We Were Warned So Many Times!

It’s not like we weren’t warned time and time again about the coming evils of society, and the loss of more and more of our freedoms.  Did we listen?  If we had, then perhaps we would not be in the dire state society is in now.

Paul Harvey (1965)

Dwight Eisenhower‘s Agriculture Secretary and Late Apostle and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ezra Taft Benson

Late US President, Ronald Reagan

Note:  The audio mix of this was made and played on the Glenn Beck radio program.

Glenn Beck

Senator Joseph McCarthy

Deutsch: Joseph Raymond McCarthy. English: Jos...

The liberal media set up a smear campaign to paint this man as a fraud, nut case and a joke.  They succeeded in ruining his life, and granted, his showmanship was a bit over the top, but it turns out, thanks to the Venona Papers, he was absolutely right about his claims and accusations.  This man is not a disgrace, as the media has painted him over the years, including the schools.  It turns out, this man was a patriot and a real American hero.


Time is growing short folks.  Your freedom is disappearing quicker and quicker.  Pretty soon it will be all gone.  Those professing “utopia”, “fairness”, “free health care”, or “spreading the wealth” are lying to you.  Look at history!  That is exactly what those wanting to usurp power over you do to get you to think it’s all sunshine and lollipops.  In the end, you have lost your freedom, you have lost all wealth, and everyone is equally poor and miserable (except for those in power).  There is also great and mass loss of life for those “crazy” enough to not want the new and “glorious” system, as well as the removal of the useful idiots that helped them get power (OWS anyone?).

Your children are being indoctrinated on the “glories” of socialism and communism.  They aren’t told the truth about history.  They are somehow convinced that the USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc. aren’t “real” communism, and that when it is done here in America, it will be done “right”.  They do not understand that it is human nature to have someone in power desire more power and control.  Communism is an impossible system that always results in mass death and complete loss of liberty.  They don’t understand that man needs incentives to improve society, and that someone dictating to them their life and goals stifles that incentive.  It is why all socialist systems fail.  Karl Marx was a loner without any friends.  In fact, reading about him (from his own words) you see he was a bitter and whiny brat who nobody liked.  Can such a person ever come up with the grand solution or utopia?  When you take away the individual and just make him a drone, you stagnate society, not improve it.

One Response to “We Were Warned So Many Times!”

  1. Reagan is RIGHT ON. When when when will Americans wake up?! If and when they do, it will be too late. If *Americans* – not the illegals , Americans! – don’t overcome their ignorance, stupidity and overemotionalism at the expense of intelligent thought and wake up before this election, we are doomed, lost, forever changed as a nation. Scary scary scary times, truly.

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