Beware the Lies of Those of the Left

Here is a rule everyone with common sense would recognize as being sensible.  When someone uses all of their powers of hatred, propaganda, vitriol, smears, and lies against someone or a claim is false, you can count on the fact that what they (the person they are trying to destroy) are saying is true.  The difference between righteous indignation and full on hateful anger is as simple as right and wrong.

When a group of people or government do not want the truth to shine, they will use every means within their power to belittle, slander, libel, threaten, and lie about those spreading the truth about their lies.  Those simply angry with those telling lies will simply point their lies out and tell the truth.  The liars, will be wailing and gnashing their teeth with great fervor.  It always happens, and has been happening for centuries.

It's Not Iran – It's Obama's Administration Here in America

For example, this out right lie called ObamaCare, has its supporters and its opposers.  The opposers are attending so-called "town halls" and merely asking why certain things that are in the bill are being forced upon us.  The reaction is typical of someone attempting to hide a lie.  They either:

  • Deflect the question by simply saying "that's a lie" even though they know it's true.
  • Deflect the question by making an unfounded accusation against the one asking the question (you work for an insurance company).
  • Avoid the question by staging fake "town halls" and only have prepared questions asked by those usually designed to bring sympathy rather than truth (children).
  • Deflect the questioner by directly threatening them with physical force (SEIU or Acorn thugs).
  • Broadcast on TV propaganda known to be quite full of lies, and easily provable as such.
  • Intimidate those in opposition by collecting names of those in opposition and instilling fear with threats of home, family, and property (more thugs).
  • Lie and say everyone is in support (the so-called scientific "consensus" of "Global Warming" is a convenient excuse from debate for example).
  • Get your media friends to bully those in opposition echoing your claims (MSNBC, CNN, etc.)
  • Make the opposition's life a living hell by threats, false accusations, numerous frivolous lawsuits to bankrupt them etc.  Kind of like what they are doing the Sarah Palin.
Gibbs vs. Major Garrett

These tactics usually work … until people stop backing down and have had enough of their crap.  The so-called "new" views of "progressives" and "liberalism" are not new at all.  In fact, they are the oldest ideas passed down throughout the centuries, except just packaged in a new name and a new pretty wrapping.  What they preach has brought down great nations.  Has halted innovation and science, even though they claim allegiance to science.  Their message of only smart people (intellectuals) know better how to govern than the peasant people.  Their message of so-called "free" programs such as welfare, health care, etc. have always been the means of enslaving a populace.  They think the people are too stupid to govern themselves, so they devise ways to sneak in methods of control under the guise of "fairness" or "equality" or the "environment" or a "crisis" or even "charity" to accomplish their designs.

History has overwhelmingly proven that an oligarchy of snobs brings misery to every populace,  Such practices never bring the best out of people, nor does it breed harmony.  Liberty, is the biggest enemy to those who desire full control.  Never has an oligarchy achieved control by telling the truth.  Yet, what happens is they summon support by those they have convinced are "victims" of society, or those sympathetic to that message to achieve their designs.  It is done quickly, so as to prevent the individual from analyzing it; as it would fail a common sense and logic test quite easily when scrutinized.

Socialism doesn't improve lives.  It never has.  In fact, throughout its history it has brought only equal poverty and equal misery.  Those that support socialism and Marxism don't understand it.  Those that do understand Marxism, are those that fervently oppose it, because they understand it doesn't work and only brings out the worst in people and governments.  Karl Marx wasn't a genius, he was a naive moron.

Things like the television, personal computers, personal cell phones, video games, choice in the grocery store, the automobile, organ transplants, miracle medicines, and so on didn't come from Marxist or socialist societies and nations.  They came from individuals with the liberty and incentive to develop such wonders.  The world was dirt roads, horses, and wagons for THOUSANDS of years.  What changed the world in a little over 200 years?  It was LIBERTY.  Liberty means you choose how you live and there's only enough law to prevent someone else from eliminating your liberty, the rule of law, a Republic.  The new idea (notice "new") that if people were allowed to be free to live their lives and conduct commerce as they pleased with those in power on there to protect them from others and enforce common sense laws, then greatness would come.  In that short period of time, the world changed.

Technology, medicine, hygiene, life expectancy, travel, science, everything that would be considered magical or wondrous just 200 years ago we have now because of Liberty, not socialism, not an oligarchy of know-it-all snobs, but of individuals living their lives as they see fit to live it without government interference.

