Beck Exposes Bertha Lewis & ACORN When Mainstream Media Won’t

21 Responses to “Beck Exposes Bertha Lewis & ACORN When Mainstream Media Won’t”

  1. Well, you accused the man “Beck” of “twisting the facts to fit his agenda”.  Well, I’m afraid now’s the time for specificity.As to “agenda”, I find nothing wrong with restoring the nation to how it was when it was founded.  I find nothing wrong with teaching our children about the founders as who they really were and not as what we are being taught now days.  I want people to be taught there is nothing in this world they cannot achieve if they work hard for it and respect others in the process.  I want people to be taught that depending on government to solve your problems makes you enslaved to that government.  I want people to know how to take care of themselves, and to lend a hand up to those that cannot.Most importantly, I want people to understand that actions, whether good or bad, have long reaching consequences.This nation has forgotten itself, why it was formed, and the sacrifices to form it.I find that an excellent agenda.  I also find it has no need of twisting nor deception to achieve such a goal.So, what exactly, and specifically is Glenn Beck either twisting or lying about?  A general answer isn’t acceptable anymore.  Cite what evidence he has shown and indicate where he’s wrong.  I’m sure he would be glad to know as well, where he is wrong.As to your accusation that I think everyone is bad.  Of course not, nevertheless, it is becoming very very hard to spot the honest amongst the sleaze.My comparison to a spouse was dead on.  Obama says he wants to “fundamentally change” the USA.  I don’t, I’d like to restore it to its Constitutional roots.  The analogy was disgusting, as is the idea of “fundamentally changing”, and it was done that way on purpose.  You obviously didn’t get it.Once again, you accuse Beck of spouting “racist”.  When, where, and what topic?Also, as to political parties (the big two).  There’s no difference between them any more.  They’re both infected with progressives.As to “playing the race card”.  Since when has Glenn Beck ever played the race card?I keep reading about generalities from you and no specific evidence.  If you’re going to accuse someone of something, then you sure as heck better have the proof, not some quick sound bite or edited video from a progressive blog.Your claims don’t hold up against scrutiny.  If you’re going to accuse Beck of lying, or twisting the truth, then you sure as heck had better have the clear and concise examples and proof showing how.

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