Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites of Obama, Advisors & Allies

From The Blaze

OK, so how many of you that say the current administration isn’t Marxist/Socialist/Communist are still drinking the denial Koolaid?

Keep in mind that these people are telling the public that their policies are fixing our free-market economy (capitalist).  Tell me, how do Marxists know how to fix a capitalist economy?  Does it make more sense to collapse the capitalist economy to replace it with a socialist economy?  Doesn’t this stand to reason that the “stimulus” and “Obamacare” laws that were written by these people may perhaps be intended to fund their organizations intent on collapsing the economy?

Folks, Obama and his administration has no intention on fixing the economy.  He wants to REPLACE it.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Can we stop with the “racism” accusations?  It’s opposition to Marxism and not racism!

The only reason why our economy is in the condition it is in is because of socialist based rules and regulations put into play that made it impossible for the free-market to work.  Capitalism never failed.  What fails are socialist programs and laws imposed on a capitalist system.  Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, are socialist impositions on banks.  The so-called “War Against Poverty”, a socialist program, has been a complete failure and has prolonged poverty, not removed it.  The Social Security program (notice “Social”) is also a complete failure.  The entire Marxist/socialist model is a giant panzi scheme that is destined to fail.

This has nothing to do with the poor, nor democracy.  This has to do with power.  These are people that think of the public as “cattle” that need to be controlled.

The future elections aren’t about candidates, it’s about Marxism (which eliminates personal liberty) versus the free market (which requires liberty).

The first 150 years of this nation was the free market in action.  It literally changed the entire world and brought it out of squalor, horses and buggies to cars and airplanes; improved the life expectancy, medicine, computers, electronics, etc.

Marxism has only succeeded in making the ruling class rich and everyone equally poor, for a time, before the money runs out.

When the Progressives and Marxists placed socialist laws, rules and regulations on the free market, it still worked for a while.  Currently it is on the verge of collapse, not for being the free market, but because of the weight of all the socialist programs placed on it.

It comes down to do you want a group of elites to tell you how to live and what you can earn, what you can eat, etc., or do you like the idea of living your life how you see fit and be able to keep and determine how your spend what you earn.

Want to know how “well” Marxism works?  See how people vote with their feet.

7 Responses to “Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites of Obama, Advisors & Allies”

  1. Funny how every time we move towards a free market, disaster ensues. That happened with the Republican deregulation in 1999 and 2000, which led to the housing bubble and near total collapse of our economy, and it happened with Reagan’s deregulation of the banks and the S&L scandal and government bailout. Lack of regulation led to the Great Depression.

    You should ease off the Cool-Aid. There has never been a free market economy that has lasted more than a few years. Russia tried the free market during the 90s and it was a complete disaster for everyone except for organized crime.

    • Let’s see, let’s look at history, and what people call “The Facts”:

      The USA is formed, the world changes, the free market not only turns this country into a super-power, both militarily and financially, it’s when the socialists get involved meddling with the free market is when all hell breaks loose. First you have Woodrow Wilson (every Progressive’s wet dream) instigating the income tax and many other “social” programs, and it devastates the economy and causes massive double-digit unemployment. It is the beginning of prohibition and a socialist program caused depression. Calvin Coolidge comes in, cuts spending by 50% and lowers taxes drastically. Within months unemployment is under 1% the country’s free market begins to work again and people suddenly can afford cars, they have, for the first time, their own affordable homes, refrigeration, indoor plumbing, and real free time. They spend their money on travel, recreation, and charitable work. This, by the way, was called the “roaring 20’s” for a reason.

      Later you have another progressive, Hoover, that really screws up the free market with crazy regulations and again a depression starts. FDR comes in and with his massive spending and so-called “New Deal” extends the depression into a great depression that gets worse the longer FDR tries to “fix” it by interfering. Unfortunately, it took the industry of a war to overcome a depression.