Rome had wondrous technology and innovations when they were a Republic and the people were free.  When the public demanded more handouts and freebies (because corrupt senators knew it was an easy way to keep their job and get money), a crisis ensued and a usurper gained power and called himself Emperor.  It took a while for Rome to fall, but they did.  They tossed away their liberty for so-called "safety" and handouts.  It happened with the Greeks, the Anglo-Saxons, Mexico, and many more great civilizations of the past.

Those that lie and usurp power always do it with a great orator that claims they will take care of them, they will make "change", they will punish the "rich" etc.  Unfortunately, the rich are the ones that give the jobs.

Notice how Obama's "change" is creating more and more unemployment and misery?  Notice how Obama and his supporters have put this nation into so much debt that it will be almost impossible to pay it, almost as if they are trying to topple the economy to replace it with something else?  If you don't see this, then you must be either stupid or blind.

Does the left think that once a powerful government has its claws set, that things like protesting and environmental issues will make a difference with it?  No, they were just a means to an end, that end being control.  Does the homosexual lobby think that social medicine is going to treat people that have a lifestyle that is known to be susceptible to HIV and disease, and does not reproduce?  They are blind if they think so.  When you eliminate the individual in favor of the collective, you eliminate any causes you may support if it doesn't support the "collective good".

When you support the government going into people's houses and telling them how to live, you also support that happening to you too, and believe me, it will happen.  When a government encourages its populace to report "suspicious activity" you become suspicious too, and it can used as a weapon against you should you become someone's enemy.

You see, when you help the government tear down others in opposition to bad policy, you invite them to do it to you some day.  Oligarchies have no friends, ask the friends of Lenin (oops, he killed them), or Castro, or Chavez, or Caesar, none were friends, all feared them, even those who used to support and helped them to where they were or are now are either dead, exiled, or in prison.  When you know an oligarchy's weaknesses, you become expendable.

Those that support socialism have no understanding of people or of how economies work.  Hence, it is why they always always always fail.  They have the arrogance to think they know better than individual.  Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, are all just synonyms for slavery.  In fact, Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whenever I hear any one arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."  Change his word "slavery" to social medicine or socialism, and the meaning is the same.  Notice how the President and Congress have conveniently left themselves out of the social health care?  They know it's bad and they think themselves above the (stupid or ignorant) people.

Abraham Lincoln also said, "Property is the
fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the
world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and
hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who
is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor
diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his
own shall be safe from violence when built."
  If only those in support of socialism and ObamaCare understood these common sense principles, our world wouldn't be in the state it is in now.

Those with valid arguments and truth use facts to back them up as proof.  Those with lies use threats, hatred, vitriol, slander, distraction, libel, physical threats, and verbal threats to hide their lies.  If Obama and his congress weren't lying to us, they'd simply use the bill itself to prove those, speaking against it, wrong.  They aren't, as they know the opposition is exposing their lie.

So I say this, knowing I am right.  President Obama, his advisors, his friends, and the Congress are LYING TO YOU about government health care and everything else (in the past year) so far.  The reasons for stimulus?  A lie!  The reasons for taking over banks and other private businesses?  A lie!  All are lies, and the people are raising their voice against it, the easier it is to see the government's lies.  Their attempts at shutting people up, just prove it more.  Their cries of racism?  All lies, both white, black, Asian, Arab, Indian, Native American, Latino, Polynesian, all see their lies.  People aren't angry at Obama's race.  They are angry with his lies, and what he has already done to this nation to destroy it and turn it into something nobody intended.  You can't hide the truth forever.

So my friends, when the wicked wail and gnash their teeth at you, throw hatred, lies, and vitriol at you; when the very powers of hell conspire against you, know then you are telling the truth and the truth will always prevail.

To those that try to stop the truth from being told, a wise old President once said, "This
country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. 
Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can
their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it
.", yes, Abraham Lincoln

TV AD: Oppose ObamaCare

Be revolutionary, vote these liars out of office.  Make Obama impotent.  Vote people in that will hold him to the Constitution.  Which, by the way, is his duty, and the only thing that gives the President his authority.  Anything else is illegal.

