America’s Economic Armaggeddon: The Perfect Storm

Free To Choose

Free To Choose

by Sandy Stringfellow

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize in economics and ...

Milton Friedman

One of my favorite books was written by Milton and Rose Friedman, and is titled “Free to Choose.” It was the offspring of Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom,” first published in 1962, and a T.V. series shown on PBS in 1980, also titled “Free to Choose.”

William F. Buckley, Jr., the acknowledged father of modern Conservatism, wrote one of the accolades promoting this very readable and critically important book:

“This new book by Milton Friedman is a mother-lode of economic and social wisdom.  I cannot imagine how, without taking heed of it and its councils, we can proceed as free men and women into the next century.  Nor is it conceivable that, if we abide by this wisdom, we could fail…An important, shrewd, omni-competent readable guide to reasoned thought for those who choose to be free.”

Ronald Reagan summed up his recommendation in one word: “Superb.”

William F. Buckley, Jr. attends the second ina...

William F. Buckley Jr.

Reagan understood Capitalism and why our free market economic system is thus forever connected to civil society and American exceptionalness.

Without Capitalism and free markets, there is no civil society; under any other economic system America would never have been as prosperous – a fact readily verifiable through a study of human history.

It is interesting to contrast the “reasoned thought” of Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Jr., Mark Levin and many other modern thinkers, to what passes for “reasoned thought” on today’s news.

I recently listened to a news broadcast wherein Warren Buffet, a multi-billionaire of considerable fame, offered his own brand of “reasoned thought” on economic wisdom as it pertains to the current health of our American economy.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

Buffet said he was “bullish” on the economy, and that we’re not going to have a double-dip recession. How reassuring.

Mr. Buffet, if I may be so bold, your propensity for accumulating personal wealth is not impetus enough to blind those of us paying attention to your glaring disingenuousness; a thought I suspect you have entertained.

Buffet’s implication is that we are well on the way out of recession, as we glide smoothly down a metaphorical highway of recovery in a ’63 Cadillac.

Meanwhile, we have approximately 10 million people receiving unemployment benefits, and roughly 40 million receiving food stamps, while mouthpieces from King Barry’s administration speak of a “new norm” for unemployment being around ten percent.

One in six Americans are now on the government dole, while the average government employee is paid twice as much as a comparable worker in the private sector.

In point of fact, we won’t be leaving the worst recession since the Great Depression anytime soon, with our U-6 unemployment rate hovering around seventeen percent, economic expansion of around two percent, falling home values, a quashed housing market where one in three home sales today is either a “short sale” or a foreclosure, punishing taxation (personal and corporate), deficit spending that defies comprehension, declining private sector wages and benefits, rising government sector wages and benefits, rising inflation, a Federal Reserve un-audited and apparently determined to crash the dollar, nationalization of private industries, a self-destructive energy policy, EPA fascism, open borders and illegal immigration, destruction of our food supply through ethanol subsidies, agriculture and farm subsidies, over-regulation, welfare subsidies, and let’s not forget the looming commercial real estate bubble.

The illegal immigration crisis alone is enough to eventually bring America to her knees, since desire on the part of a vast majority of illegal immigrants to learn our language, our customs, and to embrace our uniquely American history and culture does not exist.

We no longer have a “melting pot”; only the balkanization of America.

Milton Friedman has warned us specifically and repeatedly over time of the devastating effects an “open border” immigration policy would wreak upon the entitlement society we’ve allowed, as citizens, to be built under both Democrat and Republican administrations.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not leaving the recession, we’re heading for a depression; an eventuality that becomes more apparent and inevitable with each passing day.

King Barry’s unique brand of “negative leadership” is having the desired effect; paralysis of our American economic engine of Capitalism, coupled with a brazen level of government intrusion and violations of our civil liberties specifically designed to suppress individualism and intimidate Americans’ into submission, resulting in acquiescence to governmental regulation and control over every aspect of our lives.

