Welcome to The United Fascist States of America

Fascists:  Hitler & Mussolini

Fascists: Hitler & Mussolini

Those saying that Obama and his buddies are Socialists have vastly miscalculated this assumption.  What’s really happening is Obama is fascist and not strictly socialist.  Obama understands and knows the power that can come from a fascist state without the people really knowing what is going on.  After all, the fascists of the past knew what he knows, and frankly, what his mentors knew (Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, etc.).  For example, Adolf Hitler once said, “The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one” and “what luck for rulers that men do not think”.  Now I’m not saying Obama is a genocidal maniac, I am saying his political methods are similar.  Another fascist, Vladimire Lenin, once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  Now, politicians have never been known for their honesty, nevertheless, I have never seen such a large group of them openly and without effort to disguise, lie over and over and simply say what people want to hear at the time to make them feel good.  These lies have resulted in them becoming loved, almost adored, by those too ignorant or star struck to even bother to see the lies for what they are.

These star struck idiots would rather allow these fascists to take away their freedoms and rights just because their speeches make them feel good.  This reminds me of something Hitler once said, “A lie, told often enough, becomes the truth…”

You see, where Communist Socialism requires exclusive government control of all means of commerce and business, including wages and the control of private ownership, Fascist Socialism or “Fascism” achieves the same results without the overhead.  Instead of the government controlling everything like socialism requires, all fascism requires is to have government control of banks and the largest corporations.  This gives them indirect control over everything else through extortionary means.  If you own a company and need a loan, but don’t want to run the business according to the government’s ideas and sell the products they want you to sell, then you don’t get the loan.  Don’t need a loan?  Well, if you don’t sell what they want you to, then they just raise your taxes so high that your only choice is to do what they say.

A fascist uses the art of distraction to gain power quickly.  What they do is create a crisis, either a real crisis, or just one they think up.  After this crisis becomes bad enough, they come forward offering to “fix” it and proceed to blame it on the rich and successful.  They use class envy as a weapon, and as such conveniently shift the focus of how the crisis really happened and thus a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  This works especially well with charismatic speaker that has the talen to charm the very stupid to the seemingly intelligent.

Pelosi & Reid

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid

Once again, Adolf Hitler used this technique quite well.  His Nazi brown shirts would cause trouble and maheim, the legislature would give him more powers to “fix” the problem, he used this power to take over large companies and banks, he’d then give “inspiring and emotion grabbing” speeches thousands would attend.  He was called “the saviour of Germany”, yet, most of the problems that were happening were a direct result of his actions and the actions of his brown shirts.  People loved him because he preached that he would take care of them.  He would punish those that were wealthy.  He would “fix” education.  What he did was indoctrinate children, not educate them.  People would cry, get goose bumps, act as if they were listening to their favorite movie star.  He would openly tell lies just to say what the people wanted to hear.  It didn’t matter if it was a lie, the people, being star struck believed him.  It became “the truth” to them.

Hitler intended for Germany to be torn apart.  This allowed him to build in his image of savior, which was actually quite successful for him.  This SAME techique is what Obama is doing, and like Germany of old, the legislature is willing to do his bidding, no matter what it is.  The “crisis” is the excuse.  The very congressmen that angirly shake their fists and fling spit all over the place are the very weasels that caused the crisis in the first place!  That doesn’t matter to the Obama fan, because Obama is going to fix everything.  This is very dangerous.

There is a reason why thousands gave their lives willingly and freely in the Revolutionary war.  It was simply for the liberty and freedom to live their lives as THEY chose to live them, and not what a bunch of bloated bureaucrats in government dictates.  These idiots in Washington, including Obama, have never ever lived a life outside of the protective bubble of politics or a university.  Barney Frank has never ran a business, tried to keep a payroll and pay ridiculous taxes and still have something left for himself.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to earn a living, not have it given to you because some lobbyist made you a sweet deal for special consideration.  With a small few exceptions, none of these idiots in government have any clue how the economy works, how everything is connected.  They don’t understand that liberty and entrepreneurism  is what made this nation great.  It’s what raised the standard of living in the entire world and even this country.  Our “poor” have cell phones and TV’s because of this as well.  This can be directly linked with the American system.

