If You Are an American…

If you are an American, I don't care which party you are a member of (well, except maybe the Communist party).  For just this week only, and I don't care if you like him or not, you need to watch Glenn Beck on Fox News.  I  only ask this week (the end of August).  For both fans and non-fans, your duty is to have a notepad and take notes.  This is to verify or disprove what he asks and says this week.

This is important.  He has uncovered quite an interesting and disturbing thing happening to our nation.  He is having Democrats on his show who are just as concerned about what is happening as are the conservatives on his show.  This isn't some sort of Republican rant.  In fact, he is just as angry with them as he is those that are selling out our country with a nefarious goal in mind.  He holds everyone (that is) responsible in this case.

Frankly, he's rattling his sword and the government is trying everything to discredit and silence him.  Which is a very good sign he's on to something that is true.

Glenn asks you to prove him right or prove him wrong.  It's so important you know the truth he challenges you to do it out of duty as a citizen of the USA.  He doesn't claim perfection, nor does he ask you take his word for it on everything.  He tells you he came to know this and backs up his claims with the truth.  No belittling, no slander, no so-called "hate speech", no racism, just the facts and some very hard hitting questions.

So far, he has exposed the fact that our President has appointed self-admitted Marxists to be his "Czars" and such, and that the "Apollo Group" wrote the "Stimulus" package.  Yeah, a group of people with Marxist values wrote our economic stimulus for our capitalist economy.  What doesn't add up here?  Since when have Communists known anything about capitalist economies?  Glenn's research shows that they want high unemployment, and large debt, so it overwhelms the government with welfare and debt to cause it to collapse.  All the "stimulus" has done so far is to increase unemployment and fund organizations like Apollo.  So, the "stimulus" was written to stimulate Apollo with taxpayer funds.

Set you DVRs for this show at least for this week.  Inside Passage, I know this will be hard for you, but hear him out.  Pay less attention to his personality and more attention to what he is asking and saying.

To give you a hint at how important this is.  Yesterday I heard something I would not have believed would happen ever, no matter even if Jimmy Carter were President.  Rush Limbaugh, ultra-conservative, finally came out with what we all knew, and he was not happy saying it.  Rush Limbaugh called our government, as Obama has finalized it, not a socialist government, but a fascist government.

This is not about race, so get over it.  It's about what is being done to our Republic.

[Added after this article was originally posted]

Those that missed it:  go to Blenn Beck's web site and watch the videos you missed this week to catch up.  Prove him wrong, I challenge you.

Go here for the questions to ask and find out if he's full of crap. 

24 Responses to “If You Are an American…”

  1. You still haven’t proven anything, including that Glenn is lying.  Your “link” doesn’t prove anything.  You are inferring and inserting your own interpretation and because it goes against it, you assume he’s lying.I find it amazing.  The facts are clearly laid out, in fact most are given by the people’s own words from their own mouths!  Van Jones, says he’s a communist and wants to destroy and change the American economy to a Marxist economy.  This isn’t a lie or opinion, it is taken from Van Jones’ own writings!  (it is irrelevant he has resigned, he still has the President’s ear)  The “Diversity Czar”, Mark Lloyd, (who controls the FCC) openly and unapologetic-ally states he wants to control speech and give the government the ability to censor and shut up those in opposition to it.  He, in fact, expressed his appreciation for how Hugo Chavez did it.  This guy wants to have the power to shut off the Internet for Pete’s sake!The Apollo Group is an openly Marxist and modern progressive organization that openly publishes plans (through its members) on how to change the American economy by collapsing the free market system (which made it, and the world, great in under 200 years).  This same group wrote the so-called “Stimulus Package” that Congress didn’t read and just rushed through.  This same “stimulus” package that allocates billions of dollars to Acorn and its sister organizations.  This doesn’t concern anyone?  This doesn’t warrant questions that NEED to be answered?If our economy is doing so poorly, then why is the President encouraging spending more and more money the government doesn’t even have?  If the “stimulus” was to stimulate the economy, then why doesn’t it activate until 2010?  Where are all these so-called “shovel-ready” job?  Why does the President surround himself with radicals and Marxists who have openly (and in public speeches and book writing) espoused a plan to collapse the American free market system so they could replace it with a more socialist / fascist system of “social justice”?  This plan including overwhelming the welfare system through massive unemployment by putting undo pressure on small business and incorporating so-called “public health care” to achieve it, WHEN it becomes crisis level through their own destructive actions.  Why does it appear this plan is under way already?Why is there a “Health and Safety” Czar, John Holdren, that openly, and unapologetic-ally, wants to spike the public water systems with a sterilization agent to “control the population”?  He also is in favor of forced abortions and suspension of parental rights and raise children in government education facilities.  Does this seem like someone who should be in an American high government position?Why is there a “Regulatory Czar”, Cass Sustein, that wants to give pets attorneys!These people are all radicals!  They aren’t just to the left, they’ve broken the needle!  Something is wrong here!  This isn’t conspiracy theory.  This is all out in the open, and yet people want to ignore it.  This is very odd.Yes, I do believe Obama and his friends are racists.  Yes, it is quite possible of people not of the Caucasian race to be racist.  These aren’t Martin Luther King style people that believe you judge a man by the content of his character and not his skin color.  These are very hateful and angry people that think all of society owes them something.If you don’t want to ask the questions, then fine.  Don’t come whining when this begins to negatively affect you too.There is nothing our government is doing to preserve, rescue, and stimulate our way of life:  Liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.  All requirements stated by our highest law, the US Constitution.The US Constitution demonstrates that the “common good” is only accomplished when the individual is made the utmost important, and not one over another.  It is a lie, to assume that the “common good” is accomplished by ignoring the individual to favor the “collective” (or mob).  It is the very definition of a “Republic” and Liberty.