Consider the “Kabuki Theater” of contrived and completely ineffective air travel security measures being crammed down our throats in the same manner as nationalized healthcare and the financial reform bill, in addition to on-going legislative efforts (amnesty for illegal immigrants, cap and trade) and executive orders that continue to openly violate our Constitution and defy the will of the American people.

If “air travel security” was of legitimate concern, passengers would be “profiled”, as is the practice in Israel, a country that lives on a “war footing” and where they have an impressive record of success.

Israel actually interdicts the “terrorists” by identifying the likely suspects of “terrorism” through profiling.  They can not afford the indulgence of “political correctness” in their national security equation.  In fact, neither can America, yet it permeates every aspect of our lives.

Conversely in America, the incompetent TSA, guided by the incompetent Janet “Gestapo” Napolitano and led by King Barry, looks for “bombs” instead of the “bombers”, as they grope babies, children, the elderly, the infirm, the medically challenged, and further the spread of disease, infestation, and quite conceivably pestilence (CGW attack) through reckless disregard of standard hygienic procedure.

Without a doubt, King Barry is no champion of Liberty.  Rather, he is an enabler and proponent of Tyranny; having long ago embraced a Marxist ideology, he is a prefect puppet for the wealthy and maniacal destroyer of both civil liberties and entire national economies: George Soros.

It was Karl Marx who sought the elimination of the bourgeois, or “middle class”, as does George Soros, King Barry, and his Czars; acting with the arrogant detachment and hubris of Feudal Lords with unlimited power to restructure a civil society they neither understand nor appreciate.

George Soros, billionaire

George Soros (aka "Spooky Dude")

King Barry spent a considerable portion of his youth being raised by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii, living a pampered upscale life within a sheltered environment of “white liberal guilt.”

An only child of bi-racial parents, he was abandoned early on by his father, an avowed Communist who returned to Kenya, and later by his mother, also a Communist.

Young Barry was insecure, as one may expect, and sought approval through acceptance of influences that brought praise and affirmation from his mother and her boyfriend Frank Marshall Davis; a devotee of Karl Marx, as well as being a Russian foreign agent.


Karl Marx saw capitalism as a historical stage...

Karl Marx

This pattern of behavior from his early years continued in college, where he was introduced to like-minded students and professors for whom Karl Marx was an intellectual icon, and culminated in his twenty year-long relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who preached sermons based on Black Liberation Theology at his church in Chicago.

So it should come as no surprise that King Barry has quite intentionally buried our nation in debt, as well as increased the level of government involvement and intrusion into our economic and personal affairs to an unprecedented degree, creating a fiscal burden for our children’s children that can only be described as “generational theft.”

Our monetary system, the very foundation of our civil society, is ultimately built and based on trust.  The more government inserts and injects itself into our economy, the less trust people have in the system; not just in America, but around the world.

Only Capitalism and free markets, coupled with property ownership rights and the rule of law, can nurture the fiscal stability that comes from what Adam Smith called Capitalism’s “invisible hand”; the natural state of people choosing to act in their own best interests.

Our government can fabricate fiat currency out of thin air and invent innovative methods with which to misrepresent our balance sheet, but our government can not create wealth; therefore, our government can not generate or establish jobs that contribute to the creation of wealth without functioning in a patently un-Constitutional manner. This has, to the great detriment of our nation, regrettably become typical governmental behavior.

Government-created jobs only squander and destroy wealth, as historical and statistical analyses illustrate with heart-breaking clarity.  The reason for this is simple: our government’s only source of revenue is from the taxpayers; American citizens that do work to create goods and services, and thus create wealth from the private sector based on their individual choices in matters of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Somebody may want to clue Warren Buffet that, although he’s not affected by it, in the real world we won’t be coming out of our current recession anytime soon.

We’re still in it, and we’re going to continue to be “in it,” until our imperial federal government lifts its jackboot of un-Constitutional suppression off the neck of our free enterprise market system of Capitalism, individual Liberty, and our God-given right to remain “Free to Choose.”


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  1. Not too bad at all. I can live with most of that…


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