Ronald Reagan speaks out on Government Health Care

22 Responses to “Beware the Lies of Those of the Left”

  1. I think you’re mainly right.The good news is that the
    banks/financial institutions are not in any danger of being taken over
    by the government.  (Some of them should have been taken into
    receivership under the Prompt Correction Action law, drafted after the
    Savings & Loans debacle, but criminal Congress did not act.)The
    bad news is that the banks took over the US govt long ago and the US is
    now bankrupt.  Decline is inevitable.  (The only question is whether
    the US will start a major war on the way down.  The odds are it will
    since its only remaining asset of any note is its weapons stockpile.)Evidence?  View the history of the struggle for control of the money supply in the US as narrated in the Money Masters… 
    will amply explain why the ruinous military and monetary policies
    of the United States have not changed an iota after last November’s
    election.  (It will also explain why corporations donate money to
    candidates of both stripe.  And why health care reform will fail just
    as Obama’s bankruptcy reform failed: Obama is just for show.)So, relax.  There’s nothing you can do now.

  2. [this is good] This a great post.  The writing is outstanding and to the point.  

  3. [this is good] This needs to be an op-ed in the New York Times.
    Sarah Palin makes a post on facebook with a metaphor “death Panel” exposing the philosophy of Obamacare “rationing” and it is attacked as a lie. They don’t defend the legislation, they attack the messenger personally.

  4.    How unfortunate that we’ve gone yet another generation with “revisionist history” educators indoctrinating instead of educating. Imagine if they actually learned the lessons of Reagan. While vetoing a bill with thousands of pages he stated simply “and if you send me another one like this, I’ll do the same.”Dropped it on the table and walked away! {Good Man}
          Don’t think Obamby has the guts to say, “This is B.S. I  read it {sure you did}  and (as a Harvard educated lawyer) {we know …we know! } I don’t understand it.(DAMN! Pelosi and Reid have outwitted me again). I asked for a band-aid and all I see is red- tape!( What the Hell ,Even my Code Pink babes have gone underground)”! 

  5.    Oreilly friday comment by lefty speech writer suggested Palin and Flava flav (don’t ask how it’s spelled) were somehow comparable? Gotta figure he wanted to degrade Palin.but is this where a good politically correct lefty goes to make points?
        What point might that be?

  6. You say: “Those simply angry with those telling lies will simply point their lies out and tell the truth.” you honestly going to sit there and write that this is all those people are really doing after watching that video? That was a 5-second search, and I’m guessing I can find even more. The problem isn’t the citizens themselves, it’s the people lying to them . They don’t want debate, they don’t want discussion of the healthcare issue, they want to get these otherwise decent citizens angry to the point of mob behaviour and righteously outraged over the “vile and wicked” behaviour of the evil terrorist socialist fascist messiahwannabe in charge.I realize that the gut reaction is to call a statement like this an unfounded accusation of conspiracy, but it’s no such thing. Political lies are nothing new, and there’s nothing as powerful as deceiving followers who hang on every word you say and demonizing the “enemy”. It’s disgusting, and again… I’m not talking about the people shouting them down.

  7. Excellent post Sparky!

  8. hell yea,well put,put it in a e-mail and send it to obamas snitch line,and just for the fun of it send it off to pelosi,she might even read it.. 

  9. Dude, there’s a difference.  Most (with a couple exceptions) of those people confronting the congress people, actually know more about the bill than the congress themselves.  Special interest wrote it, not them.  It just so happens that the people confronting them have read it, at the very least the portions they are asking about.  The five minutes you spent looking for a video could have been better spent investigating the content of the bill.  You will find these so-called “mobs” actually have a point.  It is very simple.  If these people are wrong, all the congress person has to do is open the bill and read from it proving them wrong.  Oddly enough, that’s what the “mob” is doing.  You see, it’s easier defending ones stance if it has the truth behind it.Also, that looked to me like a constituent angry with how his representative isn’t listening.  Oh how your memory is short.  Just last year people were causing riots on the streets, burning effigy’s of Bush modeled as Hitler, overturning and destroying property.  All, of course from the left.  Gee, how many people here in your video turned over police cars, ransacked and looted stores?  Sprayed mace in cops faces?  Threw feces at people in attendance?  I didn’t see any.  Yet, that’s the liberal calling card.I saw an angry citizen demanding answers he wasn’t getting from those that are supposed to be representing him and not their own self interests.  Your example only exists to prove my point.You forgot to show the clip where Obama’s buddies, the SEIU thugs, beat up a black man because he was a conservative and passing out fliers.  Oops, that doesn’t fit with your argument either.  You seem you also forget how even Hillary Clinton just recently (within two years) said (about the Bush administration) “

