Show a Little Backbone You Weenie!



This is a rather unusual article today.  I spent a great many hours today reading the articles of other bloggers on the Internet, both professional and amateur.  The read the likes of Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Chuck Norris, etc. and of course many unknowns.  I even read the comment sections.  Usually with the pros the comments were only from the readers without response of the author.  This, usually, is a good thing, to isolate the author from the public, for the high profile authors.  However, I would like to see the occasional reply or debate from these professionals.  Such debates tend to be interesting and revealing.

I did, however, read many more of the amateur blogs and thought how interesting and different some were.  I could easily spot the ones completely living off of gossip and the FUD of the world, sucking up all of the available BS and propaganda as if it was gospel; obviously without any research whatsoever.  I also saw some carefully thought out and researched articles, some I didn’t agree with, but I could certainly see and respect how they came to their conclusions.

One common thing I found interesting was the comments sections of the good articles tended to keep with the subject of the article itself.  The vague or bad articles, if they had comments, typically was full of flaming tirades having nothing to do with the topic at hand.  There were lots of “you suck!” or “Bush lied!” or other such well worn excuses to blather or jump to when you can’t put together a coherent and intelligent argument.  One even turned into a “yo mama’s so fat” back and forth!  Oddly enough, more interesting than the article itself.

When I write an article, I know it’s a good one based upon the type of comments I receive, if any.  It doesn’t matter if those comments are an argument against my opinions or for them.  I find if the person is passionate and thoughtful about their response, I know I have done my job.  I’ve written articles along many topics so far, not all politically based, although I tend to lean in that direction.  Some had 100% positive comments full of “way to go!” and such, and others have been controversial enough to have well thought out debates and contrary opinions in the comments.  Both I consider successful.

Laughing at You

Laughing at You

Sure, I don’t get the readership I want, but those that do read deem it worth their time to offer their opinions in the comments section.  This is my ultimate goal, is to get people to think and talk about topics I find important enough to spend the time to write.
Finally, I get to the sad part.  It’s those bloggers who, even though it’s their right, have no business wasting bandwidth and our time.  These are the complainers, the ones who just barf their FUD all over the place without any sort of research or even reality as their foundation or basis.  It’s like reading a post by one of those people on the Tonight Show‘s “Jay Walking” shorts.  These are people who somehow floated through school but couldn’t show you where they lived on a map, or tell you who the Vice President is, or even tell you how the government works (if writing about such a topic); but could certainly tell you who won and lost on American Idol or what happened on the lst episode of Lost.  It is those kind of posts where you have realized that you wish you could have that wasted experience sucked from your brain and that wasted time back.  It’s like those people that say they voted for a candidate because they promised “change”, but couldn’t tell you what that change was.  You know the type.

Then there are the new bloggers, those are the ones I mainly thought about when writing the headline for this article.  It takes a lot of courage to write a blog and let people know your opinions.  There are people out there that are like ravenous wolves that can tear you to pieces, verbally, if you do not have a good foundation in what you write about.

Typical Flamer

Typical Flamer

There are predators out there that live to flame.  It’s the only thing that gives them meaning in life.  There are also those that may have a very good case contrary to your opinion, or at least a valid point of view.  Some are blinded by a political agenda, and some take things way too personally.  Nevertheless, one must never ever allow themselves to tuck their tails between their legs and think their efforts were for nothing.  If you are wrong, admit you are wrong.  If you are right, then intelligently show why you are.  Never ever think you are a failure just because your readers continue to hold their beliefs, opinions, or points of view, and aren’t suddenly converted or swayed by your charm and charisma.  This is the melting pot.  It’s full of the wise, smart, moronic, stupid, idiotic, ignorant, genius, profound, humorous, boring, loving, hateful, jealous, paranoid, conservative, liberal, moderate, gay straight, perverted, religious, agnostic, atheist, scientist, philosopher, dreamer, intellectual, and so on.  Understand you are expressing yourself and hoping people listen or read, think about and discuss your topic.  Never expect instant praise, respect, or even hate.

If someone gives you a “wound”, don’t whine and moan about how you were deceived or tricked into getting it.  Learn from it and press on.  If you can’t then perhaps you may want to try another hobby or form of expression.

You have a right to express your opinion, and your readers have every right to prove you’re a moron / genius / visionary / idiot etc. if your foundation is poor.  Don’t cry about it.  Show a little backbone you weenie!

2 Responses to “Show a Little Backbone You Weenie!”

  1. I would add, “And do some research.”  This is a good encouragement.  When I started out, I didn’t have any readers.  I wasn’t really here for the readers at first.  I figured I could get my thoughts down and present them when I found a way to get them to the readers or the readers to the thoughts.  Its worked out that way, too.  Been at it for several years now.  I’ve had some really intimidating conversations which taught me to either stick to topics I was familiar with or get the research in before I express an opinion.  Another thing is, quality over quantity.  I like to have a new article out every day which keeps my traffic up, but I prefer to have a good article out once a week than 7 articles filled with blather.  Readers want meat in your presentation.  They either want to be informed or entertained.  Give ’em what they want and your traffic will grow to an astounding amount.  If this is what you enjoy doing, wouldn’t it be great to make money doing what you love?  Monetize your blog if you get the traffic. 

  2. You calling me a weenie? I’ll show you a weenie… yo momma’s soKidding, kidding!Thanks for the insight. Though I’m a long time in the internet forums and like to think myself hardened to dealing with the same things due to the fact of dealing with them elsewhere (forums, chats, etc), I -am- a novice to all things blog. Much, much different than a cloistered limited community where you generally have a good idea of what to expect. Balls come out of the left field at you far less often.I suppose with time, I’ll get as used to that as I am with handling it elsewhere. I had a talent for not only dealing with it, but skillflully, once, I hope I haven’t lost it over time.

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