Explain This One: “Afterlife” Research Actually Gains a Result

One Response to “Explain This One: “Afterlife” Research Actually Gains a Result”

  1. Frankly, I seriously doubt the afterlife will ever be “proven” by means measurable via instruments.  There’s a simple reason why such things God keeps us from “proving”.  Sure, there are occasions when God reveals himself via miracles and the biblical account of the consumption of the water soaked sacrifice and the priests of Baal.  However, our purpose in live involves faith and developing that faith into knowledge by applying teachings and lifestyle according to the direction of information given to us through prophets, hence “scripture”.  If we apply them and receive the joy and rewards promised to us, then we know they are true and God exists; as well as everything attached to him.We have sufficient proof of God’s existence just by the natural wonders around us and the testimony and accounts of those that have witnessed the “supernatural” in the third kind.I’m not saying the characters in this story are a fraud, perhaps things are happening as claimed.  I am saying their efforts are in vain as proof could fall out of the sky, land on an Atheist Scientist’s  face, and start to wiggle, and they would still deny it.  Read this article for my thoughts about this.

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