Save The Country First!

I received the following email from a great man, Colonel Riley, aka "Sarge".  A truly great man that just loves his country and is fighting to give it back to the people.  I share his sentiments:

Hi Everyone,

As with some of you, I have been getting an untold number of emails from various sources about How to save the GOP I get this stuff constantly from Newsmax, Human Events, Newt Gingrich and a huge number of others. Of course the chronic talk of how Conservative Republicans (?) can get back POWER??

I have a suggestion for all these pundits, editorialist, and talking heads.

HOW ABOUT SAVING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA????  SCREW THE PARTY AFFILIATIONS!  Where are Real Americans willing to serve this country and defend the Constitution, our Freedoms & Liberties, and get GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES and the Private Sector?

Playing with politics and BS Party Lines is why we are in the shape we are in today.  Playing with the Constitution is why we are where we are today.  What happened to serving the country as opposed to serving Party Agenda, special interest, and buying votes with programs that amount to redistribution of the wealth?

We are a unique country in that we all have the right to the Pursuit of Happiness.  The key word is PERSUIT!!  The Constitution does not provide anything more than your right to pursue your happiness, You cannot pursue your happiness with the government involved in your life or business, Nothing is guaranteed, and if you fail to pursue or fail in your pursuit, that does not justify or obligate the government with other people's money to provide it for you!  Remember the government does not have any of its own money.  The money the government has comes from Americans whom they do not feel can apply it properly so the government has decided to spend your money for you in ways they determine for you.  Why has this never sunk in is beyond me.  Of course someone getting a free ride or something for nothing from the government is grateful.  They do not seem concerned with the restrictions and controls placed on them for their acceptance of government money.  This includes most states in this country who are or have forfeited their control and sovereignty to the Federal Government in the name of accepting funds for more and more programs they should not be involved in, in the first place.  The rights of the individual are disappearing with more and more government and government control.  The pursuit of happiness is void when government has too much control.

We have two options:

  1. Accept Socialism and more and more government control over our lives and private industry and redistribution of the wealth.  Thus giving up our heritage and all of what our forefathers fought and died for
  2. Accept Freedom, Liberty, Much Less Government involvement in our lives.  Become independent and lead our lives as we chose within reasonable laws of course.  Take responsibility for our own actions and lives without the lame excuses or relying on the government or someone else to do it for us.

Socialism is winning big time right now.  I know there are those in denial about the socialist agenda and that is why they are winning.  People / Americans are in denial because they have been conditioned to believe that it could never happen here.  Guess What???  It is happening!!!  It's not about America anymore, it's about power, & control and if that reality does not scare you, nothing will.

America has lost its pride and its soul.  A Great Nation, that while not perfect, has accomplished so much good in this world and for its self, has lost its sense of resilience and independence.  Our leaders travel the world apologizing for imagined faults to countries who owe their existence and prosperity to this country.  Our Leaders are traveling the world visiting and sending messages of weakness and apology to enemies that would like to see every American Dead and this great country destroyed.  America seems OK and very acceptable with this conduct from our leaders.  What is missing is the simple fact that one can be a PROUD AMERICAN without being ARROGANT!  The Arrogance is not average Joe or Jane American, but the elitist who can only find fault with the country that has provided them with so much, and think they have the right to think and speak for all of us!  How about America being ashamed of such conduct by these leaders and electing them right out of office.  Some comments by some leaders are borderline sedition if not sedition in fact.  Where is the outrage?  There is none, it's simply accepted.

So I ask again, how about focusing on saving this once great country, I think that is far more important than saving any political party.  Historically political parties are more concerned with power and control. Granted some political agendas want more power than others and in differing ways.  The core of this Nation is the Constitution and it is under its most sever attack right now today. Both Major Political Parties are guilty of abuse of the Constitution.  Elected officials are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution.  Yet, they ignore it in the name of power and buying more votes by providing programs and money they have no business getting involved in and is not in their Constitutional authority.  Unless of course, as they have done without our consent, voted themselves such power and authority.  The attack on the Constitution is dramatic if one takes the time to look into it.  America is far too accepting of using the government and expecting government to be the answer to any and all problems.  You live in a hurricane zone below sea level, common sense says you can expect to be hit hard by mother nature.  It is your decision, and responsibility, so why does America have to pay to get you out of trouble and rebuild your life??  The afore mentioned comment is meant in just general terms to make a point and nothing more.

So it goes.