Obama is bound and determined to destroy the current economic system.  That is plain to see through all of his lies.  He intends to have a fascist oligarchy that answers to a world body and not to the people.  It’s all about power to a small elite group, because you’re too stupid to take care of yourself.

It’s all a game, a grand illusion.  The march to fascism started with Woodrow Wilson, got a boost with FDR slowly but surely over the years it gained momentum, from Johnson to Carter and finally Obama.  When more an more people realize what is happening to their liberties and freedoms, they, hopefully, will finally wake up.

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue.  This is an American issue.  The idea that Europe has a better way is a vastly flawed idea.  History has shown that the way Europe operates always ends with the loss of liberty and development.  Stagnation and frustration are the result.  Since when has a government lasted longer than 50 years in that region for the past 300 years?  Since when has that government shown progress and development for the human standard of living even remotely like the USA has done in 200+ years?

The “Republican” (not Republican party) form of government has the only historical evidence to show that it is the most successful, the best for the human spirit and lifestyle, and the best for the world around than any other form of government ever.  When Rome was a true Republic it was the most magnificent of societies.  When it started to deteriorate and they created “entitlements” for people (sound familiar?) people got lazy and started expecting more from the government.  It deteriorated into a (mob) democracy, which eventually needed a “saviour” to turn it into a oligarchy or dictatorship with the reign of the emperors.  That was the beginning of the end for Rome.  The people gave up their prosperity and freedom for handouts and “security”.  They lost it all.

Socialism, for every country that has tried it, has shown to destroy inventiveness and the incentive to make things better.  The promise of “equality” in class is a lie.  It only succeeded in eliminating the rich and making everyone poor except party members.  Cuba is an exccellent example of this everyone is poor and there’s no incentive to make things better.  What was once the largest producer of Sugar in the world suddenly became a nation that has a sugar shortage, and any sugar they produce (very little) is exported and not used by the people.

Socialism, much like the Europe of today, has shown much like Communism, it doesn’t inspire entrpreneurship and the improvement of the nation as a whole.  Things stagnate because those with ideas get punished for them and anything they gain for their ideas is distributed to those too lazy to work for themselves.  After all, why work hard if the government is going to take care of you.  Because everyone starts to be content and lazy, the government remains as it is and their economy doesn’t grow because of it.

The American Form of Government.

Remember, people that ignore history are destined to repeat it.  What you see happening right now has happened many many times before.  Socialism isn’t new, its a proven failure.  Fascism isn’t new, it just ends up in an oligarchy and the misery of the people.  Communism only results in equal poverty and the misery of the people.  The only system that has ever shown success in history is thus:

  • A benevolent monarchy that gave the rules of law and allowed the people to live in liberty and without interference.  This is very rare, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Having a good monarch does not guarantee the next will be, in fact it’s usually the opposite to be the case.  Thus this is far too risky.
  • A republic, which gives a set of laws and allows the people to live in liberty and without government interference.  There are just enough laws to hold back anharchy and to preserve the rights and property of the individual.  Yes, the INDIVIDUAL, not the group.  This is the form of government people died for.

The idea that government solves all problems is a dumb and misinformed idea.  A big government only brings misery and a loss of personal liberties.  Governement is only there to provide for a common defense, to only PROMOTE (not provide) the general welfare, in other words ENCOURAGE commerce, not stifle or regulate it.  Government is there to PRESERVE LIBERTY not only for us, but our children.  This is not what Obama and the Congress is doing.  They are violating our highest law, the Constitution, and with hypocrasy demand we obey theirs and trust them.

This march to fascism will be tested when enough people have come to the realization that they have lost their liberties to a bunch of tyrants that say what people want to hear.

The only problem our founding fathers did not address, was a provision in the Constitution for the government to fear the people, other than the second amendment.

14 Responses to “Welcome to The United Fascist States of America”

  1. [this is good]

  2. To attract more readers to these important posts;1 you need to add a lot of tags.  Keep ’em relevant but as many as you can think of, put ’em in there. 2 Brevity.  The average visitor stays on a page less than five seconds unless something catches their attention. 3 Toward that end, drop in a relevant picture or video at the top of the page.  4 Answer the comments.  People keep coming back if they feel engaged when they visit.