    I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you
    disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic, and we
    should stand up and say, “WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO
    !”  Oops, I guess that only applies to liberals right?  When ordinary citizens speak against the anointed one and their cronies, they are somehow a mob because they say what you don’t want people to know.Because they are well dressed, they are somehow under someone’s employ besides their ordinary jobs (something new in the protest arena).  Because they speak against and demand the government answer to them, as is dictated in the Constitution, you call them Nazi’s.I challenge you, Inside Passage, to prove these “mobsters” wrong.  these people have done their homework.  What they are saying, is in black and white in the house “health” bill.  It’s right there.  What is pathetic about this, is the Congress hasn’t even read their own bill, AND says they MUST pass it immediately as if some grand crisis existed.  None does.  There are no people dying on the streets for lack of health care.  It is already illegal to turn someone away for life threatening illness.  This is why illegals by the truckload have bankrupted hospitals in California. The poor do get free health care, even those that don’t pay taxes!The price can be easily lowered for the rest of us with tort reform and allowing free enterprise to operate.  A doctor who set up a flat rate plan for his patients of $15 a month for any type of care was told he couldn’t do so by New York.  The neighborhood loved it and everyone got good health care by this family doctor.  Nope, now nobody gets it because of New York and their bankrupt welfare program.  Government in action. A little secret, I’m a tea party attender myself, and nobody’s paying me to protest.  I’ve read these same portions of the bill myself and it’s scary what’s written in there.  The radio hosts aren’t scaring people, it’s what in the bill that is.I’m pissed too.  In less than a year, Obama has completely put this country into massive debt, has ex-cons, communists, union thugs, and tax cheats as his advisers.  He has ignored his oath of upholding the Constitution and went over the heads of congress and installed “Czars” which he gives greater authority than cabinet members which must be vetted by Congress!  This guy is a rogue and a lot of people don’t like the change he is bringing.  I have even spoken to Democrats at these tea parties (yeah, Democrats) claiming that wasn’t the “change” they wanted, in fact, they see the problems they hated getting worse and the government being even more corrupt.  Obama makes Nixon look like a choir boy!Also, if you want to know who the “NAZI’s” were (you know the thing Nancy Pelosi loves to call citizens questioning her), then you will find out they:1>  Were called “The National People’s
    Party” (NAZI)2>  They caused a financial crisis, thereby making it easier to take over industry and the banks.  (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the so-called “Fair Housing Act”)3>  Used political threats and thuggery to intimidate opponents (SEIU/ACORN).4>  Used the media as their propaganda arm for misinformation (NBC anyone?  What about Obama-mercials?)  They loved Hitler, had chills run up their legs when he spoke.5>  Pitted class against class.  Blamed the rich for everyone’s problems.  Of course in Germany the rich were generally Jewish.  (Oops, Obama doesn’t like Israel.  Why kill them when Iran can do it for you?  Yeah, low shot, but if the shoe fits…).6>  Used the opportunity of crisis and speed to gain power.  (Obama uses “crisis” almost three times in every sentence).7>  Used government mandated health care to gain control and allow eugenics to prosper.  (Obama’s health Czar is a eugenics disciple, and in fact favors mass sterilization of certain populations, it’s in his book he JUST published)7>  Toppled the Wiemar economy and replaced it with the NAZI, Hitler’s version of progressive-ism.  (You can’t have socialism with a capitalist society that revolves around personal liberty.)THe NAZI’s took their ideas from the American Progressives of the 1930’s, which Hillary Clinton claims to be a disciple of.  These progressives supported eugenics and the ideas of Fascism and cetral government control of the populace.  Psst, that statue in Rockefeller center in New York City (Rockefeller being a Progressive), is a statue of Mussolini, the Progressive’s hero.  The concepts of media propaganda and so-called “astro-turf” grassroots were all ideas NAZI’s adapted from American progressives, which are the liberals of today.  Which is what Saul Alynski resurrected, Obama’s favorite author of “Rules For Radicals”.  This is why they call themselves liberals, as “Progressive” became a bad word during the war against Hitler.  “Liberal” sounded better.What the American people see (those that aren;t star struck, both Democrat and Republican) is Obama’s administration and Congress following the Saul Alynski playbook page by page:1>  Create one or more crises to cause chaos.2>  Urge the need of fast action and work quickly before the people notice.3>  Topple the economy to overwhelm government welfare through unemployment and such.4>  Have a good orator that says what people want to hear to distract from the truth.  Make sure he brings out emotions and has rock star quality.  Make sure he is controllable.5>  Use the power of the government (and a cooperative press) to libel, slander, threaten and intimidate those in opposition, including silence opposing media by all means.6>  Create distractions to hide the real purpose from the public.  Obama is President, why is he still campaigning?7>  Take over healthcare, because once government controls public health, they control the public and business.  