Unforeseen Consequences

Frequently we see the negative results of the unforeseen consequences of the grandiose plans of the intellectual left.  The so-called "Progressive" movement, that has been slowly and patiently infiltrating our society and government for the past 100 years, have enacted "progressive" programs to "improve" society.  Coincidentally, these programs, all of them, have demonstrated to be complete failures even to the destruction of the communities to which they were intended.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" in response to the depression, not only prolonged the depression for ten years, but was also the cause of it being a "great depression".  FDR's own economists admitted the Kaynesian method of spending and bailouts were having the opposite effect than intended.  These economists even recommended to FDR to stop the rampant spending and meddling with the economy and just allow it to stabilize itself.  FDR, being a progressive with, naturally, "knowing better than the people" and his self-proclaimed duty of "caring for the people" just refused to believe what he was doing was actually prolonging the problem.

We can see the damage done by progressives all in the name of "improving man's condition for their own good".  The "projects" of the inner cities didn't improve the lives of the poor, it caused to make their condition worse.  Perpetual welfare payments didn't help the poor, it perpetuated their condition and removed their incentive to improve their condition on their own.  The grand examples of what happens when progressives think they fix everything is perhaps Detroit and New Orleans.  This is where they have taught the poor that they must depend on the government.

All of these things, and more, where the so-called "intellectual elite" thinks they know better than the people, consistently prove how stupid they are.  Frequently the left loves to make fun of and belittle the average person, the pickup truck driver.  Yet, they sit in their pampered university settings thinking themselves into arrogance.  They are intellectuals after all.  They have degrees out the wazzoo, and can think with the best of them.  They, of course, must know better than those without their "superior" brains.  They get to think about deep things every day, and "think tank" it as often as possible.  They claim to have the answers.  They claim to be "scientific".  They claim to have all contingencies covered.  Yet, what they lack greatly, and are utter novices with, is experience and wisdom.

You see, that guy in the pickup truck is in the real world every day, and can see what works and what doesn't work.  He learns this from experience and not from some intellectual thinking hard.  Anyone who is a REAL scientist will tell you that the best science is done in the field, and that most good ideas are actually failures to learn from.  People like Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, etc. etc. were all intellectuals.  They were also very naive.  They based their thesis upon mere observation, then they discussed it with other intellectuals.  Their ideas and beliefs were never based upon tried and true experience.  They also chose to categorize society into convenient boxes that fit their model, and ignored what didn't fit.  Many also made assumptions about "classes" thinking that in all societies these "classes" are solid, or not fluid.

Later, as those that made attempts at implementing their ideas would run into trouble, their solution was to just remove the trouble.  Stalin "removed" about 70 million elements of trouble.  Hitler removed about 6 million.  Fidel Castro about 300 thousand.  Hugo Chavez, about 5 thousand and growing.  It's like fitting a round peg into a square hole and using a sledge hammer to make it work.  We have FDR that had millions out of work for a decade or more!  We had Jimmy Carter and disastrous progressive programs.  WE have Clinton and both Bush's failures at big government controlling everything, and now Obama with his massively failing progressive programs.

This country has demonstrated time and time again that when government gets out of the way, true progress happens.  Which is why "progressivism" is an oxy-moron.

Their programs eventually infiltrated our schools and even society itself with "Political Correctness".  Which is a fancy phrase for "ignoring the obvious".  The progressives, in attempting to force equality in an Earth full of people with varying degrees of intelligence and talent, actually repress those traits and promote stagnation all for the sake of "equality".

Schools no longer encourage competition and excelling.  No more rewards for grand accomplishment.  No more fear of failure.  Now they give awards to everyone, never flunk the underachievers because it may "hurt their feelings" or make the less than intelligent students "feel bad".  They no longer teach that hard work brings success.  They no longer teach that failure is a definite part of life, nor that success can sprout from a failure.  They are teaching our children that everything is all lollipops and roses in the real world, and then wonder why the crime rate skyrockets when these skulls full of mush can't cope.  They have sports, but no longer keep score and then wonder why in their later years they are pushing a mop around instead of making mops.

The progressives always do things "for the good of society" but keep making things worse by sticking their fingers in where it doesn't belong and frequently going contrary to common sense and nature itself.  They think they can force the free spirit out of man for the good of all.  The unforeseen consequences always spoil their warped view.  The "War on Poverty" has only succeeded in creating the perpetually poor from incentive ruining regular hand outs.  There isn't a progressive/social government program that has demonstrated ANY prolonged success.  All achieve the opposite effect of their design.  It's how the big thinkers have no idea what they are doing.  Government healthcare is the next oxymoron to be rolled out by these intellectual idiots.

