Adam Carolla Explains The Occupy Movement Masterfully


Adam Carolla, comedian and radio talk show host, expresses his views on those members of the Occupy movement (and those on the left in general).  I couldn’t have said it better myself (except with maybe less colorful metaphors).

3 Responses to “Adam Carolla Explains The Occupy Movement Masterfully”

  1. Spot on (through the colorful language 🙂 )!

  2. Ya I heard this on blaze. Hilarious, and I could not stop laughing by the end. The worst thing is that this is soooooooooo true. he forgot to mention putting kids in time out. That is another big joke, next to the participation trophies.

  3. “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking … is freedom.”

    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

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