Too Darned Funny

Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, and Stu Bregier of The Glenn Beck Radio Show on “America’s Third Most Listened To Radio Show” have some laughs at the expense of the Democrats AND Republicans as many Tea Party backed candidates removed the establishment backed candidates from office in the November 2, 2010 election.  My favorite one is the Alan Grayson gloat-fest.  Trust me, these guys are very very happy that Alan Grayson not only lost, but lost big.  Of all the sleazebag politicians that the USA has ever had in its history, Alan Grayson is at or near the top of the list.

When I first listened to this show I nearly busted a lung, I laughed so hard.  Sure, much of it was fueled by relief of stress of the election, but it was fun nevertheless.

As to what happened in California and Nevada?  WTF?!

Folks, I live in California.  One side of me cannot believe it either, but the other knows it will take complete and utter failure of the State to even begin to make these people understand that tax and spend and stupid government funding of social and environmental programs don’t work.  The State is burning down and the peasants are throwing fuel into the fire.  My God, they re-elected the WORST governor we have ever had in our entire history, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.  A publicly admitted liar and complete incompetent.  In fact, the State has not been stable since Reagan was governor.  Folks, to put perspective into this and how completely stupid and beyond hope the liberals are here in California, re-electing Jerry Brown is just like re-electing Jimmy Carter.  What’s even sadder is the liberals in California would re-elect Jimmy Carter if they could.

Next on this list is the State with the highest (average) unemployment rate in the nation, Nevada.  They re-elect the senator that was instrumental in helping that number grow that high, Harry Reid.

OK, What Does This All Mean?

Alright, we’ve had our laugh.  Now we see if those we placed in office and those still there will do what the people want them to do.  That is attempt to roll back much of the crap not only enacted in the last two years, but also roll back much of the Federal government’s size.  We expect investigations into the Administration for corrupting and subversive and criminal behavior.  We expect the auditing of the Fed (and it seems Rand Paul will actually head the Banking Committee!).  We expect that corruption will not only be investigated but prosecuted.  We expect active moves against big government.  Even if the President Veto’s or the Senate rejects, we want people to see WHO are doing it.  We want exposure of subversive behavior.  Yes, I completely support McCarthy style hearings and investigations.  I also want the President investigated for corruption and high crimes against the State.  His current actions are not rational, especially this India trip.

The biggest weapon any people have under a corrupt government is exposure, and that is the biggest thing these folks are expected to do.

Voters to the GOP: You're on Probation

By the way, speaking of criminal exposure, watch the Glenn Beck Show this Tuesday on FoxNews.  He has a special on George Soros and his connections with the decline of the economy and Dollar, as well as his involvement in alleged election fraud and alleged money laundering.  It’s going to be big.

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