Recently I received a letter from a friend who had a lot of interesting comments about a recent article he read:

Here is a quote I love from it: 'Amid it all, Hunter says this latest
generation has been raised in a "you can do anything atmosphere." And
that, he says, "sets up a lot of false expectation" that inevitably
leads to distress for some.'

Lets break this down into two parts.

Part 1) The kids these days have it so easy compared to the depression
era kids. My dad grew up in rural Arkansas on a farm. He worked in the
cotton field and had to go to school. Oatmeal and salt pork for
breakfast was the best meal of the day. Cooked on a wood stove that
also provided heat. He said you could feel the winter wind blow
through the walls at night.  No electricity nor a car, they went to
church on Sunday in a buckboard pulled by a mule. That same mule was
used to pull the farm equipment as there was no tractor. Some how he
grew up and improved his situation. Never had to take Prozac or tell
his sad story to some over paid psychiatrist to feel better about
himself. Somehow he made it to still be here today, how I have no idea
since kids these days would have surely fallen

Part 2) Now days we tell kids that everyone gets a chance. You
participated you get a reward. You show "some" effort and you get a
trophy too. Sally did not do better then Billy, they are both equal.
So here we are finally. Now we finally see the harm done by all the
coddling these days. They finally grew up some are are getting a taste
of the real world. In college you do not move on to the next class
level till you actually pass the one you are in now. There is no "no
kids left behind". You want to be a senior level student then you had
better have the credits for it. Sally got her bachelors degree in 3
years and Billy took 5 years, well that is just how life is. She
obviously applied her self and worked harder to meet her goals. She
was rewarded for her efforts by graduating early. Now she is ahead of
some/most of her classmates in getting into a career. I can not wait
for the day that these kids are working in their career fields and
they ask their boss why they did not get the promotion? Why is it that
someone that has been there longer gets more paid time off? Why Joe
over in the next cubical got a bonus and they did not. I want to be in
the room when they are told that if they worked harder and showed more
effort that they too could see some of the same rewards. Then they
finally get to see the truth of the American dream. The dream is not
handed to you on a silver platter, it is gained through hard work and
determination. Maybe if these kids actually read the document they
would see that it has the word "pursuit", it did not say a right to
happiness. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit
of Happiness."

They raise their kids like they live in a communist [Utopian] society and when
they grow up, they see it is really a capitalist society and they are
ill prepared to deal with that level of reality.

— JC (used with permission)

Once again, the unforeseen consequences show their true colors.  So what does this tell us?  First it says we need to take more control over our child's education than the government.  Second, we must teach them the lessons of history.  Third, we must teach them they have every opportunity in the world to succeed if they put their mind and efforts into it.  Fourth, we must teach them that failure is part of becoming successful, and that failing is necessary to learning and gaining wisdom.  Fifth, we must teach them to help others in their failures by giving them a hand up to get them going again.  Sixth, we must teach them to be prepared for bad times even if in a good period, because we have only ourselves to depend upon during disaster.  Our stability helps us to be ready to help others.

Everyone has varying degrees of intelligence and differing talents, yet we all have an equal opportunity to become successful, whatever we dictate "success" to be.  Holding back or punishing the successful has the consequence of punishing and holding back all of society.  Imagine where the world would be if Edison were forced to hire people of lesser talent out of "fairness".  What if he were taxed because he was "too successful"?  What if Tesla had been limited to his freedom to be who he was?  The great inventions and PROGRESS of society have always come as a consequence of individual liberty and freedom.  Those that became great only did so by failing miserably time after time, and usually by overcoming some obstacle placed in front of them.  In other words, they made a conscientious effort again and again.

Those in the post-slavery era whining about "there's nobody willing to be paid to do these jobs" had the success of Eli Whitney's cotton "gin".  Eli was a former slave by the way.  Yes, a former slave proved that freedom breeds ingenuity.

The US Constitution proved that equal opportunity was for all, but the results were dependent on you.  It showed that when man is left unmolested he can change the world.

To those die hard Marxist progressives out there.  There is one thing I would like to make very clear, as they frequently, and naively attach monopolist to capitalist or the free market.  A society that allows monopolistic corporations is just as repressive as a government controlled society, as the monopoly essentially is the same thing.  A monopoly controls the market just as a government would, and thus hurts society.  A true free market society breaks apart large corporations into competing smaller companies.  This encourages ingenuity and competition and can only improve the economy.  When a company grows so large that its buying capacity makes it so others just cannot compete, then they need to be busted up.

