Mark Levin – Behold the Coward & Hypocrite


Folks, yes, you read the title right.  I’m talking about “The Big One”.  The one who just can’t seem to be part of the “top three radio shows” in America.  Believe me, I used to be a big fan of Mark.  Keeping in mind I’m also a big fan of the “top three” as well, and, of course, many others in the conservative talk show round-up.

Those people that know me, know I do voice impersonations, and my “get off the phone you big dope!” is dead on.  However, I’ve been noticing something about Mark that I do not see with any other host on the air, and that is bitter jealousy and hatred of a colleague.  He does this by spouting off enough wild and crazy accusations about this person, and then stops short of saying his name or even elaborating on what the problem is.  He says just enough to know who he’s ranting about, but is too cowardly to specify.  He says he’s “not going to stoop that low”, yet he is already screaming from the gutter using “drive-by” smear and slander tactics.  It would be far more honorable to state your issues and the name of the person you have them with, than to behave like a cowardly sleaze-bag by innuendo and vague accusations.  YEAH THAT’S RIGHT MARK!  I SAID IT!  YOU’RE A COWARDLY SLEAZE-BAG!  How about being a man and either apologize and come clean, or state your problems with this person instead of dancing around like a buffoon in heat!

Your behavior is no different than what liberals do to conservatives.  The way Rush Limbaugh describes the behavior of the “drive-by” media.  They toss a vague story out to stir up controversy and ruin people’s lives, then get to enjoy the many “stories” as a result of it.  You Mark, are no different in this case.  You’re probably so angry and bitter, that you can’t see it yourself.  You’re acting like a whiny child, and I’ve had enough.  Good bye Mark, I cannot seriously listen to anyone I have lost respect in.

Who’s this other conservative host he just loves to slander and blanket accuse of many things, but cowardly doesn’t say his name?  This is, of course, Glenn Beck.  A man with more honest sincerity and love for his country than even the angry Mark Levin would understand.  I’m a Glenn Beck “Insider” (which really doesn’t mean anything, as I subscribe to Rush and Sean as well) and Glenn Beck addressed the accusations of Mark off the air and only over the Internet stream.  He said, “folks, I honestly don’t know why Mark has a problem with me.  I only met him once and it was a short and brief meeting.  If I did anything to hurt or offend him, then I truly am sorry.  I just wish he’d tell me what he has against me, so I don’t do it anymore.”  That, my friends, is called humility, an excellent trait in any human being.  Without even knowing what the problem was, he apologized and wished he could make up for it.  That’s called being a man, unlike the cowardly accuser that Mark is.

So Mark, Glenn apologized publicly, asked for your forgiveness, asked what it was he did wrong, and you, like the coward you are, just keep holding on to your bitterness and half-assed cowardly accusations.

SO MARK!  WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE A MAN AND EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP?!  THAT’S RIGHT!  YOU ARE READING IT RIGHT!  Mark likes to yell on the radio.  Well, this is the closest I can come to that.

Not that he cares (the little weasel), but if Mark wants to earn my respect back, then he can give Glenn a call and work out his issues with him.  I’m sure Mark will be having a little humble pie himself.

Mark, I know there’s a decent conservative in there somewhere, your book proves you have a heart somewhere.  Do people have to be a dog for you to show it?  Glenn extended an olive branch,  and apologized, and you continue to slap it away.  What a Scrooge.

It takes a big man to apologize, and mean it, without even knowing what he did wrong.  It will take just as big a man to accept his apology and apologize for the slander, and get past it.  I honestly think Mark isn’t that big a man.

Here’s my new daily listening schedule:

  • 8:00am – 11:00am – Glenn Beck
  • 11:00am – 2:00pm – Rush Limbaugh
  • 2:00pm – 5:00pm – Sean Hannity
  • 5:00pm – when I get home – 92.5FM classic rock (formerly Mark Levin)

All Mark does is whine and moan about everything.  He offers no solutions, but mocks and belittles the ideas of his colleagues, and probably wonders why his audience isn’t bigger.  At least Glenn, Rush, Sean, Laura (Ingraham), etc. all have their ideas, and all are pretty similar.  Where are Mark’s ideas?  Nowhere, he’s too busy dismissing their ideas.

