Good & Evil – With Evil’s Counterfeits

Anyone that has been following my various articles will soon realize that I’m a religious man and a strong conservative.  Some of my articles have concentrated on religious matters and some have been strictly political.  Well, this one is going to heavily combine both.  First, a little about why there is good and evil and how evil accomplishes its purpose with good people.  Second, I’ll use that foundation to illustrate my points.  I’m not here to convert people, nor to exercize political correctness, nor will I express anything here as theory or “my opinion”.  This may sound unacceptable to some and perhaps arrogant by others, as the world is too used to debating religion and truth.  What I’ll be addressing here is what I know to be true.  If you have a genuine interest in knowing why I say “I know”, then feel free to private message me.  I could not express these topics, of things I know to be true, and water them down to “my opinion”.  I feel I would offend God if I did.

Nevertheless, I do respect your religious beliefs.  You have a right to believe (or not believe) in a manner you see fit.  Nevertheless, if I have piqued your curiosity and want to know more, then read on.

This isn't how the Devil will appear

Many people do not understand evil and the source of evil.  I have found many preachers of religion with misconceptions of evil.  Evil, is the art of distracting people from what is good for them.  Evil, has only one grand purpose, and that is to spread misery.  The author of evil is an individual named Lucifer.  Without getting into details, Lucifer used to garner power and influence in God’s kingdom; until he decided to usurp God’s glory and power for himself, and as a result of his choice and actions, he was forever cast out from God’s presence and before he and his minions get their final judgement, they remain here on earth to try and make us miserable.  He became “the adversary” or “Satan”.  He’s pissed and has vowed to take everyone down with him.  He and his buddies have been here since then and have become very very good at what they do.

The tools of evil are:

  • Subtle deception.  Which is the art of mixing a lot of truth with just enough lies to get you to believe the lies, because the truth gives it pliable credibility.  The more and more Satan can get you to believe the lies, the more lies he replaces the truths he hides them in.  Pretty soon, he can feed you a lot of lies without the truthful foundation because now he has you as a fanatical believer.
  • Counterfeiting.  We see this every day, but can read about a great example of this in the Old Testament where Moses used his staff to perform miracles and the Egyptian magicians mimicked them with counterfeits.  This is a very clever means to deceive.
  • Reversal.  He only acheives this goal after the previous methods have proved successful.  It’s the art of actually getting people to believe that good is evil and evil is good.  Counterfeiting is key in this goal.  He uses the counterfeits of happiness, which is pleasure, and the counterfeit of liberty, which is anarchy.
  • Envy and Jealousy.  The art of convincing people they are entitled to things they didn’t earn or work for.
  • Pride and Vanity.  The counterfeits of honor and charity are selfishness and narcissism (demanding respect instead of earning it).

Now I’ll cover each tool in detail using real examples:

Subtle Deception

The entertainment industry today is an excellent example of subtle deception.  They numb your repulsive response by slowly and constantly “pushing the envelope”.  What once was labeled by society as pornographic or repulsive, is now shown as “normal” in prime time.  Sexuality, being a very powerful instinct and tool (God needed us to multiply quickly) is the catalyst to how this is accomplished.

The public education system is also another means of subtle deception.  Indoctrination and convenient absence of key truths being taught to children make for a fast track of misery.  The entertainment idustry and education are subtle partners here.

Ask yourself why things such as teen pregnancy, divorce, and higher crime rates climb higher and higher with each generation, if you need proof.


Communism and its intermediary Socialism is the counterfeit to God’s idea of having all things in common.  To have a society where everyone has everything in common only works when all people choose to live that way and have the freedom to leave any time they desire.  It requires a great deal of love and charity to accomplish such a society in a successful way, where the concern and love for each individual takes precedence.  Such a society is doomed to fail with the presence of evil, pride, envy, jealousy, those hungry for power, etc.  The counterfeit to this United Order is Communism, which forces people to give up everything, and their lives are governed by those with their own interests and power in mind.  The only way even a short period of success is possible is, to actually prevent people from leaving, and punishing those with a desire for the freedom to exit the system.  The subtle deceptions are “for the good of the people” or “spreading the wealth”, and the care for the individual is lost to mob rule.  Charity cannot be forced on anyone, nor can you steal from the talented and hard working and give to the lazy and slothful.  What always happens in a socialist to communist society, is those that work hard finally give up, because their extra hard work is not rewarded; in fact, the extra hard work is usually punished because it makes others (the people) look bad, and you’re accused of being selfish.  The back side of the coin is that hard work is no longer required, and the government provides everything they used to have to work hard for.  So all they do is the bare minimum asked of them.  Did you ever see a quality product come from a Communist nation?  The cars were poorly manufactured, the buildings were of poor quality, even the USSR’s space vehicles of the space program were of considerably lower quality than that of the USA.  Socialism and Communism do not succeed in their claims of eliminating poverty, but instead they do eliminate the rich in favor of making everyone, except high government officials, poor.  Everyone is “equal” that is true, but they are equally miserable in their poverty.

