‘Communism Doesn’t Work’: Chilling Video Warning To America From Former East German

A communist starWant to know what communism is like?  Well, this woman, Elke, grew up in communism.  East Germany was one of the “Eastern Block” soviet states.  She gives a warning to all Americans that socialism and communism only brings misery.  The only people that ever benefited from communism were the government officials.

Key Points She Brings Up

  • All land is confiscated and turned into collective farms
  • Nationalized health care.  She indicates, accurately, that Germany already had this under Adolf Hitler.
  • No more private businesses.  Everything was run by the government.
  • You could not get the variety of foods West Germany had.
  • Everything was rationed.  In other words, you only got what the government determined was appropriate for you.
  • The common people had to give up everything, but those in power still lived very well.
  • They confiscated all guns.  It is easier to keep people from overthrowing your crappy and repressive government if you take away their guns.
  • School indoctrination saying “communism is the way to live.”
  • If you didn’t believe in communism, you were placed in a mental institution, because the government labeled you “insane.”
  • Her happiest day was becoming a US citizen.
  • Communism is anti-God.  No churches.  On Sundays you had to work on collective farms.
  • The incentive to work or excel was absent.  People only did what they were forced to do.
  • What the left is preaching right now, including the President (“He”), is what the communists indoctrinated you with.  The excuse was “helping the poor.”

Other Things I Will List In Addition

  • Communism has resulted in 110,000,000 intentional (genocidal) deaths since 1917.  (Murder By Communism — R.J. Rummel)
  • Communism has murdered more people, for the sake of an ideology, than anything else in history, including the crusades, inquisitions and even war.
  • The claim “it helps the poor” or “fairness” or “spread the wealth” or “free health care” are always used as “reasons” for its implementation (and eventual failure).
  • When you take away a human being’s right to live how they want to live, to benefit from good ideas and talents, you do not benefit society.  You repress it.  You take their incentive to further mankind away.  You make everyone poor and destitute instead of “spreading the wealth around”.  Why invent something if the government is just going to confiscate it?  Why spend the late hours working to improve something if the government is just going to give everyone else the reward for your hard work?  No, communism makes poppers out of everyone.  History has proven this time and time again.
  • Communist and socialist elements in our school system are already indoctrinating your children.  They don’t teach children the horrible history of communism.  They concentrate only on the “spread the wealth around” mantra.
  • Hitler and Stalin rose to power by telling the people they will never be poor again, and lying to them constantly, with the press assisting them.  Sound familiar?
  • A portrait of Karl Marx.

    Karl Marx

    Most of those that say they are Marxist have never actually read Karl Marx.  They only tout what they have been told about Marxism, not what Marxism really is.  The man was a bitter, angry, whiny little brat that had absolutely no friends.  He felt killing for the sake of the collective was justified.  He was a man that knew absolutely nothing about people and the love of freedom.  How does someone like that ever even possibly be considered the author of man’s utopia?  This is why communism never works.  The human being is not a variable in a formula.

  • The world, up to the 1700s, didn’t advance much.  Sure, the Romans had aqueducts, the Chinese (and eventually the west) had gun powder, and everyone eventually had the wheel, but everyone rode a horse, sanitation was horrendous, disease rampant, hygiene nearly absent, and scientific knowledge mostly bordering on the superstitious.  If you wanted to send a message to someone, it could take weeks, as it had to be delivered by horseback messenger.  Your world was, at most, a five mile radius around your home.Up comes a system of government never tried before, nor thought up by one isolated and bitter man, but many men, most pillars of their community and very knowledgeable in many forms of learning.  They knew what governmental systems were failures, and what also worked.  They came to realize that the best government is a small government that fears the people, and not the other way around.  The US Constitutioncontained the best form of government the world ever had, as long as the people were vigilant in not allowing it to be corrupted (which it has).In 200 or so years we have airplanes, electricity, cars, computers, toilets, soap, running clean water, television, the internet, telephones, and much much more.  How?  It was because this new form of government gave people the freedom to live their life as they saw fit.  It allowed them to succeed and to fail.  It made no promises except you have opportunity if you work hard.  People did work hard and were rewarded for their efforts.  The upper and lower class was no longer a fixed number.  It became fluid.  The rich became poor and the poor became rich and there were those in between.  It was a constantly changing field.  Freedom and liberty has been the biggest benefit to the human condition in the history of man.  There has been more prosperity and growth in the last 200 years than the previous five millenniums combined.  This is all a blatant historical fact, yet a communist cannot see this.  Somehow socialism must be better in their eyes.
  • Socialism/Communism, wherever it is tried, has always failed.  Europe?  Look at the mess they got themselves in.  Look at the mess we have ourselves in trying to pay for all of these social programs!  Eliminate them, and all entitlements, and you would actually help those people those programs are failing to help.
  • A communal society can only work if the people are free to give of their excess and not compelled to.  There is too much evil and greed in the world for such a system to work.  Oddly enough, the USA is the most generous giver of charity of all the nations in the world.  Funny how that works.

One Response to “‘Communism Doesn’t Work’: Chilling Video Warning To America From Former East German”

  1. Our youth are being fed the same communism lies, and there seems to be no one to stop them. More young people need to be exposed to the truth about communism/socialism. Thanks for sharing this, Sparky!

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