The rest is easy to control.8>  When all collapse, say you need extra power to fix it “once and for all”, and never give the power back (and name yourself Emperor / Fuhrer / Dictator etc.).Tada, the Wiemar Republic (and Star Wars as well) in a nutshell.  If that isn’t identical to what Obama is attempting, then please enlighten me.  Just the facts please, no name calling, no slander.What I see, is a Chicago Mob running our government now, and giving his mobster buddies all the power they want.  Incidentally, it was a communist organization that wrote the so-called “stimulus” bill.  It’s not rumor, but fact.  In fact, many of Obama’s “Czars” are admitted communists or Maxists.  It’s not a derogatory name I say, it’s truth and they will admit it.  In fact their own words and writings prove that correct.  How does a Communist know how to “stimulate” a capitalist economy?  Easy, destroy it first, then pute a socialist economy in its place, which requires the elimination of liberty to even begin to attempt to make it work.My God man, haven’t you ever studied history?  If it walks like duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.  If everything Obama has done has been according to the “Rules For Radicals” playbook, then it must be what his end goal is.  This is not the America I want, nor is it the America our forefathers died for.I mean seriously, since when has government been good at anything involving the public?  Americans do better for themselves and the world when the government stays out of their way.  Can you imagine how many lives we could save from Malaria deaths in third world nations if we could just use DDT to kill the mosquitoes that spread the disease?  It turns out the so-called environmental panic which caused its outlaw, “Silent Spring by Rachel Carson” has been proven to be a fraud a farce.  In fact, DDT has yet to be proven to cause any harm to people or the environment.  Yet, DDT is still banned by the UN!!  Yep, government at work while millions (in just Uganda alone) die every year, more per day, than in both Iraq wars!You have the “progressive” government programs of “the War On Poverty” yet after more than 50 years we still have no pull out date.  In fact, many of these programs caused more poverty!  Want to eliminate poverty?  Teach them how to get a better job, and then they won’t handouts anymore,.  Stop giving them monthly checks!  Spend the money on schooling instead.Even Obama himself claimed the Post Office was a government kludge, a giant gaffe on his part.  Heck, Congress couldn’t even run their own bank without bankrupting it!  You think these idiots know how to run a hospital??  Get the government out of the doctor’s way, make Lawyers responsible for frivolous lawsuits (tort reform), allow Doctors to have their own insurance programs and payment coops,  let insurance companies insure people with better plans, enforce and punish those running scams.  Get rid of government programs and allow private competition.Want education improved?  Turn over the schools to private industry and let them compete to teach the children.  The market will eliminate the bad schools, and competition will keep the quality up and the price reasonable.When you have any government program that is not required to turn a profit every year, then you create a gluttonous monster.  this why I hate big government, big unions, and giant corporations.Want to increase industry and bring money into the treasury?  Lower the burden on the tax payer.  The more money they have to spend, the more they can make by being industrious and profitable, the more they can hire people, the more the workers can compete with salaries.  It’s common sense for Pete’s sake!Want to lower crime?  Allow people to protect themselves.  Fix Tort law here as well.  Committing crime?  You can’t sue period.  What?  You died or got shot breaking into my home?  Sucks to be you.  Punish those that commit crimes, no early parole.  Let the punishment fit the crime.  Offer job training when they approach release, but don’t Molly Coddle them.  Give them hard labor.  It should be a punishment.  No TV, no Internet, no phones.  Only visits and letters.  Rape a child?  You die.  your worth as a human being is over.  Kill someone intentionally?  You die.  Period.  Your rights to live ended when you ended your victim’s life.Want equal rights and liberty for all?  Stop favoring one group over another.  Affirmative Action is the most racist government program in existence today.  Want to m
    ake entry fair?  Simple isolate personal info from screeners when evaluating entry forms for schools etc.  Stop asking racial information.  Let their merits dictate their success.Get the government out of the way, and things will improve.  It worked before, it can work again.  Protect individual liberty and you will not have problems like out of control corporations and such.  You can’t have bosses taking advantage of workers if the individual is paramount.The simple fact that the world is as it is today, with all of its technology and advances is because of the idea of liberty and individual improvement and innovation.  Imagine what the world would be like now if Rome wasn’t ever under the Emperors.  Certainly 2000+ years ahead of where we are now.  Like all free societies, I’m sure their slavery would have ended as well, given the chance.Controlling governments ALWAYS have demonstrated they hinder society and innovation and never improve it.  Socialism and Oligarchies always delivered equal societies full of equal poverty and misery, with only a small pocket of government bureaucrats living high on the hog.Progressive-ism is a centuries old continuous failure.