  2. Understand that I do not feel any need to prove Beck is lying. I have, on the other hand shown that he is wrong, whether you admit it or not. Wrong about everything? Of course not. Wrong about a single point. I did exactly what you asked, addressed a question or two. Let’s not pretend that those “hard-hitting” questions are anything but loaded – of course they are, they’re supposed to be or they wouldn’t be hard-hitting. The questions are intended to prove points as Beck could very well answer them himself. Or are you going to honestly tell me that I’m inferring that he’s not completely ignorant? Able to answer them himself, this means that he is eithera> being dishonest in asking the question as he knows the answer is harmless b> actually believes it, showing a lack of insight.He asks these questions to make a point. Honestly, I -know- you’ve watched the show more than once, I have as well and continue to because it’s in my face every day. Most of those questions are considered answered negatively by Beck himself, he uses them as a foundation for the points he continues to make on his show. That crap about civilian forces is a case in point. Having “asked the question” and answered it to his own satisfaction, he continues to use it as a point of fearmongering, referring back to it regularly.I ask questions for MYSELF. I do NOT need Beck to ask them for me. To suggest that I do is arrogance beyond all reasonability. You are stepping way over a line by suggesting that since I will not answer Beck’s questions, that means I do not question at all. This is a piece of arrogance that is present in every party. I had to listen to it from those Truther tools who claimed that anyone who did not agree that the Bush Administration was out to get them, overthrow the government and kill everyone who disagreed is simply an unquestioning sheep.Do not sit there and tell me I do not ask questions. It is a lie. Period emphasis.Do not assume that I agree with everyone that the administration chooses to aid them. I like them as much as I like Dick Cheney. I voted for them because they were superior to the alternative, not because I bought into the “change” garbage, just like I voted for Bush the first time around because he was superior to Gore, not because I liked him.As for your parting comments, you really do have a legitimate point. However, I doubt you’ve taken that argument to its natural extension – political parties are inherently corrupt. Rather than supporting the INDIVIDUAL as they are constitutionally supposed to, or preserve, rescue or stimulate our way of life, they support their own agendas. They are first, America is second. I have no sympathies for any of them. Because their way is right, the other’s is wrong, and they are acting for the “common good”. See where I’m going with that? Applying it to the current administration alone to suggest that it is somehow a unique and utterly anti-American behaviour by a single administration is garbage.

  3. Van Jones spent April, May, June, July and August in Jail, not a few hours, not a day or two.

    Care to provide a link to that?

  4. Sorry for the late reply (I thought I already replied).The “link” need not be given.  Just read Van Jones’ own book which describes his experience in jail and how it inspired him to espouse communism.  He states dates of key events and the time period is April to August of his “in jail” experiences.This account used to be on Van Jones’ own web site, until it “conveniently” disappeared the day Beck exposed him.

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