Thus Spoke Our Founding Fathers…

There are some things I want you to know
These things I write are not just for show
This land we live on, full of beauty and space
Is a God given land of liberty for every race.

That all may earn, by hard work, personal responsibility and sweat
A place to call their own, where only God holds their debt.
A land where free commerce, family, worship, and charity
go unhindered nor dictated by those we place under authority.

A place where people gave their very lives with the determination to be free
A place where government was told "Don't Tread On Me!"
A place where the Governor, law maker, and average citizen
had to obey the laws given regardless of status or position.

A land where the people, the government must fear,
A land I truly still hold very dear.
A glorious republic, for all to live free.
Oh beautiful country!  What has happened to thee?

Where tyranny was once hated and feared for its guile,
Is now embraced for free handouts and a handsome smile.
Now a place where the "elite" tell you how to live,
And where the hard working and responsible to the slothful must give.

Our founding fathers were wise men who knew the histories of great nations, yea them all!
Who knew the successes and failures that caused their greatness and fall.

Monarchies, while a potential to be strong,
Had a great weakness if a tyrant came along.

Communism and Socialism, while seemingly good in their intent,
Misery, laziness, stagnation, and a government the people were left to resent.

Democracy!  Surely the people knew better!
Surely no, the individual is lost to the desire of the crowd.
No, democracy on its own, unrestrained, must not be allowed.

The individual with law and the government to fear
the very people who put them there.

Yes!  A Republic, the law, was the solution!
Checks and balances were placed to avoid pollution!

Yet here we stand, our government corrupt and bloated
Full of a clueless aristocracy and a budget overloaded.
Where a teleprompter rules and a press helps to cover up
The loss of liberty while you cheer it on and eat it up.

Keep you distracted is all they have to do,
Before you notice you have lost everything important to you.
Awake ye citizens!  Awake from your deep sleep!
How much of your future will you allow them to keep?

The deed is being done, there's no other to blame.
Our founding fathers would bow their heads in sorrowful shame.
Look at what you've done!  You've let it go!
The greatest and most successful nation the world would ever know.

Look at the world before this nation was here.
The poverty, the stagnation, the filthiness and bad health.
This nation pulled the whole world out of darkness and fear.
It brought innovation, technology, medicine and personal wealth.

Why would you ruin it, why tear it apart?
To history, this nation has been its very best part!
Peace we bring where there once was tyranny and oppression,
From 1812 and other wars, with tyrants, in like succession.

This nation saved the world as a whole,
And yet it is being flushed down the toilet bowl.
The Constitution is there a document from the divine,
Don't let it wither like rotten fruit on a vine.

That document is the key to success,
Be it business, commerce, liberty and happiness.
When man is left to himself without hindrance, regulation and government theft,
He can accomplish so much more than the collective liberal left.

Solve the problems of the world can he,
If only you give him his personal liberty.

— SuperSparky

2 Responses to “Thus Spoke Our Founding Fathers…”

  1. [this is good] Excellent written poem. Thank you for sharing it with us. 

  2. A great sadness to those who can see, and a celebration of ignorance for the rest.  The losses aren’t felt until they’re complete.  Then, like the constrictor having moved into surrounding position, suddenly there is no room to breathe and the serpent has no mercy for its prey.

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