"To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." — Thomas Jefferson

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." — Thomas Jefferson

4 Responses to “Save The Country First!”

  1. [this is good]      The fist step in this process should be to cut the taproot of this foreign plant that is spreading uncontrolled. Let’s start with the premise that the Tea Parties were intended to highlight. “Taxation without Representation”. The courts would be backlogged overnight if just the American Smokers joined together as a class of individuals and held a party at the White House. If the Resident can light up in a building owned by the people in violation of federal law without punitive action so indeed under Equal Protection provisions should the unprotected minority be bullied into not lighting up any place that makes them happy?  The Pursuit of Happiness has been shaved for the average joe but not for the lawmakers! Once that groundbreaking legislation is undone we will all regain the glimmer of Hope that Big Brother  Nanny  isn’t the boss of we. Freedom means nothing without Choices. After forcing seatbelts to be worn , not merely encouraging it the State has written  into law a violation of  the  unlawful search provisions of the CONSTITUTION. If we are not entitled to be secure in our property and our homes that is where the D.C. folks first began overstepping their authority. Is it a good Idea not to smoke and drive sans seatbelt OF COURSE ! Is it a good Idea to surrender those basic choices to strangers who have shown that their basic instincts are to grab power, authority , and money …No!. To strip individual liberties like public prayer and  private possession of firearms. (It’s on  the horizon) are symptoms of the greater disease. If we don’t stand against the little seeds (and we haven’t) it becomes progressively more difficult to snuff out the blighted forest and restore the indigenous flora. Don’t wait until the only remaining choice is slash and burn.  It’s time to pluck the weeds and spray some Round-Up. We all must decide what is in our own best interest. This Nation will survive only as long as people stand in support of Liberty.and retain the power to not bow to the whims of individuals who have grossly overstepped the authority we grant them.  Believe Me They really don’t want this fight. With a proper mindset each and every one of them can be unemployed by their next election and it won’t take any more than a vote to end their reigns of egocentric, powerhungry.underhanded manipulations of the rules.
         ”  I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks”” and move that this motion be passed without debate under a suspension of the rules.”
          This is patently intolerable BS . 

  2. This is what happens when the citizen goes to sleep over the processes of power management in a free society.  So very many are still asleep and do not recognize the dangerous trends.  So many think they DON’T have any say so in the houses of power brokering.  So many are content to stare at the idiot box night after night and swallow whatever spews forth from the power brokers.  There are small groups who are taking action to combat this evil, but they are still few in number and disorganized.  It takes group effort, it takes big tent conglomerates to overcome the big tent on the other side.  That’s why party is important.  That’s why we have to think of ways to be inclusive to the Libertarian and the fiscal conservative.  That’s why we have to be bold and forward with our ideals.   We have to make our case in ways that will reach the public over the heads of the liberal media elite.  Unfiltered, untranslated, unadulterated short and simple presentations that can be grasped by the minimally interested milk toast voters must be spread into every corner and cubby of our culture.  While I could care less about party affiliations, I recognize the need for organization and organization is best accomplished by the party.  We could dump the GOP and form a new party or we could revamp the Grand Old Party.  Which is the most economical use of our energies?  I’m open to either, but I prefer the fastest way to recovering the authority of the Constitution over our power brokers.

  3. You know, I honestly think that the easiest way to save this country is by regulating the only industry in this country that isn’t regulated.  This industry is the root cause for heavy regulation on other industries.  The reason why laws are thousands of pages long instead of common sense sized like the Constitution.If lawyers were regulated, tort was regulated, per dium percentages were regulated, rules on taking cases, rules on losing cases, etc.  If much of this was controlled and regulated we’d have far less problems now days.  First of all, I’m not talking about criminal law, just corporate and civil law.Limit lawyer’s pay to just what all other agents are legally limited to, and that’s 10%.  Lawyers are penalized for wasting the court’s time with frivolous suits.  The burden of the suits must be on the Plaintiff’s attorney.  If the Plaintiff loses, then he pays for the Defendant’s lawyers and the judge will determine if the Plaintiff’s lawyer gets paid (depending on if the suit had merit on it’s face).  Pay will be from the time of retainer and not the beginning of trial.Ambulance chasers and medical malpractice lawyers need regulation as well.  To prove malpractice you must prove either gross (criminal) incompetence, criminal negligence, or criminal intent.  That’s it.  Medicine is imperfect and most doctors I know are human and do their best.  If a crime has been committed, then you are entitled to compensation.  If it’s nature and the Doctors did their best, then you get nothing, period.  Pay the bill.  No crime, no suit.  I’m sick of people thinking they are entitled to millions of dollars because the leg THEY broke no longer operates like it used to, or a heart lung transplant got rejected after years of you smoking like crazy to get that way, they are somehow entitled to a fortune in money.  You go through ten years of school and months of no sleep and tell me how appreciated you feel.Medical insurance is high because of this.  Doctors pay OVER 60% of their income on Malpractice Insurance!  That is why the bill is so high.These lawyers are like wolves in the sheep corral.  Instead of spending money on better armor for the sheep (insurance), how about getting rid of the wolves first!I could go on, but I think you get the general idea.

  4.      Agreed ! And I again reinterrate Lawyers also should be eligible to run for Government office only in proportion to their representation in the general public.
      “Democracy  is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.   Liberty is a  well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” –  Benjamin  Franklin,  1759    

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