A Young Person’s Guide to the United States Constitution

This is something they actually used to teach in schools (without the humor), a time before everyone was handed trophies for just participating.  It was a time when you were taught that you had to earn what you got, from the money you earned to trophies only the winners got because they worked hard to win.

Andrew Klavan: A Young Person's Guide to the United States Constitution

4 Responses to “A Young Person’s Guide to the United States Constitution”

  1. Cryin' for the Dyin' Reply August 13, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Hello..The USC is worth reading for all the reasons of history and aspirations to freedom..growth etc..’the promise of a nation’..I am partial to the Bill or Rights..our Delaration of Independence and then some..good..Peace Tony

  2. The USC is there for more than inspiration.  It give you the freedom to compose your music not government sanction music.  All freedoms you enjoy, whether artistic, political, or just grocery shopping, are all protected by the USC.Take that away and you’ll lost your freedoms, regardless of your political views and beliefs.Look how much the world drastically changed and advanced since that document was written.  It was the first of its kind in history, it empowers the people, instead of a small elite, to govern.To lose it, would put the world back into an oppressive mode of government rule, which it is well on its way doing.I’ll bet you $1000 you can find members of Congress that have never read the USC ever, nor have they ever been taught true American history.  That is dangerous.  Hope that you or your children are never put in a position regretting the loss of that document.

  3. Luckily at El Capitan we had a strong conservative government teacher.   he ran a club that ran debates around the county and talked about law and the constitution.  I am not sure if he is still there but i remember Monte being in those debate clubs and such.   I am so glad that i had him instead of one of these other fools in the schools now.   I am also lucky that I had a father that had on talk radio when I went down to work at his shop after school.   I think I learned more from talk radio than I did from some of my teachers. my most receant teacher has been Andrew Wilkow of the Wilkow Majority on Sirius Patriot channel.  Honestly, I think he could even out debate Rush. 

  4. Cryin' for the Dyin' Reply August 14, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Hello..I could not agree more..during these difficult times I have said..’if the Constitution holds..the economy will hold’.  It is the longest standing constitution..possibly ever.  It is the only document of its kind anywhere..save the Magna Carta.  I believe..aside from the cutting edge things I am doing with human behavior and philosophy..(what I call..at times ‘strategy’) that the historical failures of government are because the people have been exploited to revolution..anarchy..civil war..coup de etats..etc.  This document holds them (leaders) in check..as well as offering a promise of freedom.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to express oneself..offer what is seen..so share and learn.  I say the promise of freedom simply because things are so stipulated by expectation of ‘the other guy’ and labels.  People are capable of so much more..but I think you know that..it is the best there is..if mankind survives itself..it will get better..Peace Tony

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