Beware the Lies of Those of the Left

Here is a rule everyone with common sense would recognize as being sensible.  When someone uses all of their powers of hatred, propaganda, vitriol, smears, and lies against someone or a claim is false, you can count on the fact that what they (the person they are trying to destroy) are saying is true.  The difference between righteous indignation and full on hateful anger is as simple as right and wrong.

When a group of people or government do not want the truth to shine, they will use every means within their power to belittle, slander, libel, threaten, and lie about those spreading the truth about their lies.  Those simply angry with those telling lies will simply point their lies out and tell the truth.  The liars, will be wailing and gnashing their teeth with great fervor.  It always happens, and has been happening for centuries.

It's Not Iran – It's Obama's Administration Here in America

For example, this out right lie called ObamaCare, has its supporters and its opposers.  The opposers are attending so-called "town halls" and merely asking why certain things that are in the bill are being forced upon us.  The reaction is typical of someone attempting to hide a lie.  They either:

  • Deflect the question by simply saying "that's a lie" even though they know it's true.
  • Deflect the question by making an unfounded accusation against the one asking the question (you work for an insurance company).
  • Avoid the question by staging fake "town halls" and only have prepared questions asked by those usually designed to bring sympathy rather than truth (children).
  • Deflect the questioner by directly threatening them with physical force (SEIU or Acorn thugs).
  • Broadcast on TV propaganda known to be quite full of lies, and easily provable as such.
  • Intimidate those in opposition by collecting names of those in opposition and instilling fear with threats of home, family, and property (more thugs).
  • Lie and say everyone is in support (the so-called scientific "consensus" of "Global Warming" is a convenient excuse from debate for example).
  • Get your media friends to bully those in opposition echoing your claims (MSNBC, CNN, etc.)
  • Make the opposition's life a living hell by threats, false accusations, numerous frivolous lawsuits to bankrupt them etc.  Kind of like what they are doing the Sarah Palin.
Gibbs vs. Major Garrett

These tactics usually work … until people stop backing down and have had enough of their crap.  The so-called "new" views of "progressives" and "liberalism" are not new at all.  In fact, they are the oldest ideas passed down throughout the centuries, except just packaged in a new name and a new pretty wrapping.  What they preach has brought down great nations.  Has halted innovation and science, even though they claim allegiance to science.  Their message of only smart people (intellectuals) know better how to govern than the peasant people.  Their message of so-called "free" programs such as welfare, health care, etc. have always been the means of enslaving a populace.  They think the people are too stupid to govern themselves, so they devise ways to sneak in methods of control under the guise of "fairness" or "equality" or the "environment" or a "crisis" or even "charity" to accomplish their designs.

History has overwhelmingly proven that an oligarchy of snobs brings misery to every populace,  Such practices never bring the best out of people, nor does it breed harmony.  Liberty, is the biggest enemy to those who desire full control.  Never has an oligarchy achieved control by telling the truth.  Yet, what happens is they summon support by those they have convinced are "victims" of society, or those sympathetic to that message to achieve their designs.  It is done quickly, so as to prevent the individual from analyzing it; as it would fail a common sense and logic test quite easily when scrutinized.

Socialism doesn't improve lives.  It never has.  In fact, throughout its history it has brought only equal poverty and equal misery.  Those that support socialism and Marxism don't understand it.  Those that do understand Marxism, are those that fervently oppose it, because they understand it doesn't work and only brings out the worst in people and governments.  Karl Marx wasn't a genius, he was a naive moron.

Things like the television, personal computers, personal cell phones, video games, choice in the grocery store, the automobile, organ transplants, miracle medicines, and so on didn't come from Marxist or socialist societies and nations.  They came from individuals with the liberty and incentive to develop such wonders.  The world was dirt roads, horses, and wagons for THOUSANDS of years.  What changed the world in a little over 200 years?  It was LIBERTY.  Liberty means you choose how you live and there's only enough law to prevent someone else from eliminating your liberty, the rule of law, a Republic.  The new idea (notice "new") that if people were allowed to be free to live their lives and conduct commerce as they pleased with those in power on there to protect them from others and enforce common sense laws, then greatness would come.  In that short period of time, the world changed.

Technology, medicine, hygiene, life expectancy, travel, science, everything that would be considered magical or wondrous just 200 years ago we have now because of Liberty, not socialism, not an oligarchy of know-it-all snobs, but of individuals living their lives as they see fit to live it without government interference.

Rome had wondrous technology and innovations when they were a Republic and the people were free.  When the public demanded more handouts and freebies (because corrupt senators knew it was an easy way to keep their job and get money), a crisis ensued and a usurper gained power and called himself Emperor.  It took a while for Rome to fall, but they did.  They tossed away their liberty for so-called "safety" and handouts.  It happened with the Greeks, the Anglo-Saxons, Mexico, and many more great civilizations of the past.

Those that lie and usurp power always do it with a great orator that claims they will take care of them, they will make "change", they will punish the "rich" etc.  Unfortunately, the rich are the ones that give the jobs.

Notice how Obama's "change" is creating more and more unemployment and misery?  Notice how Obama and his supporters have put this nation into so much debt that it will be almost impossible to pay it, almost as if they are trying to topple the economy to replace it with something else?  If you don't see this, then you must be either stupid or blind.