      More and more regulations and government interference with the free market are added upon themselves through various Presidents and Congresses. Then the foundation is laid in 1968 with the so-called “Fair Housing Act” then the “Housing and Community Development Act” of 1974 and finally the “Community Reinvestment Act” of 2000, for the housing bubble you are so fond of. No longer can the free market operate with these regulations and laws. They virtually guarantee a loan to people that cannot afford to pay it, AND guaranteed the government would cover it! The free market requires the possibility of risk and failure in anything. When the government takes that away, it is no longer a free market, but a bunch of greedy bastards that know they can get away with ridiculous financial practices. The bailouts PROVE this. The free market cannot allow a bailout no matter how big and large the organization.

      Your so-called “deregulation” was no such thing. It’s as valid a claim as the so-called “deregulation” of the power industry in California, which resulted in ENRON’s little scheme. Only part of the industry was deregulated which caused an imbalance and allowed people to manipulate the market as the balancing part of it was restricted by the government still. The key part that wasn’t deregulated was the ability for power companies to build competing power plants! It resulted in monopolistic price gouging instead of price lowering real competition.

      The government guaranteeing the risk for home loans and a bunch of greedy bastards in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG and other large banks, caused the collapse of the housing market AND the economy. It was an organization that favored socialism style government guarantees of loans over what the market could offer.

      This all demonstrates that the government cannot control the free market without dire consequences. The free market requires FREEdom! We haven’t had a real free market since the early 1900’s.

      The facts are, Socialism doesn’t work. It’s been tried many many times, and it has failed miserably every single time. When the free market is tried, the entire world benefits and raises the standard of living of all that live within such a society. The slums in the big cities? Those are thanks to the “War on Poverty”. FDR successfully turned the temporary poor into the permanently dependent.

      People came to this country in droves, not because of government programs, but because of opportunity the free market and liberty offered them. People voted with their feet. The USSR, a miserable failure, European Socialism, failing and collapsing before our very eyes, even CUBA is now moving towards a more free market. What was the most successful capitalistic free market in modern times? It was Hong Kong before China owned it.

      Socialism is a lie, a Panzi scheme. Eventually when all of the wealth is redistributed, there is nobody left with the incentive to generate more. Why bother working hard innovating something when there is no reward or incentive to do it? In fact, all socialist nations have discouraged working extra hard as it makes all of the other workers look bad. These are historical facts. People that escaped the former USSR are almost screaming that this direction the US is taking doesn’t work.

      I find it completely amazing, the so-called “liberal elites”, the “Progressives” actually support a system that has failed every time it has been tried. In fact, governments with “elites” running them has been the norm throughout history. Where somewhat of a free market and liberty was tried, technology and knowledge had great bursts. Greece, Rome (before the Caesar’s), the Anglo-Saxons, and old Israel all had liberty in some form or another and they were the great societies. All oligarchies ever resulting in was misery and squalor, eventually ending in either collapse or violent overthrow.

      The US experiment demonstrated quickly that liberty and the free market benefits society much much more than any organized group of thinkers ever have done.

      How many of these so-called “leaders” we have know have actually had real jobs? How many have actually run their own businesses and tried to keep a payroll? How many have actually had minimum wage jobs? How many have had a business that required minimum wage work?

      None of them! They are all Marxist theorists and jackasses that don’t consider the long term consequences for their actions. They think they benefit the poor, but in reality they just make things worse for them. They incorrectly think the so-called “rich” didn’t earn their money. I’ve known some “rich” people and they work their asses off for their living. I earn the money I get paid. Nobody “deserves” someone else’s money. They need to work hard for their living. Given a free market, anyone can succeed and lift themselves out of poverty. In a free market, people have more money to choose to give to charities, which helps the poor. The key difference being giving the poor a hand up not a hand out.

      The USA has always been the world’s leader in charitable donations. Government programs don’t need to justify themselves, nor make a budget. To turn over important things like the economy and charity over to the government is insane! What government program has ever ever turned a profit or broken even?

