The eHarmony Shakedown — Michelle Malkin — GOPUSA

2 Responses to “The eHarmony Shakedown — Michelle Malkin — GOPUSA”

  1. I don’t believe the courts should legislate from the bench.  E harmony was not breaking any laws.  The free market system is built for situations like this.  If E-harmony is failing to provide a service, it opens up the door to creative individuals to step up and fill that nitch.  This is a failure of government, a failure of the free market, and a failure for America.

  2. [this is good] One thing about liberals and the gay movement is certainly not concerned about, and never was, is the personal rights of individuals to believe and act as they see fit.The gay activist movement is concerned with indoctrination and forced acceptance of deviant behavior.  Behavior that once was labeled as a mental disorder and was only removed from the list of disorders due to political pressure and not scientific data.  Liberals only use science when it’s convenient to use against the religious.It’s very obvious they are not the least bit concerned with the rights of those they call “breeders”, as evidenced by their childish behavior in California right now.  They aren’t concerned with “rights” and law and order.  They are concerned with getting away with deviant and immoral behavior and want it to be considered normal.  When they don’t get their way, they rant and rave about it until some activist judge does something contrary to their authority.Most liberal “causes” almost always fail in the normal path of democracy.  They found out that they can side-step democracy if they can find a judge to legislate or make up “rights” from the bench.

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