Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die

2 Responses to “Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die”

  1. saw it liked it,he could have made a 4 hour show out of it,how many kids wear a shirt with che’s face on it ,how many obama supporters are quoting mao,who might have been the first mass murderer to break the 100 million mark.

  2. When you see the film of George Bernard Shaw you finally come to realize these aren’t misinformed or misguided people just trying to do what they think is right.  You finally realize these people (definitely the outspoken ones in leadership) are down-right evil people.  People say that the horrors of the Nazi’s could never happen again, yet they do, over and over and still people choose to not believe the truth.”Deaths” = civilian deaths as a result of the leadership’s actions, all intentional.Nazi civilian deaths ~ 11 million in gas chambers and street executionsMao (China) deaths ~ 70 million by intentional murder, starvation, and being worked to death in re-education labor camps.Soviet deaths ~ 30 million by gas chamber, murder, intentional starvation and false imprisonment with hard labor.Cuban deaths ~ 300 thousand+ by execution, torture and false imprisonment with hard labor.How much more proof does anyone need to understand that you cannot force anyone to be and live a way you deem appropriate.  Such things must come of free will.  I will always say this, that the progressive movement has always been and will always be a failure, and is never ever about the people.  It’s always about power.It’s not a new philosophy, just a new name every time it is exposed or thrown out of town.  It’s a war that has been fought since man was on the Earth.  The freedom to choose one’s own destiny or the oppression under an arrogant oligarchy who thinks they know better than you.Why have we allowed such evil to permeate our government?

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