  3. the obamanation is a marxist,when the poeople wake up and see the truth of this phony the country will start to come back to right 

  4. The problem is, he has only been President for a little over three months.  Imagine how much damage he will do in just one year.  How much will be salvageable at the end of his term, and will people really have wised up by then?  As long as the Obama administration can claim to be fixing a “crisis” then they will get away with even more.  Seriously, he’s only just begun to ruin this country.You may consider his followers deluded, but you do not consider the amount of self-delusion Obama has about himself.  This guy has been indoctrinated by the likes of Saul Alynski, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, etc.  He really thinks he is a God-like savior doing good.  A man without conscience is a dangerous man indeed.  A man with a warped world view is even worse.Hold on my friend, but this roller coaster ride is still climbing the first hill.

  5. [this is good] Great post!Now if this nightmare story would end like Mussolini’s life – “head on a fence”!

  6. I suppose if you have the Patriot Act, you give up certain rights. So where was your protest then?

  7. Psst, that was eight years ago, and guess what, Republicans and your Democrat buddies voted to enact it.Frankly, I have not and never will express support for the patriot act.  I’m one to stand on the side of Benjamin Franklin, who said, “He that trades liberty for security, deserves neither.”  Heck, Thomas Jefferson once said, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”So, I would say your lame attempt at misdirection kind of backfired.

  8. I just deleted a comment by DallasDude full of foul language involving human anatomy.  If he cares to re-submit his comment without the verbal trash, then I’ll approve it.Nevertheless, he said something to the order of “oh now you crazies are moving from screaming socialism to screaming fascism” as a point of his rant in the early part of it.I say to him that if he actually studied a little, he’d learn that fascism is one of the arms of socialism.  The biggest fascists in history were socialists.  Adolf Hitler, for example was the head of the Nazi party which was a contraction for “Nationalsozialist” (National Socialist), which was also short for the full name of “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)You see, there are many methods of achieving a socialist society.  One is outright Stalinist style Communism, which is the most brutal and strictest methods, which is the government controls and owns everything, including you.  Another is Democratic Socialism, where the people end up giving the government the control of their lives.  Many European nations practice this Socialism.  The last one is Fascist Socialism, and the government just owns the key aspects of the economy, like banks, major manufacturing, utilities, and the press.It’s actually cheaper to achieve socialism through the fascism method as you aren’t killing everyone who has any knowledge of how to do things.  You are just now making them do what you want them to do by controlling who gets the money and the loans.  I’ve given this example to so many of you idiots that I’m tired to give it again.  How about reading the article stupid?This is calling a spade a spade.  It’s still socialism, but being achieved through fascism.  learn a little history for once.

  9. facism is the corporate ownership of the state. this was more closely achieved by the last administration who employed many of the same tactics to get its populace to give up their freedoms; create a threat that doesnt exsist – for hitler it was poland for bush it was iraq. if you listen to their respective speeches imploring the people to see the need to rally around the flag to oppose the “phantom menace” (lucas was referencing bush) the speeches are nearly identical. its almost as if bush’s writers lifted whole sections from hitler’s speech.
    bush also oversaw the deregulation that got us into this mess. (clinton was almost as bad!) you comment that imagine how bad it will be in the future when you posted your blog just three months into the new administration. you couldnt wait to blame obama for bush’s problems. the bailouts started under bush his tax credits were aimed at the wealthy corporate leaders.
    finally his administration was the most opaque since nixon (who would be considered a liberal nowadays) it’s funny how everything you guys accuse obama of, bush is actually guilty of; ignoring the constitution, taking away freedoms, etc.
    obama has legitimate things he can be critisized for but you are only interested in your fantasy of catasrophe.

  10. [this is good] I refuse to engage in a verbal joust with an unarmed man. Go cyber cadet and get a GED prior to coming online.

  11. I would agree that Bush participated in it.  If you think I’m going to express any love for Bush, the you’re sadly mistaken.  You mean to tell me the take over of banks, auto companies, and other industries by the Obama administration; also the determination of salaries, and who can and cannot be paid for their work, and so-on isn’t Fascist?What Obama is doing it head over heals on a grander scale of Fascism than anything Bush ever attempted.  If you can’t see that, then all I can do is say to drop the fanaticism and get off the Bush derangement.  Pointing out how much someone else sucked has no bearing on how much this person sucks.  It’s an irrelevant comparison.  The other person is gone.The current fascist has been there a whole year.

