Playstation 3

I am an avid user of video game consoles.  It comes with the geek factor, and being a software engineer.  Recently I came across a Playstation 3 technology demo, by Quantic Dreams, that blew my socks off.  Take a look at the video below.  Keep in mind that this entire movie was being rendered in real time by a Playstation 3 and wasn’t pre-rendered by a fancy 3D render server farm.

The story itself is heart warming and a rare thing for tech demos.  It may just be a video game in the near future, and this was just the glimpse into its capabilities and the story behind it.  If it is made into a video game, I cannot wait to play it, as I love video games with a good story.

You will love this video, even if you never intend to play a video game ever in your life.  It is a nice short story.

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