What Is Integrity?

Newt Gingrich

Folks, I don’t yet know who I am voting for.  However, I know who I am not voting for.  That would be Newt Gingrich.  In my opinion, the guy is a sleazebag professional politician that goes where the money is.  He will say and do anything to gain power and make a buck.  He is excellent at saying what the people want to hear, and in a bold and “in your face” manner.

Paul Krugman, an economist and a columnist for The New York Times, said Gingrich is “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.”  I, oddly enough, agree with Paul Krugman here.

Rick Santorum

I was originally favorable to Rick Santorum, but his record in Congress shows a man willing to make deals with those that should never even be considered.  He’s a large fan of earmarks and pork, which does not sit well with me.

Now Mitt Romney, (full disclosure, he and I share a common religion) is getting to be more desirable to me, not for anything but his integrity.  You see, I have a good friend, or at least someone I consider a good friend, that happens to be Ann Romney’s brother.  He has told me some things about her and Mitt I find extremely compelling about the man.  It says a lot to me about his integrity.  What I most especially like is that Mitt got into politics, not to be in politics, but to make a difference.  He is a self-made man who has no need of payoffs nor other “incentives”.  He made his millions the old fashioned way.  He earned them with hard work and good old American ingenuity.

Mitt Romney

Mitt has demonstrated his leadership talents in the private sector countless times with success upon success.  He turned a once broke and nearly bankrupt Salt Lake City Olympics into a profitable and safe venue.  He has turned countless industries around, and I have no doubt he could turn the US economy around, given the opportunity.  He’s a man that knows the power of the individual and capitalistic spirit that made this nation great in the first place.

I don’t discount that the guy is human too.  The Massachusetts health care system is not one of his strong points.  However, he did turn that bad egg into something that actually saved the tax payers over what had already been in place previously.  I believe his assertions and beliefs in the tenth amendment.  He says the federal government has no right to such a system, and only individual states hold the power to such systems of health care.  I believe he is sincere, and that he would get rid of that bastard child called Obamacare, pronto.

Finally, there is the man’s philanthropy.  The man gives of his means quite generously.  Let me explain what and where that goes, as I also happen to be a member of the same church he is a member of:

  • Tithing — Everyone gives 10% of “their increase” to the church.  I consider my “increase” my gross pay, but it is up to the individual and it is self-audited.  The tithing fund pays for things like buildings (chapels, temples, etc.), upkeep, office employees, and other outwardly expenses (flight tickets for missionaries and officials etc.)  Note:  The LDS church has an unpaid clergy… all of it.  No Bishop, Stake President, General Authority, etc. is paid a salary.
  • Offerings — This is the LDS Charities side.  100% of all of these funds go for charity work.  Nobody receives a salary off of these funds.  You can pay to this as much or as little as you wish.  Romney, it seems, is very generous here.  LDS Charities is known for its world-wide humanitarian efforts and frequently supplies other charities whose infrastructure is already in place (Red Cross for example).  This is also part of the church welfare system or “Bishop’s Storehouse.”  It is designed to keep a family fed during those brief hard times.  I have been a recipient once in my life to this generosity, and I am thankful for it.

True, this may seem like a plug for Mitt, but Rick still has a chance with me too.  I am waiting to see.  Nevertheless, I would not be disappointed if Mitt were President, no, not one bit.

4 Responses to “What Is Integrity?”

  1. Whoever the final nominee, safe to say you’ll vote accordingly to rid the nation of Obama, no?


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