Oh, by the way, if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree, then let me leave you with one interesting thought by the former Secretary of Agriculture during the Eisenhower administration:

9 Responses to “Unforeseen Consequences”

  1. Yes, the so-called ” progressive ” movement just infiltrate our society and government. That’s simply the way it is

  2. new orleans will come back,not so sure about detriot,hard work is its own reward,theres nothing like being able to say i built that.most scientists are just bookworms they are good at remembering what other people have gone and checked out for themselves.same thing with economists,every president should have to make a go of a real profit driven company,i’ve run into to many people with 6 year degrees who couldn’t find their backsides with both hands

  3. [this is good]    Add to that these are the same folks who have maxxed out their credit cards, purchased homes they could never afford. and have neglected paying taxes. What insanity is it that all over my analog TV are ads for “RELIEF” for all of them!
        If you play by the rules don’t overextend yourself and use a certain amount of basic wisdom. hold your head up. The only relief you’ll need is from the Idiots that have created these programs. Almost ready to open labor camps and debtors prisons again except the politicians who instigated the whole mess should surely be mopping the halls and serving them as a message against dim-wittedness! Ask yourself: Would you extend “credit” to Barney, Barack.Nancy, Harry or Billary? I wouldn’t trust the entire lot to hold cash money for me long enough to turn my back and flip a flapjack!

  4.    Even the drunken sailors didn’t escape the scrutiny of the bartenders! Ya Think that mirror behind the bar was an accident? At some point even the average ninny figures out how to “forsee a few of the potential consequenses”.and act accordingly.
        Do we need to call for the bouncers?

  5. If a movement is really good, then it doesn’t not need subtle deception to do what it wants to do.  When lies, slander, and other forms of deception and nefarious behavior is used to promote an idea or philosophy, that philosophy is bad and wrong.  Good cannot come from evil.  Utopia cannot come from corruption and deception.  Nevertheless, progressives think the ends justify the means.  They claim intellectual superiority, yet they know how ridiculously absurd their ideas are and thus hide them or out right lie to achieve their goals.If their ideas are so wonderful, so good for society, then present your case in the open and have it scrutinized and debated.  Common sense dictates that it would fail miserably.  The lessons of history have proven time and time again that government control of a society ALWAYS ends up in misery and an oppressive oligarchy.Saying “that’s just the way it is” is not acceptable.  What sort of a sad state people are in when they depend on government to take care of them.  If you want to exist that way, then you might as well be a chicken at a KFC farm merely existing.The freedom of the individual changed the world in under 200 years after thousands of years of nothing.  Before progressives this nation was a veritable GNP powerhouse, a manufacturing giant.  Once they started their shenanigans this nation turned into a drunken spending society that no longer produces but depends on other nations for support.  It took nearly 100 years to do it, but they have nearly succeeded in bringing down a good thing.They have control now, and look at how bad things are?  By the way, progressives are in both parties.  Party isn’t the problem.  It took government control to screw up this economy, and it’s getting worse the more government interferes with it.

  6. [this is good] I spend cash for everything.  The only debt one should ever have is home and schooling.  Everything else should be purchased with cash.  In other words, if you don’t have the money, then you shouldn’t buy it.I have been debt free for over ten years and boy does it feel good.  I buy what I can afford, and make successful efforts to save my excess.  “Stuff” can disappear in an instant, but debts never go away.Society is in such debt because people are taught they are entitled to things instead of taught they must earn things.

  7.      Further absurdities include nor being able to get a hotel room or rent a car without a credit card. I still like the fact that I can pay cash and with a few good folks who appreciate capitalism they will even cut a significant deal if they don’t have to waste time and money with third parties and “other” financial establishments. bookkeepers, treasurers, and cashiers and revenooers! Just watch the faces of folks who scan your cards and compare that to the folks who just got a handful of cash for their pockets instead of the till!

  8. That’s what a debit card is for.  There’s plenty in the bank account for the hotels to accept my card.  In fact. my “cash” payments are usually via the debit card.Nevertheless, you should see how cheap doctors and dentists visits are when you hand them genuine US currency.MRI, cash is $400, insurance or billed is $2500.Family Doctor’s visit is a mere $35Hospitals will usually take up to 75% less if 100% is paid in cash at checkout.Buying a car?  Well, that’s harder as finance companies give salespeople kick-backs for financing.  What you do is negotiate the price down to a minimum possible and when they whip out the finance forms you whip out the cash.  Refusal is bait and switch.

  9.       I  agree .now thats a piece of plastic I appreciate. You’re right about the dentist though. Mine dropped nearly $400 from his” usual” charges without batting an eye once I suggested cash money in advance. As for hotels they are a bit finicky as my card doesn’t sport one of those major card logos. The bank offered but something in the small print dissuaded me. think it was the overdraft penalty.not that I planned on ever needing it but my overdraft protection account was generally slow. Having them extend me credit for cash that was otherwise readily available seemed like one of those loopholes that smell a bit funky at the onset. So no logo for now.perhaps once the banks new name and management (acquisition) is complete they will solve this problem. Interesting car purchase tip.

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