Behold, The Hypocrisy and Lies of the Left

The following are perfect examples of liberal/progressive lies and outright hypocrisy.  A picture or video is worth a thousand words.


Example #1:  Do As I Say, Not As I Do.


Example #2:  Accuse the Conservatives of Hate and Violence.  Hide The Truth That It’s Only The Left That Are Doing This.

I am so sorry for the default image the video below shows.  I do not approve of such language, but nevertheless it does demonstrate a point.


Example #3:  They Care For The Poor and That Only Big Government Can Help Them and Make Society Better.

The reality is much worse.  A city, Detroit, that has been run by liberals for many many decades (this includes unions).  This is what America can look forward to with more and more liberal policies becoming nationalized


A cartoon depicting the fire department attempting to rescue a man telling him to jump, but there are dead bodies around, obviously from previous failed attempts.  The fire department is saying to the man 'come on, it can't go wrong every time.'

The Futility of Socialism


Example #4:  Businesses are Fueled by Unmitigated Greed and Must be Punished to Protect The People.

The reality?  Big government punishes those that employ and sell product to willing customers.  The higher the taxes, the higher the prices.  Government hurts the people.

The only exploitation I see are the unions exploiting their members.  Why?  They force companies to fire 50 employees so that 25 can have sweet vacations, pensions and medical insurance.  Without unions, you’d have 75 people employed.  This is the truth and why GM went broke.


Example #5:  Terrorists that Maimed and Murdered Thousands of Americans are Being Tortured at Guantanimo Bay Cuba (Gitmo).


Example #6:  Those that do not agree with them are terrorists and extremists


Example #7:  Their Political Policy in a Nutshell.


Example #8:  The Constitution Says There Must Be a Separation of Church and State

Actually, no it doesn’t.  In fact, it says the government has no authority to infringe upon religion ANYWHERE, nor does it have the authority to establish a religion (like Gaia worship based environmentalism nor anti-religion atheism).  The First Amendment to the US Constitution states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

That’s written in plain English for all to understand.  However, if your an attendee of Harvard or Berkeley, I’ll break it down for you:

  • Congress has no authority to make any law to create a state religion.
  • Congress has no authority to make any law to prevent the exercise of religion anywhere for any reason.
  • Congress has no authority to limit speech anywhere, for any reason, no matter what it is.
  • Congress has no authority to regulate or limit the press whatsoever, even if they don’t like what they say.
  • Congress has no authority to prevent the people from peacefully gathering (assemble) no matter what the reason, be it a rally against the government, or a parade, no matter what the issue.
  • Congress has no authority to prevent the open protest of the government, nor can they prevent the people from addressing issues the government is not addressing.

Here are some examples of some unconstitutional laws (just based on the First Amendment), regulations, and departments our Congress has created despite they had no authority to do so:

  • The EPA and state sponsored environmentalism is establishing a state religion, especially with the Global Warming hoax.
  • Preventing the expression of religion in schools and government buildings and on government property.  One of the first acts of Congress after the US Constitution was ratified was to commission a Bible to be printed in the hopes its ideas would be taught in schools.  Yes, there was a government Bible intended as a textbook for schools.  It was up to the States whether to use it.
  • The so-called “hate crime” laws.  Crime is crime no matter its intention.
  • So called “Fairness Doctrine” claiming speech must be given equal time from all sides on the air.  No, remember, speech must not be infringed (regulated).
  • Openly attempting to shut down news agencies they don’t agree with (FOX News) and fund those they do agree with (NPR).
  • Frequently we are seeing people being shut out from governmental town halls and only pre-selected people being allowed in.  This is illegal.


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