There’s something I learned from my Father, and my church, don’t tell anyone what’s wrong with their beliefs.  Instead show them what’s right about yours.  They’ll figure out the rest on their own.


Mark claims he invented, thought about, and wrote conservative values himself in his up-coming book!  He insinuates (coward) that Glenn Beck got some of his nine American values from Mark’s book via his publisher!  Boy oh boy does this guy have an ego that won’t quit!

Sorry Mark, Glenn got his information from the Heritage Foundation, Ronald Reagan, the writings of the founding fathers, the Bible and other of his church’s teachings, and just plain common sense.  Who the hell gave you the copyright on conservatism?  You little jerk, I suppose you thought up conservative talk radio and Rush stole that idea too?  What cry baby, WHAT A CRY-BABY!

Once again, Glenn shows he’s a man and just speaks common sense, and Mark behaves like a coward and baby claiming it all was his idea.  Go get stuffed Mark, you loser.  If you have a legitimate beef with Glenn, then be a man and say his name you coward!

8 Responses to “Mark Levin – Behold the Coward & Hypocrite”

  1. [this is good] Wow!

  2. I don’t think I have ever listened to him.  I do like Glenn Beck though.  That man is hilarious.  I used to like Hannity, but then I realized that he didn’t have an original thought in his head.  Rush is good.

  3. Hannity has the problem of being an ultra-gentleman. His concerts and charity work shows me he has a heart of gold and some great ideas.  He does practice what he preaches.  He may not be as blunt or in-your-face as the others, but he has his unique positives as well.  My only problem is his poor statement of “we pledge allegiance to the United States of France, and to the anointed one for which it stands…etc”  I understand him saying it, it’s just I think it’s poor way of saying what he’s thinking.  Instead of the “United States of France” how about the “Endentured Socialist States of America?” 

  4. Well, the issue I’m aware of with Beck saying McCain would have been worse than Obama was pretty repugnant. I think Mark served him up pretty well over it. I just don’t think Mark respects him enough to mention his name and give him any publicity, but it’s clear from the context who he is talking about. And he’s not holding back. I think you should back out of it and let them handle it between themselves. From my limited understanding I’ll back Mark who is in this for the right reasons, making a difference by getting some truth out there. You can tell that by the fact he’s not milking money from his listeners with the subscriptions and you can just download his show as a podcast.No radio stations here cover Beck, so I’m ignorant on him. I also don’t watch TV news much as the format mostly annoys me these days. I’ve seen a couple youtube clips, kind of struck me as a guy out to make a buck as a conservative version of those comedy channel clowns. Don’t jump on me because I didn’t mention names, :).

