Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote for Democrats?

Mr. Klavan uses his usual pointed wit to ask a very valid point.

Mr. Klavan points out:

  • Democrats Supported Slavery.
  • The Republican party was formed by those opposed to slavery.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.  He abolished slavery.
  • The Democrats formed the Klu Klux Klan [southern Democrats to be exact, study your history].
  • The Democrats passed the racist Jim Crow laws of segregation, and were staunch supporters of it.
  • Blacks voted for Woodrow Wilson (1912) a virulent racist who brought the Jim Crow laws to the Federal government.
  • George Wallace, Orville Faubus, Bull Connor and yes, Lyndon Johnson were racists in big support of the Jim Crow laws.  [Note from myself:  It was Lyndon Johnson, as Senate Majority Leader, that blocked civil rights laws introduced by Republicans for over a decade, before he was President.  No Democrat put forward a biting civil rights law.  He signed the civil rights law as President because it was politically expedient to make him look good, and so far it has worked.]
  • Points out the so-called “southern strategy” attributed to Richard Nixon’s win is a fabrication by Democrats.  In actual fact, Nixon was a de-segregationist.
  • Ronald Reagan brought more prosperity to blacks than any other racial group in the history of the nation.
  • Rudy Giuliani’s policies in New York saved thousands of African-American lives.
  • Nixon, Reagan, and Giuliani are portrayed by Democrats and their buddies in the media as racists.
  • Democrat policies have destroyed black neighborhoods, black families, and entire cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago.

Personally, I think blacks have been duped and continue to be suckered by these Democrat clowns.  The Democrats still support enslavement.  It’s just changed from outright slavery to economic enslavement.  They convince you that you are a victim and that only the government can help you.  Look how many welfare dependent families resulted from FDR’s “New Deal”.  The ghettos and “projects” programs were all Democrat programs designed to enslave by giving out minimal government handouts.  After all, why work if you know a check from the government will come every week?  A hand out is enslavement.  A hand up is empowerment.

It is the utmost in cruelty to constantly hand out free things to people that should be working for them.  Why?  Because they become comfortable and dependent on that handout and do not learn how to not only take care of themselves, but also they will never know their true potential.  Benjamin Franklin (a man known for his generosity with the poor) once said, “the best way to eliminate poverty is to make them uncomfortable in poverty.”  Incentive drives a human being.  Instead of the enslaving handouts of the Democrats, how about teaching people how to better themselves and they can help themselves.

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8 Responses to “Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote for Democrats?”

  1. We need to get this word out. I’ve provided a link back here on my Facebook page. Are you still as long winded as you were on VOX? or is this a re-post from someone else? Either way, its great work.

    • Andrew Klavan from PJTV did the video, I just elaborated on it. He gets all the credit.

      I have many more things taking up my time now days, so my articles are less frequent, but when I see something this good, I make the time.

      I am, as usual, open to suggestions on article topics. Some topics do strike a nerve and will be addressed.

      Long winded?! I resemble that remark!

  2. What policies did Mayor Giuliani implement that saved thousands of African American lives?

    • As i said above, this was a video by Andrew Klavan for PJ Media ( ) Feel free to post a probing comment on there for a more detailed explanation.

      However, my opinion is, when you lower crime rates, especially robbery, murder, rape, etc. It benefits everyone, especially those living in areas typically with higher in crime rates. This, sadly, has been black neighborhoods. Thus, the Mayor’s policies helped blacks (and hispanics, and asians, and whites, etc.)

      I suppose lowering unemployment, and boosting NYC’s economy more than any time in history can be a help as well.

  3. So, have we gotten to a point where people can say or write anything and the readers are just expected to believe it just because? Where are the facts that substantiate these statements? I am African American and I want to know how did President Reagan bring more prosperity to African Americans? And please don’t say with the implementation of earned income tax credit, because as quiet as it is kept, not all African Americans have children or are on welfare. Help me understand this better so that I can make more informed decisions.

    • These are things that are not difficult to find in your average library, and history books that haven’t been “cleansed”. I’m sorry if your schools have lied to you and fed you a load of crap during your childhood, but history is history no matter what your political views.

      It is historical fact the Republican Party was formed as an abolitionist party in protest to the Whig Party’s indifference to slavery. Yes, it was a “third party” that sank the Whig party.

      It is historical fact the KKK was a militant arm of the southern Democrat Party designed to terrorize, intimidate and control now free blacks. The Democrat Party started them, ran them, funded them, and then finally cut them loose when it was becoming a scandal.

      It is historical fact all of the big and prominent racist politicians during the civil rights years were Democrats. The only bills offered for civil rights in the Congress were written and attempted to put to a vote by Republicans. Democrats in the majority always quashed them.

      Historical fact, Jim Crow laws were Democrat created, Democrat majority voted laws.

      Historical fact, Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was a racist of the highest order (literally, he was President) and incorporated the Jim Crow laws into the Federal government. Considered Blacks a lower form of life, and promoted the racist propaganda movie “The Birth of a Nation” even having screenings of it in the Whitehouse.

      It is historical fact that the big obstacle to those civil rights laws in was Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson. The propaganda says he is a civil rights hero by (finally) signing civil rights laws into law (as President), but history shows he was the biggest obstacle for them becoming law sooner. President Johnson did it because his political back was to the wall.

      Doctor Martin Luther King, according to his niece, Alveda King, was a (Democrats hate this and try their best to discredit her) Republican. Yes, a registered Republican.

      Other fact of note: Mitt Romney’s father, a Republican, marched in the civil rights marches frequently. Many Republican politicians marched in civil rights marches.

      My opinion: The Democrats succeeded in changing forced slavery of blacks into enslaved dependence of blacks on the government. In other words, they are telling blacks to go to hell and having them look forward to the trip.

    • Sorry, I neglected to address your Reagan question. When you lower unemployment to record lows, cause the economy to boom, jobs to rise, standard of living to skyrocket, etc. you tend to make everyone’s life better. To deny those benefits means you really are running with blinders on.

      The biggest thing you will find different between genuine conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) is that they don’t place people into groups and call them victims. Everyone is truly equal in opportunity, no special considerations for anyone. To create a program specifically for any one group of people is not something a conservative supports. However, removing obstacles for everyone is what they support. So, Reagan, as much as he could, got government out of people’s business and allowed them to run their own lives and not treat them like victims or idiots by coddling them. Amazing how the economy booms when you get government out of the way.


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