible for your life, your liberty, and your future.  Don’t let a bunch of idiots in Washington take that away from you.

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  1. “You Americans are so gullible…”  (I would say, you Americans are so Politically Correct) “…that you will wake up one day and discover you are living in communism.”

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