  10. That Hillary Clinton quote is there, but somehow ended up the wrong color, here it is “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic, and we should stand up and say, “WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE WITH ANY ADMINISTRATION!”

  11. It just proves that if you make a deal with the Devil you will get burned.  Obama has paved roads by throwing people under the bus.  I wonder if Code Pink gets it yet?  I wonder if the Gay lobby gets it yet?  I wonder if environmentalists get it yet?  Obama isn’t interested in their problems.  He wants revenge for slavery.  Yet nobody alive is responsible for it.  In his own words “reparations don’t go far enough”.

  12. Be my guest Patrick 🙂

  13. You seem to be under the impression that I think everyone at these town
    halls are represented by the examples I showed in this video. I don’t.
    What I am saying is that those who are standing up and telling the
    truth are not the whole of those at the town halls. You cannot pretend
    that this is all about the truth when you have a whole lot of these
    people out there parroting what they are being told, and not what is in
    the Bill. Oh, I do agree, quite a few of them likely know more about
    what’s in the Bill than many of Congress do. That’s not saying much.
    Anybody having done five minutes reading could have told you the “death
    panel” claims were a pack of outright lies.

    You go on to mention things that liberals did, as if I’m letting them
    off the hook. Rather than going into that right now, I’m going to point
    you to my blog and ask you to read the entry “Tweeners and
    Circularists” for what it is exactly that I think about that ridiculous
    argument. Why would I let them off the hook? I’m not a liberal. Don’t
    ever accuse me of calling them Nazis. That only demeans yourself and
    any claims you have to reasonable argument or speaking the truth. I have not done so, and will not do so. You can also read my blog
    article “Patriotism as a Weapon” for what I think about Pelosi.As for the rest, you’re claiming a grand scale conspiracy by the Democratic Party that is not anywhere near represented by the facts.  If you honestly believe every single word of that, why are you obfuscating by arguing about health care instead of going after what should be happening, all members of the Democrats involved in that plot against our country being impeached and prosecuted for high treason? Too tough a stance to take? Too unfounded to risk putting your reputation at stake by taking it to the legal venue?Seriously, that is what you are saying, and if you have all the connections and all the proof you claim, you have a case for treason. So why aren’t you pursuing it instead of piddling around with this other nonsense?I’m not going to justify the rest of the post with a response. As I’m neither conservative nor liberal, yours and their stances on private education or whatever are meaningless to this argument.

  14.    Oh boy ! Obama has just informed the VFW that he is going to do to the armed services the same repairing… that “change” thing again, that he intends for  health care. A perfect opportunity to inform the folks about a new proclamation opening recruitment to the queer folks… Not even a whisper. Go figure… Promised not to screw with CHAMPUS or TRI-CARE other than what? Oh Just their funding! Not planning to cut that..( I dare ya’) just make it more “efficient”. Sound familiar?
          Us common folk learned from our predecessors about “RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL” Would someone please explain to Barry that we have Government control and administered health care plans already of various forms. Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, the Massachusetts model,Vermont, Kentucky, and the ” Special Plan” he and the other elitists have inherited… and guess what he and his Demopeers are trying to “CREATE”. Bet  my bottom…let’s see .27 cents (used to be a dollar) that if all the existing programs were combined, without separate and redundant beaurocratic  fingers, under the most proficient  existing administrators, The money saved in “downsizing” would be more than enough to cover all those people he intended to include with his” New Wheel”, and still clear a profit  for the Fed!  Guess What! Just like the CAVE-MEN and NASA figured …. No F***ing Spokes!
         Check with his peers about all his fine work in Chicago before you let this guy “Organize” his own d*** sock drawer. (Oh wait …You can’t…They too broke to work today!)

