Dear President Sleaze-bag

Congratulations on your coup.  You have successfully convinced a bunch of idiots about how you are going to rescue them in their irresponsibility and stupidity, give them money they did not earn from those that worked hard for their money, and made promises you immediately broke in your first week of office.  It’s amazing how charisma, charm, and articulate speech, which makes some liberal newscasters get tingling in their legs, got you, a Chicago sleaze-bag politician nobody, into the most powerful position in the world.

We all know you don’t care that your cabinet selections all should be in jail for tax evasion, because of your example, they know they are better than the rest of us.  They have succeeded even where Al Capone failed.  Good work!

Now that you got the rest of your comrades with enough power to do whatever you tell them to do, you can now begin to form this country into something you, and your teachers (Bill Ayers, Saul Alinski, Reverend Wright, etc) taught you to do.  You’ve been following Saul’s formula to the letter, and so far it has been successful.  Your plans of ruining the capitalist economy to force a global currency is well on its way.  The technique’s that Saul taught you to convince people to allow you to turn over private ownership to the government looks to be succeeding as well.  We all know that in order for this to succeed, you have to get it done before everyone realizes what you are really doing; and that’s socializing America.  After all, you know better than some primitive idiots back in the 1700’s about how people should live and be allowed to live.  Everyone know that intellectuals that sit in Univerisities all their lives know more about the world than those that actually have to work in the system.

Now of course there’s the constant preaching of comrades to force the rich to pay more taxes and allow that money to be given to those that didn’t earn that money.  It was a good idea to make them look like the bad guys, even though it’s the rich that give jobs to others.  It’s almost funny how they preach about this and yet don’t pay taxes themselves.  Al Capone would be impressed!

You have succeeded in having been the first President to have more sleaze-bags and crooks in his administration than any previous, including the Clinton and Nixon administrations combined!  Well done!

However, what impresses me the most, is how you are paying off those that funded your campaign and carreer, by calling it a “Stimulus Package”.  How masterful!  You have been able to put together a veritable Christmas bags worth of useless liberal gifts to organizations and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy.  You have successfully put together a full pork package, without anything useful to hide that pork other than a name!  You have, with sweet talking, and emotion, been able to tell the citizens of the United States of America to go to Hell, and yet are making them look forward to the trip!  Genius!!

If the country is still around after your first term, I’m anxious to see what other methods you’ll use to sieze power from the people.  Heck, Joseph Stalin did it, and the people cheered for him.  Adolf Hitler did it, and the people would cry at his speeches even get tingling up their legs when he spoke.  If you can keep this up, then surely you can sieze even more power and property to finally make this a socialized Utopia, and since the UN and world population depends so much on America, they’ll fall right in, and then you’ll finally be able to prove that socialism works, even after it has always failed previously.  The key here being there will not be a competing system to destroy it.  How clever!

I am also impressed at how you have, with your comrades, distracted the populace from religion by supplanting it with a false religion.  The religion of Global Warming and environmentalism.  A very clever way to gain control of private enterprise while distracting the populace with fear and lies.  I mean seriously, you’ve got them convinced that small cars and wind power will solve all problems.  I was impressed with your statements claiming people had to get rid of their gas guzzlers, turn the heating down to 68 degrees, use florescent bulbs, and use tire gages to combat the climate demons.  I love how you put yourself above everyone else by driving a brand new GM limo with super heavy metal plating and the largest gasoline engine GM makes that barely will get 6 miles to the gallon, then you crank up the heat in the oval office to 85 degrees because you’re from Hawaii and as we all know, all Illinois politicians from Hawaii deserve special treatment and don’t have to live the standards they preach.  I mean, you’re the President and they are just the people clinging to their religion and guns.  They couldn’t possibly think for themselves.  They need someone to tell them how to live and what to do.  It was Vladimire Lenin that said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”, and you have the news media in your pockets.  Well played!

I love how your minions are blind to the obvious truth and have chosen to unconditionally follow you to the ends of the Earth.  They have a knack for excusing criminal behavior in their fellow comrades and call it forgivable mistakes, yet when one opposes them on the radio, for example, they will try every means they can to shut them up and censor them.  We both know the truth must never be exposed.  After, one of your contemporaries of the past, Adolf Hitler, said, “The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one. … What luck for rulers that men do not think!”  Your friends in Hollywood have been quite successful at distracting the populace from thinking.

I may want to point out something though.  Americans have a reputation for not accepting authority forced upon them for a long period of time.  You see, unlike Europe, whos population, until recently, was used to a dictator or socialist oligarchy running their country for centuries.  They lost the will to fight it.  Americans, on the other hand, are famous for not putting up with such crap, at least not for long.  I predict to you, Mr. President, that if a peaceful and civil means is lost to the American people to fix this mess (that’s being able to vote the change), that the revolutionary war of 1776 will be nothing compared to a second revolution to restore the Constitutional government as it was originally.  This, by no means is a personal threat, but is a result of historical observation and my opinion.  History tends to repeat itself.  The USA as it is today, has turned into the country those earlier revolutionists originally fought against.  It stands to reason that unless major changes are made to restore the country as it was originally, that a revolution will happen again.

John F. Kennedy, a predecessor of yours, did say that when a government removes the means for the people to change it peacefully, then an unpeaceful method is all that is left to emerge.  Let’s hope your actions don’t cause this to happen.


The Women Love Me

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  2. [this is good]  
    Yeah, we do love you!

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