Our Humble Apologies to The United Kingdom

Recently, the jackass the slight majority of voters in the United States of America voted into the office of President (you know, the one that didn’t have any executive experience, that said he was going to “repair our image in the world” etc.) did what no other President in our history has done to date.  He successfully and without regret or sorrow insulted and offended our greatest and strongest ally in the world, the United Kingdom.

What did he do?  Well, considering our mainstream media molly-coddles this President and tries everything to protect him, you wouldn’t have heard the story here in the United States.  However, we have other means and a lone honest media called FoxNews which reported it plainly.  Our new President didn’t make one “simple” mistake, oh no, he layered insult on top of insult.

First, he snubbed Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, not once, but twice; by refusing a joint press conference which is traditional and a sign of friendship and solidarity, and by refusing the customary respect and honor by throwing a state sponsored dinner or banquet.


The Bust of Sir Winston Churchill

To add insult to injury, he asks (tells) that the UK take back the gift of a bust of Winston Churchill given to the USA as a symbol of solidarity after the attacks of 9/11.  This was the equivalent of telling France to take back the Statue of Liberty!

Finally, Prime Minister Brown offers the United States of America (not just our President) a gift full of historical meaning, a hand crafted pen made out of the wood from the USS Resolute to match the desk in the Oval Office.  This desk and that ship have grand historical meaning.  The USS Resolute was a symbol of two nations turning from enemies or fighting sisters, into two friends with grand respect for each other.  The time the USA and the UK became allies and were reconciled.  What did our President do?  He offered him a box of DVDs some guy got at the local video store at the last minute.  These DVDs don’t even play on equipment in the UK. What an insult!

Prime Minister Brown had to have been shocked.  He thought Obama to be a kindred liberal spirit like himself.  What he didn’t understand about Obama, is that he is so liberal and so indoctrinated with Marxist teachings that Prime Minister Brown represented a country Obama has been taught to hate from those he had associated with, like Bill Ayers etc.  Obama would rather talk to and give gifts to the Taliban, Iran, Cuba, etc.  They represent the types of society Obama believes reflects his Marxist ideals.  Anyone that does not support his socialist/communist agenda are just in the way.

Obama is loved in Europe.  Simply because of their liberal media.  They only get one side of a story.  It always seems that Europe falls in love with the worst types of leader, especially Germany.  The UK has always been a Europian anomoly with their support of the USA and its Presidents.  Unfortunately, instead of seeing through the B.S. like they were usually good at doing, they got suckered into the image of “saviour” that Obama’s PR team has been so successful at projecting, even to where Obama himself believes it.  This time the UK learned a lesson the hard way.  Fortunately, they learned early enough and can finally see what the right in the USA has been trying to show people that Obama is not what he claims to be, and is a wolf in saviour’s clothing.  He’s not just trying to force socialism on our nation, but the whole world.

With all of that said, I know that there are at least 54 million citizens of the USA that want the UK to know, we appreciate them and their heart felt gifts of friendship and solidarity.

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
His Excellency, Prime Minister Gordon Brown
The Great and Wonderful People of The United Kingdom

We the People of the United States of America offer our deepest and sincerest apology for the rude and inconsiderate behavior of our President, who’s duty it is to represent us, the people and not his own personal agenda.  He has clearly fooled everyone, which is our fault and responsibility.  However, we want you to know how your gifts of solidarity and friendship have meant a great deal to us, despite his rude and inconsiderate behavior.  We also ask that instead of keeping your gift of the bust of that magnificent man, Winston Churchill, that you please preserve it until we have earned it once more and can appreciate it properly.  We first must clean our own house of the scum and rabble we have allowed into it, in all three of our major houses of our Federal government.

We ask for your understanding and patience, and we make only one simple request.  That is, to help expose those that would want to bring down both of our forms of freedom and liberty.  We have never needed an ally more than now.  Previously we have come to your rescue on more than one occasion, and have stood together, resolute in our friendship many times after.  We now ask for your help to keep us free from tyranny this time.  We have allowed the wolves into the barn, and now they are gorging themselves on power and making changes and policy we’re afraid may not only damage our nation, but the world.

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation,

The People of The United States of America (at least 54 million of them)

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