Michelle Malkin » Barack Obama, America’s Selective Salary Policeman

2 Responses to “Michelle Malkin » Barack Obama, America’s Selective Salary Policeman”

  1. of the twenty people closest to obama,hell,of the hundred people closest to obama,there is not one that is a self made person,they have all made their money by feeding off other people,which is the core ideal of socialism

  2. Gee, how many people on the left are multimillionaires, billionaires?Just about everyone in Hollywood. I don’t see them contributing to Giving the balance of their pay to the government to “spread around”. Heck, Oprah just signed a $100 million dollar deal. Has she made enough yet?Has Tom Hanks made enough yet? Has Sean Penn made enough yet? Has Bono made enough yet? Has James Cameron made enough yet? Has David Letterman made enough yet? What about George Soros? Heck, Obama made $5 million last year, is that too much? Al Gore just bought a $9 million ocean front villa. Has he made too much? Wait a minute, I thought sea levels were going to rise by 20 feet! Why buy a house on the beach Al?It’s a scam. All of it is a scam to grab power. All, including the President, a bunch of power hungry, greedy, liars and hypocrites.

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