The Truth – In Their Own Words

There’s nothing more revealing than the words that emanate from someone’s own mouth and writings.  Are you a critical thinking person that likes to see, read, and hear the evidence for yourself?

What is the Occupy movement really about?  Listen to what THEY say:

  • Anti-Semitic “It’s the Jews fault”.  They want Israel destroyed.
  • Communist Revolutionaries, and does not represent real Americans.
  • They want violence against anyone who does not agree with their views, including the police.
  • They want to drag people out of their homes and string them up or guillotine them, because they may represent the “capitalist machine” or just simply don’t agree with them.
  • They want to force you to do as they say… at the gunpoint of an official.
  • They are causing average Americans, police, firemen, etc. to lose their jobs due to the vast amounts of money these “Occupy” events cost cities.  Instead of 11 million dollars to go towards paying for workers, they have to pay to fix the mess these lazy jerks make.

The truth about the Middle East (Egypt, Greece, Gaza, etc.).  The so-called “Arab Spring” and  “peaceful” movements there, and how “wonderful” they really are.  The connection between them and happenings in Europe, and here in the USA.  How these movements have common organizers and threads.

The truth about illegal immigration.

The truth about the goals of the so-called “environmentalists”.

The truth about the financial failure of Europe and similar policies here in the USA.

All in their own words. Behold, the apocalypse pack:


Part 1, Anti-Capitalism:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/451373/1547490&tbid=432042&p=1011&width=575]

Part 2, Violence To Others:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/451373/1547491&tbid=432043&p=1011&width=575]

Part 3, Anti-Semites:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/451373/1547493&tbid=432044&p=1011&width=575]


Hard work and research courtesy of

3 Responses to “The Truth – In Their Own Words”

  1. The “Occupiers” amounts to shallow assemblies of youths with no understanding of life, capitalism or socialism who think they’re being hip, cool and defiant in the face of authorities and corporations and the like. Crickets, it’s all crickets and part of the Obama regime to incite civil unrest and divisiveness for their gains and November victory. Sadder is the percentage of the American population falling for this crap. Then again, that’s how it got Herr Obama into office.

    • The Democrat propaganda machine… err the main-stream media keeps pumping these skulls full of mush with exactly what they want them to know, not the truth, but what fits their agenda.

      Anyone who understands the free market system knows we haven’t had a free market since Woodrow Wilson. The very institutions that set up the banking and monetary system we have now are what fund their “protests”. Useful idiots, all of them. You are seeing the largest robbery the world has ever had, and they (the ignorant left) are helping those perpetuating it, get away with it.

      You obviously know they are uneducated as anyone with an even half decent education in history would know the horrors of anything attached to socialism and communism. Yet, like lemmings, they protest their freedom away, just like those in power want them to do, so they can step forward and take the position of “savior” to bring “order” to chaos. It’s a pattern repeated over and over throughout history.

  2. I’ve said it before and will again and again and again ’til the day I day: People aren’t that bright. And you’re correct, bringing to mind the adage: “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

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