A Hero’s Welcome

Far too many on the left try to characterize the military as some sort of club of psychotic killing machines.

They are not.  They are real Americans, full of love and compassion.  They love and are loved.  They are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, fiancee’s, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and human beings with an incredible love not only for their country, but also their families.  They put themselves in harm’s way so we don’t have to.

God bless them and their families.

Special thanks to Humble Infidel for this.

Honor - A picture of a US soldier shielding a father and his son with his own body. The caption reads, "The difference between the good guys and the bad guys is whether they use human shields or they make themselves human shields."


The scripture at the end can be found here.

2 Responses to “A Hero’s Welcome”

  1. I heard an intersting theory about PTSD.  The WWI and WWII veterans came home to celebration and were told that what they did was right and just.  Low rates of PTSD symptoms occured, people reintegrated into society.  Veitnam veterans returned to being called monsters and baby killers in a war that was not right or just.  They experience high rates of PTSD symptomology.  The war on terror and the korean war, just had soldiers coming home to little fanfare, almost ignored, but the media paints the war effort as wrong and a losing effort.  While not as high as Vietnam, PTSD symptomology is well above what it was for the World Wars.  Not scientific, just random observations. 

  2. It’s not whether the war’s were “just”.  That is a political argument.  It’s the simple fact that during those wars, the rules of engagement were/are unjust.  The panzy-assed politically correct the politicians ran both wars are what is immoral in my mind.  You give our soldiers every means a tools necessary to absolutely obliterate the enemy and win the war.  To do otherwise, is immoral to them.  It’s putting them in harms way unnecessarily too long.  Wars haven’t been fought to win since the World Wars.  They’ve since been fought to get politicians elected.Why did World War II end in under five years?  It’s because they fought to win by all means.  They weren’t monsters, nor were they angels.  They knew who the enemy was and what it would mean if they lost.  To win a war is when the enemy sues for peace and never until a politician thinks he’s done.Keep the politicians out and stop with the unreasonable “new” rules of engagement and both the Vietnam war and the Afghanistan wars would have been quite easily.You make the enemy make the choices of whether their innocents are put in harms way day after day, not the other soldiers.Fight a war with confusing rules of engagement, the possibility of being arrested for punching the enemy, let alone killing them, and instructions to shoot only if shot at, and tell me how long your sanity lasts.  In WWII you knew who the enemy was, and you knew how to fight to win.  There was no mamby-pamby “avoid the mosques”, don’t offend, oops, that child is being used as a shield, don’t shoot back, etc.  No wonder these guys are snapping.  It’s insane to start with!Send them to win, stay out of their way, and when they’ve won, bring them home quickly.  All else is immoral.

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