Karl Marx: Co-Author of The Communist Manifesto

Those that try to say socialism or communism are good, tend to be those that live isolated lives in universities having their livelihood already guaranteed.  So they sit and think about these things all day long, and they claim their superior intellect knows better.  The problem with this, is they have removed themselves from the responsibilities and experiences of society, thus they couldn’t possibly understand it.  There are also great flaws in the arguments for socialism and communism.  They usually make comparisons in a fixed class society, which only existed in ancient Europe during the monarch period.  After the USA appeared and offered a better form of government and the concept of liberty for all, it eliminated the barriers of poverty and wealth.  This means those that are rich can become poor, and those that are poor can become rich.  This is all based upon personal responsibility and ingenuity governing their lives.  This is how our nation changed the world.  The USA has brought a higher standard of living to the world, and has the highest standard of living of any country.  This was all accomplished in less than 200 years with just ingenuity and liberty, the freedom to develop and the freedom to fail.  Socialism doesn’t reward ingenuity and it protects you from failure.  Thus, the government controls your life, and it’s usually a miserable one.  Why?  The “people” take precedence over the person.

Modest Wedding Dress


Pleasure is the counterfeit to happiness.  Pleasure is being taught as a means of gaining happiness and it always brings misery.  Rampant and uncontrolled sexual behavior brings the greatest misery filled with brief occurrences of pleasure.  You have young women losing their educational futures due to pregnancy because they chose pleasure over common sense, and becoming mothers whilst barely finishing their lives as a child.  Self respect and the respect of each other has been completely lost.  You have boys running around like chimpanzees in heat humping every willing partner mistaking partying and pleasure as happiness.  No longer do men and women have respect for each other’s purity, but there’s nothing to look forward to and appreciate in marriage for them.  A woman offering herself to her new husband is one of the greatest gifts and acts of love and trust in the world.  This is why the wedding dress is white, symbolizing purity.  Now days, that has been minimized and downplayed to a mere pleasurable animal act.

What Satan has done is reverse the order of things.  Instead of happiness bringing on legitimate pleasure, he’s told the lie that pleasure brings happiness.

Once upon a time a man’s word (or oath) was as strong as a written contract.  In fact, honor was the most important element a human could possess, and dishonoring one’s self meant losing their ability to function in their society.  They couldn’t do any business because everyone would know their word didn’t mean anything.  Those that were successful, were those you could trust in their words and oaths.  Satan has succeeded in ruining this aspect of humanity, and replacing it with the substitute of anarchy claiming it as “freedom”, which it is not.


This is accomplished through ridicule, mainly.  The concepts of being “cool” or “hip” or the “new thing” are excellent ways of achieving reversal, especially with our children.  All children want friends and to be liked.  Well, if Satan can have enough willing participants in the entertainment industry to make evil look cool or hip, then he has an easy job.  Concepts of fornication being “normal” or “natural” or even expected if you want to be “cool” he introduces through those vehicles of fame.  Fame is popularity on steroids, and children mistake fame for the ideal life.  So they try to pattern their lives with the image projected in that fame.  Everything from piercing, to tatoos, to music, to clothing, all have had their changes from normality to their reversal.  Clothing was once a means to be modest and protect ones self from the elements.  Now it’s to look most like the whore on the TV or movie screen (look up whore in the dictionary, they are being paid a lot to do it).

Fighting reversal requires good and responsible parenting.  If you think public schools run by the government are going to teach your child what is right and what is wrong, and what brings misery and what is real deception etc, then you are in for a big surprise.  You need to take responsibility for your child’s upbringing.  You need to make sure they have the character and moral strength to recognize evil and deception when they hear it and see it.  They need to understand the lies of pleasure being happiness.  The counterfeit is the order of these two.  Happiness brings pleasure, the counterfeit says pleasure brings happiness, which is a lie.  Examples can see pleasure always ends up bringing misery.