Does the left think that once a powerful government has its claws set, that things like protesting and environmental issues will make a difference with it?  No, they were just a means to an end, that end being control.  Does the homosexual lobby think that social medicine is going to treat people that have a lifestyle that is known to be susceptible to HIV and disease, and does not reproduce?  They are blind if they think so.  When you eliminate the individual in favor of the collective, you eliminate any causes you may support if it doesn't support the "collective good".

When you support the government going into people's houses and telling them how to live, you also support that happening to you too, and believe me, it will happen.  When a government encourages its populace to report "suspicious activity" you become suspicious too, and it can used as a weapon against you should you become someone's enemy.

You see, when you help the government tear down others in opposition to bad policy, you invite them to do it to you some day.  Oligarchies have no friends, ask the friends of Lenin (oops, he killed them), or Castro, or Chavez, or Caesar, none were friends, all feared them, even those who used to support and helped them to where they were or are now are either dead, exiled, or in prison.  When you know an oligarchy's weaknesses, you become expendable.

Those that support socialism have no understanding of people or of how economies work.  Hence, it is why they always always always fail.  They have the arrogance to think they know better than individual.  Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, are all just synonyms for slavery.  In fact, Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whenever I hear any one arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."  Change his word "slavery" to social medicine or socialism, and the meaning is the same.  Notice how the President and Congress have conveniently left themselves out of the social health care?  They know it's bad and they think themselves above the (stupid or ignorant) people.

Abraham Lincoln also said, "Property is the
fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the
world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and
hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who
is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor
diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his
own shall be safe from violence when built."
  If only those in support of socialism and ObamaCare understood these common sense principles, our world wouldn't be in the state it is in now.

Those with valid arguments and truth use facts to back them up as proof.  Those with lies use threats, hatred, vitriol, slander, distraction, libel, physical threats, and verbal threats to hide their lies.  If Obama and his congress weren't lying to us, they'd simply use the bill itself to prove those, speaking against it, wrong.  They aren't, as they know the opposition is exposing their lie.

So I say this, knowing I am right.  President Obama, his advisors, his friends, and the Congress are LYING TO YOU about government health care and everything else (in the past year) so far.  The reasons for stimulus?  A lie!  The reasons for taking over banks and other private businesses?  A lie!  All are lies, and the people are raising their voice against it, the easier it is to see the government's lies.  Their attempts at shutting people up, just prove it more.  Their cries of racism?  All lies, both white, black, Asian, Arab, Indian, Native American, Latino, Polynesian, all see their lies.  People aren't angry at Obama's race.  They are angry with his lies, and what he has already done to this nation to destroy it and turn it into something nobody intended.  You can't hide the truth forever.

So my friends, when the wicked wail and gnash their teeth at you, throw hatred, lies, and vitriol at you; when the very powers of hell conspire against you, know then you are telling the truth and the truth will always prevail.

To those that try to stop the truth from being told, a wise old President once said, "This
country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. 
Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can
their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it
.", yes, Abraham Lincoln

TV AD: Oppose ObamaCare

Be revolutionary, vote these liars out of office.  Make Obama impotent.  Vote people in that will hold him to the Constitution.  Which, by the way, is his duty, and the only thing that gives the President his authority.  Anything else is illegal.

Ronald Reagan speaks out on Government Health Care

22 Responses to “Beware the Lies of Those of the Left”

  1. i’m plenty rational.!! i thought i knew what the word meant but just incase i checked it meant what i thought it meant ,it just smells a little better when you spell it the way you did.and no what acorns did was pose as regular citizens in hopes of being the whole meeting.they have video’s ofbus loads of acorns being brought to these town halls,the one they had here were attended by freinds of mine and people were asked who and what they supported and were kept out on the basis of their beliefs.acorns didn’t pose as anything these town halls posed as bi-partisan which they wern’t where ever the acorns could control them,,in essence they tried to stuff the ballot box,chicago style.  and if pelosi or anybody else compares conservatives to the kkk i’m going to start comparing obama and his brigades to the black panthers and uhuru.and everything i smoke is made in the united states of america not canada or some place further west of you .

  2. Well, actually, the “nut jobs” have been exclusively Lyndon LaRouche followers, which happen to be Democrats.  This is where the photos of Obama that have been made to look like Hitler have been coming from.  This is the group Barney Frank just chewed out.Are there nut jobs at Town Halls?  Originally, no, but since Nancy Pelosi accused them of holding swastikas and such, they have conveniently shown up all of a sudden.  The real difference is, those people that are genuinely upset are not on the payrolls of any special interest, and this confuses the politicians as that is their typical modus operandi.  People are well dressed because they have actual jobs not relating to protesting or special interest; and they don’t live at the YMCA waiting to get paid for the next protest.  They are the typical citizens, like myself.  This is a foreign concept to a group used to paying people to protest in “astro-turf” style false grassroots protests.The concept is foreign because people aren’t burning flags, aren’t turning over cars, aren’t throwing things, aren’t getting in people’s faces, aren’t shoving people around, etc.  No, those happen to be what the SEIU and Acorn thugs are doing now.  Their new tactic is to show up early to these town halls with the cooperative news crews and then the news get to report that the “support” for the ObamaCare is growing because the protesters haven’t even shown up yet.  These are staged photo-ops and propaganda.  The Tea party movement and those that want to ask the tough questions have caught on to this and will now be showing up early as well, and all are bringing cameras to catch SEIU and Acorn in acts of intimidation and will broadcast on YouTube.The only “violence” that has happened at these town halls have been SEIU thugs beating up a black man.  This attack was ignored by the press because the guy happened to be a black conservative.  You know, sometimes two plus two does equal four.

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