Nobody Does It Like Japan

A bit of bizarre and down-right hilarious television can come out of Japan these days.  koan911, a blogging buddy, and a great human being, gave me the idea of doing this. I should have done this years ago, as I love Japanese television, even though I do not understand the Japanese language. Sometimes all you need is to just watch.

The Variety Show

The TSA In All Its Glory

The Pranks

A Relaxing Day at The Spa

Having to Go, Au Natural

Mobs are Funny Things

That Will Be 660 Yen

Wake Up!!

This one requires a little explanation.  Family members arrange to have their loved one pranked.  Since the name of the TV show is “Wake Up!”, you know it will be a rude awakening.

Sometimes You Just Have To Yell To Get The Adrenaline Flowing

Flatus Maximus

It’s Not What It Seems Buddy

Boys Will Be Boys

Binocu- Soccer

Japanese May Be Tough, But English is Brutal!

The Game Shows

The Rubber Band Man

Tetris Was Never This Weird

The Commercials

Mmmm… That’s Good

Be a Sport There Buddy

Just For The Guys.  Oh Yeah!


Chip Off The Ol’ Block

This Is The Weirdinator, Seriously

This is what movie stars do during their “off” times.

Ladies, If Only It Was This Easy

2 Responses to “Nobody Does It Like Japan”

  1. Thanks for the kind remarks, Sparky. I’ll view the other videos when I get reliable internet access restored, (I just moved).

    • I can relate. When I moved I had to wait two weeks for cable to be activated. I was using my cell phone for Internet access until then. It’s not quite the 30mbps I get now .

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