  12. Um, Captain Mirror, it was you that made the choice to engage with a bunch of useless drivel. Once again, without any substance (a good sign of one losing an argument) you revert to slander and name calling, which is also a sign of someone incapable of forming an intelligent thought full of substance.

    Generally one possessing intelligence uses specific evidence and truths to prove a point. It is the intellectual inferior that reverts to the “Yo Mama’s so fat” style toilet speak.

    By the way, I graduated High School and currently earn $140K a year for my reward for an education, which requires hard work, thought, logical reasoning and intelligence on an hourly basis.

    Refusing a debate makes sense. You have nothing to put forward that isn’t a talking point copied off a liberal (Soros) blog (without their valid sources either), that attempts to make coherent logical sense, and doesn’t involve four letter words.

  13. I appriciate you responding to my comment. You are right about your point that saying one person sucks doesn’t mean the other one doesn’t suck independently. I suppose you are referring to the attempts to cap bonusl & salaries for bailed out banks. I don’t like the bailouts or takeovers as you call them either. Those banks and auto industries should have failed. The american government has always benifited big business in away that belis “free market capitalism” however, when the stae controls the comanies it is technically socialism. When the companies control the state, that’s facism. And real socialists will tell you :obama is no socialist. He’s left of center and that’s what the majority wanted. As far as those bonus caps are concerned I think that he was trying to direcct the flow of taxpayer $ back to the  the economy.

  14. I am sorry, but i have to correct you in one minor error. Obama campaigned and ran as a “slightly left of center” candidate. His actions show he is the furthest left of any President in history. You don’t surround yourself with Communists (Van Jones openly admitted to being such), Marxists, Mao lovers, Hugo Chavez lovers, etc. and not be very far left into the “red” if you get my drift.

    He doesn’t do what he says. He just says things to make people happy then does something else.

    As far as bonus caps are concerned, that is for the stock holders to decide as that is payment for services rendered. The AIG bonuses was the biggest public robbery in history. These people came in and agreed to work without salary to fix the mess that was AIG and agreed to only be paid if they hard work worked. It did, and they DESERVED the bonuses. Their work required specific skills and made a difference to a lot of people. The responsibility and risk was great, therefore the pay was great. All because of arrogant politics, they got robbed. YET. Obama’s buddies in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the major contributors to the economic collapse (and Obama’s campaign) got their much larger bonuses by slight of hand and clever distraction.

    While civilian employees were getting robbed of pay for critical work they earned, and harrassed by Acorn and SEIU (Obama’s buddies), the Freddie and Fannie execs got their big bonuses too. Freddie and Fannie were failures, but the execs got bonuses for their failures. Those specific AIG people, who had nothing to do with the collapse (speaking of those who earned the bonuses), but were fixing the problem, got robbed by class warfare brought on by Obama’s thugs.

    Adolf Hitler ran for Chancellor as a centrist as well. He spoke in platitudes, made people feel good, made promises he never intended to keep yet people loved him. Obama hasn’t done one thing he promised in the campaign, nor has he tried.  Where’s the “transparency”?  This is the sleaziest most corrupt administration that puts Nixon to shame.  It’s also full of the most incompetent and inexperienced bunch of people in history.
    Obama has the absolute worst approval rating for a first year of any president in the history of this being kept track of. Even worse, the people that even voted for him give the worst approval rating as well.

    The guy lied and is still lying and people are finally beginning to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing that he is. The White House denies espousing Marxism and even has a smear campaign for those that say it, yet his own actions prove it, as well as those he chooses for staff (openly Marxist) and associates. His behavior abroad, his book. The books he reads still (one he was seen holding with his finger keeping the page while boarding Air Force One had the title “Living in a Post American World”).  Spouting off phrases like “spreading the wealth”, “social justice”, “fundamentally change the USA”, etc. etc.  Marx said them first (except for the “USA” part of the phrase).  The guy openly sought out Marxist professors for learning, attended Marxist rallies and support groups.  He taught Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals” while a professor himself. 
    How do you, with a straight face, say he’s a centrist?
    Centrist my butt.

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