Conservative News: Coulter – Wouldn’t A Mini Series on Attila the Hun Explain Nancy Pelosi?

34 Responses to “Conservative News: Coulter – Wouldn’t A Mini Series on Attila the Hun Explain Nancy Pelosi?”

  1. for starters maddow is a marxist instagater,if you follow her line of thinking,911 was the liberals/socialists faults,if they hadn’t been protesting the aggresion of isreal and bush,they would never have given ideas to those poor muslims.

  2. There’s plenty of doco’s on the net regarding the descent of 1930’s Germany into violent disarray because of a dis-affected minority. I’d have thought such fodder would be much more appropriate for your nation’s state currently.

  3. the point you seem to be missing is that its a dis-affected majority,the minority have just learned how to shout real loud,now that reminds me of this place in europe back in the 30’s and 40’s ,,,,,,,now what was the name of that country,and that little guy with the moustache

  4. Prove it! You’ve never managed to prove anything yet, so make this a first.

  5. Don’t insult Attila the Hun that way!

  6. [this is good] Excellent example of recursion Lexann.

  7. still waiting, Ken

  8. True, but you neglected to mention the source of the discontent in Germany.  That was Hitler, the Nazi’s (a fringe group at the time), and the brown shirts.Class envy was always the best way to get people to give you power.  It worked for Hitler, Stalin, Chavez, Castro, Mao, and even worked for Obama.Ken basically said the same thing you did, what is there to prove?Personally, I agree with the analogy.  Much of the same tactics done by Hitler and the Nazi’s are being used now by Obama and his administration.  Anti-Semiticism is the order of the day in Washington now.  Obama doesn’t need to exterminate the Jews.  It’s just easier to let Iran do that.  Heck, the main stream media just gave Retired General James Jones a free pass with the most bigoted and disrespectful anti-Semitic joke you would think you would have heard in a Neo-Nazi or Klu Klux Klan rally.You are both correct in your assertions that this republic is heading down the same path of the Weimar Republic of Germany in a nearly identical fashion, both financially and politically.There is a difference though.  This isn’t Europe.  We don’t accept absolute rule.  We don’t take too kindly to losing our freedoms to a bunch of arrogant self-righteous idiots claiming they know better than you, despite every time their ideas are implemented in history they fail miserably and usually with a lot of dead people in its aftermath.

  9. I read your first para & stopped. Let’s be clear about the historical facts which led to the rise of Fascism in 1930’s Germany. The key to the rise of a violent, disaffected minority in 1930’s Germany came as a direct result of the reparatory restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. Adolph Hitler, like Judson Phillips, saw an avenue to power. Let’s be perfectly clear. The SA, Abwehr, SS and Gestapo were all tools of Hitler’s Reich long before September 1939. That the populace of Germany became enamored with the man and his promises does not, and can not retroactively be used as an excuse for the rise of an ideology which spawned the tools you claim sparked that rise.

    Ken made reference to a ‘dis-affected majority’ which is a blatent fabrication, hence my challenge for proof. I know he can’t provide that proof, further will deliberately make no such effort, ergo, his statement is a complete fallacy.

    As to the rest of your postulations of anti-semitism and jack-booted military interventions in society, I call fantasy and require your proof.

  10. I read your first sentence and stopped.  I give it one and a half stars out of ten.  Unusually good for you!

  11. so, as usual, no cogent response to my trotting out of the historical facts? I’m so very, very disappointed 😉

  12. I only gave your response the attention and consideration you gave mine.  Perhaps you may want to follow your own advice whiny boy.

  13. goodness me….name-calling now. Still no cogent response to my highlighting of the historical facts however. C’mon Sparky….live up to your own lunchtime legend. Engage!

  14. I don’t consider historical inaccuracy, or worse, historical revisionism molded to suit an ideological agenda, worthy of consideration at all. Which is why I responded to your first para with a factual rebuttal. Your job now is to either concede or formulate your response based on equally cogent and verifiable fact. I know you can’t, which is why I bother to engage you at all.

    Oh, and if name-calling is all you have, then you’ve already lost.

  15. Yawn, have you tried a kazoo?

  16. Have you tried intellectual engagement?

  17. You haven’t, so why should I?By the way, a kazoo would have been awesome!

  18. oh really? So you’re not stooping to name-calling by using the nominative ‘whiny-boy’? Clarify that nominative for me in context with the issues under discussion in that case. Prove to me that the historical facts I put forward are in error. Prove to me that Kenny’s mindless contribution in any way, shape or form is comparable to my own comment with an historically accurate comparison, and not your own ideologically-driven interpretation of revisionist history.

    Instead of virtually listening to your own echos, step outside of your chamber and recognise that there are other opinions with factual backing.

  19. No, maybe you’re right, perhaps a Didjeridu would be more up your alley.Oh, by the way, calling someone a “Horse’s Arse” would be considered “name calling”?  Psst, I believe you did it first.  What a hypocrite you are whiny boy.

  20. LOL… don’t get any better, do you 😉

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