Memorial Day — Yes, David Corn, It Does Matter

David Corn, Progressive blogger and attacker of all things Conservative and other good things said of Obama's snubbing of the traditional Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery:

"So what the hell do these conservatives want out of Obama? And does it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?"

Yes, David, it does matter.  This country, before the Progressives began to destroy it bit by bit, was not built by intellectuals, nor self-righteous know-it-all's, nor nobility, nor by people in search of power.  This country was fought and paid for by the average human being with flesh and blood.  These people sacrificed their lives so that others may be free, even David Corn.  These were people who tried everything from diplomacy to even pleading, yet they were ignored by those that claimed to know better than them, you know, bureaucrats and intellectuals who never plowed a field, worked lumber, employed an apprentice, ran a store or factory.  The very people intellectuals and bureaucrats thumb their noses at, despite the fact it's why they can eat their fancy meals, flush their toilets, and be driven in their limousines to their diplomatic parties.

Everyone who lives in this nation and works for a company in this nation owes their very lives and livelihood to those men, women, and yes, children, who fought for their freedoms and God given rights to live their lives according to their own will and conscience.

That's right David Corn, you and Barrack Obama OWE those that sacrificed your gratitude and respect.  You may openly ridicule and despise them, but it is because of them you can sit there and write articles belittling besmirching their colleagues that are still alive.  It is because of them that Barrack Obama could be President and play golf five hours a day, paying respect to the very types of people and nations that those died to protect us from.

David, you may hate and revile those in that tomb, but despite all of that it is because of those in those tombs you are free to speak and write whatever you want.

Their very sacrifice proves your Progressive ideas and methods wrong and that is why you hate them and everything they stood for.  Yet, you could never be in a position to spew the garbage you spew without their sacrifice for you.  That, I know, makes you hate them even more.

Freedom and liberty, God given rights, are protected by our military.  It is their duty and their job, even if it means killing those that would take it away.  Freedom and Liberty is far too precious to lose, because if it is lost, even you David, will lose your freedom to do what you do.  To think you'd be someone special, immune to government tyranny, shows great nativity

As for myself, I am glad there are those willing to protect and fight for the freedoms and liberties I enjoy.  I have the utmost respect for them and their families.  Every day I live in freedom I owe to them, and whether you like it or not, you do too.

The President of this nation represents the people and freedoms of this nation, and it is his duty to pay respect to those that have come before him.  Even England's King George gave respect to George Washington by saying "If that man refuses power, he is one of the greatest men that ever lived."  George Washington refused to be a King and stepped down after serving two terms in an office the people were willing to allow him to serve for a lifetime out of gratitude.

The knowledge that there is evil and evil people in the world is always why there must be those willing to preserve freedom even at the end of a sword.  It is every man's duty to defend his family and property.  Be thankful these men and women are willing to carry that burden for you.

In every tomb lies a fallen solder, but above that tomb is a family that feels the loss and consequences of that sacrifice in ways that you, David, will never ever understand.  They are proud of their loved one, yet they grieve because they are gone.  They understand why and are grateful.

As usual, everyone knows my faith, and you are certainly free to worship God any way you see fit.  Nevertheless, here's one and only one perspective on why we toss flowers on a soldier's tomb.

Until We Meet Again

To every man and woman in our armed forces.  Thank you, thank you, for your sacrifice, and your willingness to fight for my God given freedom and liberty.  God Bless America, God Bless our military, and God Bless the families of those in the military and those that have fallen.  They are the true heroes.

"Greater love  hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. " — John 15:13

4 Responses to “Memorial Day — Yes, David Corn, It Does Matter”

  1. Nicely stated – on this Memorial Day, God Bless all of the true American Heros.

  2. Wilford Tibbetts Reply May 31, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    [this is good]

  3. [this is good] Great post, Sparky.  But to David these words are meaningless.  He can never understand so great a sacrifice, because men like him do not understand self-sacrificial love.  That is why they cannot comprehend what a great insult Obama’s lack of honor and gratitude is to most Americans.
    God bless America!  God be with the families of our fallen heroes who do understand self-sacrifice, and do understand the true meaning of love.

  4. find out where his parents are  buried i’ve had a full bladder since obama got elected.

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