The Philosophy of Liberty

4 Responses to “The Philosophy of Liberty”

  1. [this is good] (I’ve always wanted to click that This Is Good box under circumstances similar to these!!  :)  )

    Thanks for the plug, SSparky: it’s a great video.  To return the bouquet, so also is The American Form of Government, which gets mentioned in the comments and which I first saw in your blog.  Arigatou!

  2. [this is good] That video is magnificent!  If only schools would show it.  It teaches such a simple concept in a straight forward manner.Our Constitution was originally going to list “Life, Liberty, and Property” as unalienable rights, but because of the evils of slavery they chose “Pursuit of Happiness” as a poor substitute for “property” because they knew the slave States would use the word “property” as an excuse for slavery (read the Federalist Papers).  That was also the reason for the “3/5” vote amendment as well.  Anyone that has read the Federalist Papers knows the careful wording of the Constitution was to cause the eventual abolishment of slavery and not to encourage it.  Had “property” been there, slavery would have been much harder to eliminate.Nevertheless, “property” is central to liberty, as the video shows.Man, sometimes I wish we had more control over the look of submissions as you certainly cannot tell it is a video.

  3. I encourage you to edit your original post to embed the video yourself.  Update the time-stamp on the post if you like to make it once more current in your readers’ feed.  You do not need to reference my blog at all, since it is not my video and since you are a good lad.  And because I am going to once more shamelessly self-publicize my The Shopping Mall of Government article for any of your readers who may not have seen it and because it mentions exactly this issue of slavery — about which I was unaware of the Federalist discussion that you’ve now enlightened me: thank you very much!

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