      No, history shows that mankind benefits when it is free to live how it sees fit, not when tyrants dictate how they are supposed to live. Once again, stop drinking the Koolaid. What are you afraid of? You cannot admit Marxism, but instead attempt it through subterfuge. Why? It’s simple, in a real debate, it fails. In the real world, it has failed over and over. To claim “Capitalism Failed” is to ignore the socialism that is smothering it. Capitalism hasn’t failed, government interference in any market has been shown to always fail.

      Using your computer right now, is to deny the obvious good the free market has brought to the world.

      So repeat after me, “De-regulation means to remove ALL regulation, not just some of it”. You forgot about your Reagan claim, it was under a Democrat Congress. They didn’t give him what he asked for in bank deregulation. They did, however, partially lower taxes for him. That one act alone made the market thrive despite the restrictions that remained.

      Marxism has, at its core, a colossal misunderstanding of human beings. It also has the false assumption that the “poor” in a true free market (capitalistic) society remain a constant. The poor in a free market society don’t stay that way, and the rich don’t always stay rich. It’s a fluid system. Some fail, some succeed; and it changes constantly. It is governments that create “poor districts” or “projects”. It is governments that remove the incentive to no longer be poor by weekly handouts to make people comfortable in their poverty. It is governments that promise people things they cannot deliver nor afford. It is government that causes unemployment and bubbles. The phrase “unforeseen consequences” that basically explain Marxism. Marxism is like a doctor prescribing pain pills for an illness. The free market and capitalism addresses the cause and corrects it via the people in the market. In other words, Marxism is devoid of common sense.

      De-regulation my ass.

      • So you think that if we remove all regulation, the economy would flourish?

        As far as Marxism, you’re arguing a strawman argument. Nothing proposed by Democrats even remotely resembles Marxism.

        • I am not saying remove common sense law from the free market. Even free markets need a referee at times. This means, for example, no slavery, no toxic waste dumps, no abuses of employees (specifically where racketeering is involved), no uncompetitive or monopolistic practices, etc. Like any game, the referee only interferes when a common sense rule is broken, otherwise the referee is to stay out of the way. To remove all law is anarchy and that is just as bad as big government.

          What I suggest is remove what hinders the market, not over-regulate it. Stop taxing the institutions and individuals that generate jobs. Stop subsidizing failures. Stop trying to control wages and prices. Respect private property and personal ownership. A true free market balances itself out. A free market applies to consumer, worker, and producer. A true free market forces (by market forces) not only price and supply competition, but also wage and benefit competition. An equilibrium is generated.

          It seems the general rule of government now days towards business is punish, punish, punish. How about balancing that out with rewarding good businesses, and not just businesses that meet an agenda?

          Stop with the government social programs. Let private industry and charities do it, and they will do it better and benefit many more people.

          Government has NEVER demonstrated an ability to solve problems nor eliminate poverty, nor innovation. Even NASA in the 50’s and 60’s had private industry to accomplish it’s goals of landing on the moon. Seriously, when they took over the Mustang Ranch in Nevada for unpaid taxes, they ran it into the ground. They couldn’t even make a whore-house that sold whiskey profitable! What makes you think they can run healthcare?

          So no, I do not say remove ALL rules. I say remove the interference of government in the market. Government is necessary, but only as a referee that stays out of the way.

          Addressing your claim “As far as Marxism, you’re arguing a strawman argument. Nothing proposed by Democrats even remotely resembles Marxism.” Oh really? Did you watch the video? They were all Democrats. What are (some of) the bullet points of Marxism?

          • Redistribution of wealth
          • Government control, or outright takeover of industry
          • So-called “Social Justice”, not only does this have the root word of “Socialism” in it, but has the Marxist claim that a fixed upper-class has unjustly “stolen” from a fixed lower-class, and to “Robin Hood” them is “fair”. This is a fundamental lie, but is Marxist.
          • Control of information. The FCC director openly espouses Marxist control of “information”. Which includes the Internet, Radio, Television, advertising, and movies.
          • Government forced control of Healthcare and punishing those that do not buy into it. It is common knowledge that Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini knew that access to healthcare was absolutely necessary to achieving Marxist ideals and control over the populace. Yes, “Obamacare” is Marxist all the way to its core and it also incorporates the above bullet points to accomplish its control.
          • Government control or ownership of property and transportation.