  5. Well, in the context Glenn said that about McCain, it makes sense (I happened to see and hear Glenn say it).  Glenn did not say John McCain was a worse human being than Obama, nor did he say that McCain’s DIRECT ACTIONS would damage the nation worse than Obama like Obama is doing.Would Glenn or I eat with John McCain at dinner?  Yes.  Would we even allow him to babysit?  Probably.  Would Glenn or I say the same of Obama?  No.Glenn likened John McCain to being “Progressive-light” and Obama a heavy Progressive.  It’s the small and steady progressive infiltrations in our government and society that got this way.  People didn’t notice it until they were neck deep in it.Obama, is so gun-ho progressive, that he is jamming 50 years worth of progressivism down our throats that it is making us gag and cough to the point where lots of people see (finally) what has been happening since Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and how this nation isn’t what it was founded to be.Obama’s blatant agenda is actually causing people to wake up and take a stand.Glenn’s point about McCain is that it would have been business as usual with little bits of progressivism and government control here and there (progressive-light he calls it) the same old lulling to sleep they have been doing to the American public for nearly a century.Does Glenn think John McCain is a hero?  You bet yah.  Does Glenn think John McCain AS AN INDIVIDUAL PRESIDENT would have been better than Obama?  You bet yah.  However, I have to agree with Glenn.  In the long run, had McCain been President, the long-term and eventual damage to this nation would have been worse, because McCain would have allowed watered down forms of this trash to be signed into law under the guise of “bipartisanship”.  People wouldn’t notice the gradual rise in the bureaucracies and spending that would have resulted in it.  I believe, and Glenn believes (as he has stated it) the damage, by the time we noticed it, would have been far worse, and possibly too late to fix.Because of Obama’s blatant and radical agenda and staff, it’s easy to see what is happening, like a lighthouse on a clear night.Things like the tea party movement, etc. I honestly think would never have happened with McCain President.If I could best analogize the two, then Obama would be a super pump (thousands of gallons per second) with the suction end on a pool of progressivism and fascism and the “out” end aimed at your head, and McCain would be a funnel (with a narrow neck) with progressivism slowly poured at your feet as it has been (with a slight stoppage during Reagan’s Presidency).By the way,I have noticed those YouTube clips conveniently leave out important context building parts so they can be spun any way the poster wants.  Want context?  The full clip is usually on either of these web sites, with context:FoxNews’ Glenn Beck SectionGlenn Beck’s own web siteAs to Mark Levin.  It’s been a while since I wrote this article, nevertheless, I honestly think there is a reason why Glenn is #3 (two below Rush) in radio show ratings and Levin isn’t.  Mark always gives me the impression of an impatient intellectual snob, and Glenn always says he’s just some “schlub” trying to find the answers and the truth.  I think Mark is 100% American Patriot and I apply the same to Glenn.  I just think Glenn uses humor and CLASS to get his message across.  Mark just sounds like a bitter old man.  “Get off the phone you big dope!” sounds so much like “Hey Kids!  Get off my lawn!” it’s almost scary.I still listen to Mark on occasion.  I listen and watch Glenn almost daily.  It’s amazingly fun.

  6. Levin is a smart man who has helped educate us on the misguided actions of the Supreme Court (Men in Black) as well as helped define the Statists who have worked their way into our government. But his message is not new and has grown stale. He has fancied himself as the next Sean Hannity and has become (even more) bitter at the success of Glenn Beck. He wants to hang on to the GOP that has continually failed over the last several years and claims that there is still decent representation in the party that we must support. But who are they and where are they hiding? If they can not stand up and be counted and answer the hard questions that Beck presents, then they don’t deserve our support.  They need to be bold and dare to transform the party BACK to the conservative principles that will make this country strong. Levin says he supports this, but wastes his efforts and credibility on his self consuming jealousy that another conservative voice has risen above his shrill whining and is leading the way to the reformation of the GOP. Good luck, Mark.

  7. [this is good] so, a little insight, perhaps.

  8. I do not discount Mark’s contributions, nor his intelligence.  However, he is very immature and childish (“THANK ME!”), and that puts me off.  I never understood how a man that calls others childish, and many deservingly so, calls others spineless, others crybabies and such, yet goes and behaves the same way himself.  That is how he lost credibility with me.  It’s sad he doesn’t admit that to himself.  His behavior shows he knows what he’s doing, so I saw a man that didn’t practice what he preaches when it is personal.I saw a coward and a hypocrite, and despite his message, that’s all I see now.  It just shows that integrity is far too precious to lose.  I’d hate to be Sean Hannity.  Mark is obviously a good friend to Sean, and how awkward it must be to work in the building with someone your friend considers his enemy.  How does Sean behave?  I cannot imagine Sean being rude, as it seems against his nature, but it must be difficult if he goes beyond cordial.  I mean when have you ever heard Sean mention Glenn beyond the one time he had to mention Tea Party coverage working as an anchor?

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