A Quick Dose of Reality

Consider this folks:

Picture of President Obama's brother George Obama in front of his shack in Nairobi Africa

From Calaf/Vanity Fair

President Obama’s half brother, George Obama, that lives in a shack in Nairobi Africa, has a higher net worth than most American Citizens. Yes, you should read that again.

With our Government’s debt (thus ours), our own personal debts (credit cards, loans, etc.), our individual REAL account ledgers are all a minimum $36,000 in the red. True, we may have more “stuff”, but we owe a crapload of money. Obama’s half brother has no such responsibility. He may only earn $15 a year, but it’s a positive cash flow.

True, Obama increased our debt by four times, BUT every Presidential administration and Congress from the time our nation was producing and “in the black” are to blame. All Democrats and Republicans.

That’s right, those people you see in National Geographic specials and the Discovery Channel effectively have a nigher net worth than you, and technically richer than you.

So, instead of helping his brother out by teaching him a skill or give him a hand up.  President Obama is making sure we are brought to his level of living.

You should have a nice warm feeling inside.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

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