Adolf Hitler

Hitler recognized how powerful reversal works on crowds.  He went from community organizer to German Fuhrer (emperor) in a few short years by saying what people wanted to hear, blaming the rich (which were usually Jewish) for their problems, promising change, promising he’d eliminate their poverty, give them homes to live in, cars to drive.  The third Reich would be the socialist utopia.  NAZI, afterall, stood for “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)”.  Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, promised to “fix the economy”.  He proceeded to have the government take over companies, he then took over the banks, finally in a claim to “finally fix it all” he requested special powers to accomplish this miracle.  He was given full authority and named Germany’s first (and last) Fuhrer (he added “of the Third Reich”).  He promptly used his new authority to dissolve the parliament and appointed “Governors” over regions to replace mayors and town councils.  He did all of this because he caused people to cry and get emotional at his speeches.  People thought of him as the Savior of Germany.  He loved the media and the media loved him.  In fact Time Magazine featured Hitler in a positive manner.  He carefully controlled what the media would and could say and the media didn’t care.  They just loved him.  He started government work programs to build roads.  In fact, the modern freeway is a Hitler Germany invention.  Big problem, the rich were now slaves (or dead), conveniently relieved of their riches, and the poor were still poor but taken care of.  Members of the Nazi party were the only privileged and you had to be invited into the party to be a Nazi (you also had to be of the “pure race” as well).

Notice anything similar in that historical account to the happenings of today?  Satan uses techniques that usually work.  He’s had thousands of years of practice to get it down.  You’re smart, you can do the math.  Yes, it’s where George Lucas got his ideas for the rise of the Emperor and fall of the Republic, but that’s not what I mean.


You cannot think that Satan’s counterfeits can ever accomplish anything good, even with good intentions.  Good can only have its roots in liberty and freedom of choice.  Charity, can only work when love is behind it, as it’s only theft if it is forced.  Poverty can only be overcome with charity and hard work.  A free handout only results in a hand expecting more.  A hand-up teaches that person how to fill their hands themselves.  Charity is a means to give a hand up and not the never ending handout of government welfare.

The commandments of God weren’t given by a divine tyrant.  They actually protect us and give us a means to live our lives to the fullest with happiness.  If everyone lives according to the ten commandments, to the letter, then the natural form of society would be a United Order in the end, but because people are not perfect, they will always fall short of that ideal.

Signers of The Declaration of Independence

It is my belief that the USA and the land it sits on was blessed and started with God’s influence.  A place for the imperfect to live in liberty.  It finally pulled the world out of the dark ages, which started when evil destroyed and killed the Apostles.  Seriously, think about it.  A bunch of rag-tag farmers (many without shoes!) defeated the greatest army and navy in the world!  This happened because God caused miracles to happen (not coincidences).  Great men were brought together, a grand council to which we have never seen again; our founding fathers!  Do you know of any man today, in the world, that would turn down the opportunity to become a king or emperor of a growing nation in favor instead of “just” being it’s first President?  These founding fathers actually believed what they preached!  George Washington was one of the greatest men to be born in hundreds of years.  He wasn’t perfect, none of them were, but they had honor and integrity.

Conservative Radio Hosts

To throw this all away because of Satan’s counterfeits is a sad sad statement for the last two hundred years of growth and accomplishment.  Today things aren’t Democrat versus Republican anymore.  Those days disappeared years ago.  It is now good versus evil and all of its counterfeits.  You hear Glenn Beck speak of 9 values and 12 Principles.  You have Rush Limbaugh speaking of Conservatism.  You have Mark Levin speaking of the coming tyranny.  You have Sean Hannity warning about the mob that is government.  All are good and well.  All are valid podiums to preach from.  All are legitimate cases.  However, though I support them and participate in their concern and activism, I cannot help but think that the root of the problem is simply Satan’s distractions from God.  The principles we need to live by are contained as both the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ beatitudes.  If people simply applied those principles and values to their lives, these issues and problems would be non-existent.

I honestly feel, these patriotic movements are treatments for the symptoms of the disease, not treatments for the elimination of it.  If you want liberty and freedom, then live the type of life from where those gifts are given.  Set an example, you cannot force others to live as you choose to.  You can only offer to share what you know if they accept the offer.  Be who you should be.  Turn off that questionable TV show.  Don’t watch that questionable movie, even if edited for TV.  Don’t buy that video game if it’s immoral or encourages immorality.  Stand up for what is right, and don’t put up with Satan’s “political correctness”.  Point out lies when they are told, regardless of venue.  Vote for honest people in government.  Voting for the best speaker or best looking is irresponsible and part of Satan’s plan of misery.  George Washington was not a good speaker, nor was he a good looking man, but he was a great President and General.  Vote for those with integrity and morality, not a good haircut.

Don’t take your education and basis for knowledge from the news media.  Learn for yourself.  Read more good books.  Always gain in knowledge and experience.  Never be “too good” to teach others when they ask for help.  Be humble and kind.  Be loving, yet firm.  Be knowledgeable, yet not arrogant.

I realize this is a wordy post, but something that has been bothering my conscience for a while.

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