          Perhaps you didn’t hear Maxine Waters and her desire to socialize all industries, especially energy. She happens to be a Democrat.

          Andy Stern, a frequent adviser to the President, and a Democrat, has publicly said “Workers of the World Unite” is no longer a slogan, but a theme for him. That phrase is taken straight from the Communist Manifesto, the ending, I believe.

          Jim Wallace, another Presidential adviser, espousing the “virtues” of government sanctioned “redistribution of wealth”.

          The President himself saying he wanted to “spread the wealth around”. He has increased the size of spending over 4 fold in less than a year thus transferring wealth from the tax payers to his union and foreign buddies. The “stimulus” wasn’t for us, it was for other nations. Sounds like global Marxism to me.

          That is just a brief list. The policies and statements don’t just “remotely resemble Marxism”, they are Marxist to their very core.

          It is patently clear Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

          The Democrats, in government today, aren’t the same Democrats of John F. Kennedy. These are “Progressive” Democrats with Marxism at their core, and their words and actions support it.

          • [A true free market balances itself out.]

            That’s what Alan Greenspan used to think, but even he admitted that his world-view was wrong.

            • First, there hasn’t been a true free market since the very early 1900’s. Granted, Greenspan is old, but not that old. One must base their claims on history and/or experience. Greenspan headed the Federal Reserve, an agency completely opposed to a free market.

              Nevertheless, Greenspan was one of the key contributors to the housing bubble crisis. If I remember correctly, it was Time Magazine that placed him at #3 in a list of causes for the housing bubble.

              It is clear Greenspan was incompetent, more likely a clear example that even the smartest cannot properly forecast nor control the market with any expectation of success.

              The FED was supposedly created to prevent bubbles, recessions, and depressions. All the FED has really done is switch from one bubble to the next by bailing out one disaster by inadvertently causing a greater one down the road. Instead of letting small bubbles pop on their own (the market correcting itself), the FED pushes the bubble down the road and it meets with the next one, compounding its size.

              You previously mentioned the S&L scandal, it was “solved” (bailed out) by pushing the bubble into the future. It compounded with the dot-com bubble being bailed out and pushed down the road too, but the bubble just kept growing and changing hands until it finally popped. Remember Barney Frank, a mere TWO WEEKS before the bubble burst claimed “Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are completely sound and solvent.” Um, I don’t think so.

              Simply said, the FED is as effective controlling an economy, especially a free market, as herding cats in a yarn factory.

              Alan Greenspan is probably the worst example to use for anything supporting the free market and Laffer style economics.

              The best example, is probably our greatest President we have ever had, except for Washington, Calvin Coolidge. Read about not only his history, but his Presidency. It is undeniable proof of the effectiveness of the free market system and the proper solutions to economic troubles (getting the government out of the way).

              By the way, what Obama is doing now is exactly what Hoover and FDR did and then some.

        • What frustrates me so much Ben, is someone has fed many liberals a bad bill of goods and lied about others in the process.

          You don’t carefully edit or obfuscate history unless you have something to hide that cannot stand up to open scrutiny.

          It’s far too easy to call “conservatives” names like “racist”, “greedy capitalist”, “hate-monger”, “heartless”, etc. as the real truth about them may actually surprise you. They actually want much the same things you may want, but they have a different way to accomplish it, yet it is callously dismissed. Why? It’s simple, it involves handing over something you may deem important to the people and individuals to handle or solve, and does not involve the use of someone in power to accomplish it.

          It’s really that simple.

          I have been preparing an article that addresses these very differences and lays out, in detail, why conservatives think the way they do, and why they put trust in people instead of government.

          I ask you to patiently wait for it. I should have it ready by this weekend. We should be better able to debate the issue then, if you desire.

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