Limbaugh and Coulter and Beck, Oh My!

Andrew Klavan yet again uses his pointed wit to address the mainstream media‘s smear campaign against conservative radio, TV, and print personalities.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh – The mainstream media frequently calls him a Nazi.  Klavan points out Nazi’s were anti-individualists with a charismatic leader that wanted big government control over the people and business (what liberals in the mainstream media want), and Rush Limbaugh wants a small Constitutional government controlled by checks and balances with minimum regulation, and individual liberty and freedom for the populace of all races.

  • Glenn Beck by Gage Skidmore

    Glenn Beck

    Glenn Beck – The mainstream media frequently calls him a nutjob, a conspiratorialist, and anti-semite bigot, a religious wacko, a guy in it for only the money.  Klavan points out that everything Glenn has said has been true (see the video).  I point out that there is nobody in greater support of the Jewish people in the public spotlight than Glenn Beck.  He risked his own life and fortune to hold a rally in support of Israel in Israel on the weekend of October 24, 2011.  Israel welcomed him and even invited him to speak in their legislature.  Those accusing Glenn are typically the ones supporting those that launch rockets into Israeli neighborhoods and use children as bomb detonators.

  • Ann Coulter 2007

    Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter – The mainstream media calls her mean.  Klavan points out Ann speaks the cold hard facts, something the mainstream media hasn’t done for decades.  Facts aren’t mean, they are truth.

  • Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA

    Sean Hannity

    Sean Hannity – The mainstream media calls him a moron.  Klavan points out that Sean exposed the fraud perpetrated by a black woman against three innocent white LaCross students, something politically incorrect in the mainstream media’s eyes.  Sean also exposed the fraud perpetrated by the prosecutor in knowing she was lying, but still prosecuting anyway for political gain.  Note, the prosecutor was later disbarred from practicing law ever again.  Had these been three black men and a white woman, and Sean been a liberal commentator, he would have received a Pulitzer Prize.  Sean did what journalists were supposed to do, but the mainstream media was more concerned with their political agenda and participated in slandering these innocent boys.  Note, not one media outlet has ever apologized for doing so, despite the overwhelming facts against them.

  • American writer and blogger Michelle Malkin.

    Michelle Malkin

    Michelle Malkin – She was not in the video, but she deserves mentioning.  This beautiful Asian powerhouse is a master at research, and exposing fraud and corruption in government, regardless of party.  Yes, she is conservative, and that means she respects and honors morals and laws.  This is why she doesn’t remain loyal to any party.  The mainstream media also loves to attempt to diminish her work, though exposing the truth makes it difficult for the mainstream media to twist it into something else.  This means they usually just smear her like they do the rest of them.

The simple fact is the liberal mainstream media has a far left liberal agenda, and if someone or something doesn’t follow that agenda, they are discarded or smeared.  The old liberal method of “if you can’t defeat them with facts, then attack them personally” is their typical modus operandi.  Next time you hear or read anything negative about these people in the media, be it TV, newspaper, or blog, go and listen, read or watch them yourself.  You will find that someone is lying to you and it is the mainstream media.

5 Responses to “Limbaugh and Coulter and Beck, Oh My!”

  1. You love Klavan On the Culture too? You must be a PJTV member! Love me some Klavan (and Whittle)!!

  2. “The old liberal method of “if you can’t defeat them with facts, then attack them personally” is their typical modus operandi.” — I have to disagree. The libs have never been interested in facts. Rather, they go straight to the smear and the jugular. God bless Rush and all the rest!!

    • Due to the libs lack of morals, they always will use any facts if they can edit them to fit a smear. Ed Schultz just recently got caught doing this again playing an edited Michelle Bachmann video. He didn’t play the whole video as it would prove him a liar, but the edited version fit his narrative perfectly.

      This was a case of libs picking and choosing facts to assemble their own image instead of reality’s image from all of the facts.

      This is why Media Matters exists. They are a Soros funded group paid to just find convenient clips and quotes from Soros enemies (conservatives). Their favorite target these days is Glenn Beck as Soros hates him with a passion.

  3. Beck’s not one of my favorites; as a conservative, I do think he’s gone a bit off the deep end. Nonetheless, that hardly registers on the radar screen of the immense damage done by the libs, their media partners and crime and the gullible unthinking public that buys into this crap (witness the Obama hysteria, election and immaculation a mere few years ago). Soros, well, he’s a source of evil, not to mention a big-time funder of it. Lemme put it this way: I won’t be shedding tears of sorrow at his funeral. Ditto Obama. Pelosi. Harry Reid. And every member of the state-run media. 🙂

    • I can understand and respect that. I am from the same culture of people and we can be a peculiar bunch to others. I understand the man.

      Nevertheless, consider this… Beck has over 90 employees now. All are loyal to him not out of fear, but because they love the man.

      When he was with Fox News, even the crew and cameramen loved him because he was the only personality that treated them as human beings and even seriously asked for their opinions on things. Which was unheard of in the business.

      Just food for thought.

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