  15. >In less than a year, Obama has completely put this country into massive debt

    At the start of Bush XLVIII, the national debt was 5T$, a record.  By the end of Bush XLVIII, it was 10T$, a record.  In 2004 or so, when Cheney was asked about the reckless spending, he replied, “screw the deficit, we won the election”.In 2008, under the Cheney Administration, the largest bail-out in history was commenced, with Congress members being threatened by Hank Paulson that there would be martial law in America if they did not approve a blank check to the Federal Reserve.  That’s extended now to 13T$ (by a very conservative count and I have seen as high as 23T$), as it takes place under Obama’s administration.  You want to blame Obama!???  How short is your memory??  You have no idea what the problem is.Let me tell you where I am coming from.  I am a bitterly betrayed ex-arch-conservative!!  I love America.  Like Ronald Reagan, I believed in “small government”.  Show me small government I can believe in!!Let me tell you a cold, cold truth.  Human history — all of it — has shown that when human suffering gets as bad as it is now getting in the United States of America, a brutal revolution must soon follow.  Your government bloody well knows it too, judging by its preparations.Stop voting, stop supporting your party and its politics, stop worrying stupid Democrats; write to your representatives and put it to them plainly: “you are either with us, or you against us.  Your love of country is now being critically judged.”

  16. Yes, I agree, Bush had put this nation into debt, and shame on him and those before him.  However, there is one distinction that hold Obama into a whole new category.Obama, in six months has put this nation into more debt than every previous administration COMBINED has, including the Bush administration.  Obama has successfully achieved a new low in sleaziness and debt.As to the “inevitable bloody revolution”, no I don’t think so, at least not YET.  As long as there is a chance of correction without that option, we should pursue that chance.  The founding fathers of this nation tried for over sixteen years to get their wrongs redressed before they ran out of options.  This was during an era where you would have a dual with someone who insulted your honor, and usually only one survived the encounter.  I would think even our society more civilized today.I want to make it clear, I have no love for the Bush Administration.  They were just merely less aggressive in their Progressive agenda.  Nevertheless, even they didn’t have Communists and Socialists in their inner circle.As to human suffering?  Our “poor” have cell phones.  People flock to this nation, despite its faults.  As long as there is liberty, suffering can be minimized when people are allowed to overcome it themselves through hard work, personal responsibility, and ingenuity.I believe miracles continue to happen.  A miracle happened 235+ years ago, it happened a mere 40 years after that, it happened again after the civil war, it happened again with ronald Reagan, and I believe it can happen yet again if people truly want it to and are willing to make it happen.  This nation isn’t a corpse yet.

  17. obfuscating,thats a really classy looking word,but i bet it still smells,obama did everything he could to make these town halls into zoo’s he called out acorn and the unions,hell, he even advertised for help on craigslist,that pelosi is running around calling everybody against u. healthcare a member of the kkk,tells me  what at least her branch of the democratic party is up to,pelosi should be locked up for what she has said and obama’s is not much better.

  18. It is the Federal Reserve Bank that has put the United States into debt.  Continuously since 1913.  That’s how the banks make money: effectively via a private taxation scheme.  The party politics are irrelevant, just a smoke screen.Ron Paul has put HR1207 before the House and S.604 before the Senate.  The bills require the Federal Reserve to submit to audit by the government.  (Currently, they are audited with four exceptions, those four exceptions exactly excluding the whole domain of what the Fed does — i.e. a sham.)I am not going to rain any further on your faith regarding the US.  I respect positive thinking.  I hope you get a good result.

  19. [this is good] Yes, and Obama and the current Congress (and many in the past) are willing participants in the Fed’s fraud.Thank you about hoping for a good result.

  20. Ken, there’s nothing special or “classy” about the use of the word obfuscation. I use it because it fits, and because I am having a discussion with a person capable of understanding the word. If you don’t know the meaning, look it up. It’s not an insult.As for the rest, you’re telling me that ACORN members posed as conservatives and gun-toting morons in some kind of vast conspiracy by Obama working in unison with the KKK to make conservatives look bad.I may not agree with him, but at least what Supersparky’s saying makes sense and is based on rational use of facts. You on the other hand, what the ??? are you smoking?

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