It Makes You Think

This isn’t so much an article, but more of a collage.

Rush Limbaugh

  • “What have I always told you about liberals? Well, many things, I know. They categorize people. They make moral judgments on people on the basis of surface matters. They don’t see the humanity of an individual. They see the skin color; they see the sex; the gender; the orientation [; the political views]. And from there they make their judgments on people.”
  • “Dan Rather is still claiming that he had the goods on George W. Bush, which is funny, but it’s also kind of sad.  Imagine how deluded you have to be to believe that the executives at CBS were out to protect a Republican president!”
  • “Every report on jobless numbers, the AP has the word ‘surprised’ or ‘unexpected,’ meaning: Whatever the number is, everybody that they talked to prior is ‘shocked’ that the number is what it is.  So the experts they’re talking to are always wrong.”
  • “Barack Obama has decided that the only way to lower the unemployment rate is to kill off jobs.  The unemployment rate went down one-tenth of a percent from 8.2% to 8.1%, but the number of people who left the labor force is at an all-time high.”
  • “Food stamps are at a record high. Social Security disability is at a record high. So the transformation from a capitalist market system to authoritarian centralized welfare state continues, while Obama claims an improving job market.”
  • “The unemployment rate has not been this high for this long since the Great Depression.  This is life in Obama’s America.  It’s reality. This is not a cartoon; this is not a slideshow; this is not a socialist utopian slideshow with a woman named Julia.”

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan

  • “Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.”
  • “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.”
  • “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”
  • “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”
  • “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
  • “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”
  • “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
  • “I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there’s purpose and worth to each and every life.”
  • “I’ve never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a ‘fat cat’ and a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a ‘public-spirited philanthropist’.”
  • “The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away.”
  • “The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much.”

Television and radio host at CPAC in .

Glenn Beck

  • “We’re giving our freedoms away. The American experiment was about freedom. Freedom to be stupid, freedom to fail, freedom to succeed. “
  • “Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative. “
  • “Let me go over this again on the reclaiming the civil rights movement. People of faith that believe that you have an equal right to justice – that is the essence. And if it’s not the essence, then we’ve been sold a pack of lies. The essence is everyone deserves a shot – the content of character, not the color of skin. “
  • “No one is guaranteed happiness. You can pursue it, but if you happen to find success along the way on that road to happiness, Conservatives believe you should not be demonized or penalized for it. “
  • “Not a single time have we gotten a right from Congress or from the President. We get them from God. “
  • “Please stop teaching my children that everyone gets a trophy just for participating. What is this, the Nobel Prize? Not everybody gets a trophy. “
  • “Political Correctness doesn’t change us, it shuts us up. “
  • “To restore America we need less Marx and more Madison”
  • “We just put General Motors in the hands of people who can’t even run our own government. “
  • “What is the point of competing for a trophy if everyone gets a trophy?”
  • “What we don’t have a right to is healthcare, housing, or handouts. We don’t have those rights.”
  • “Without failure there is no sweetness in success. There’s no understanding of it.”

Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA

Sean Hannity

  • “I think you need people of principle, of character, that are leaders, that take stands on important tough issues that will affect the future of this country.”
  • “It doesn’t say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state.”
  • “…why wouldn’t anyone want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, unless they detested their own country or were ignorant of its greatness?”

Mark Steyn

  • “(Barrack Obama is a) pretty boy with a resume you could print on the back of his driver’s license, a Rolodex apparently limited to neo-segregationist racebaiters, campus Marxist terrorists and indicted fraudsters, and a rhetorical surefootedness that makes Dan Quayle look like Socrates.”
  • “In political terms, the message of the gazillion-dollar bipartisan bailout was a simple one: “Individual responsibility” and “self-reliance” are for chumps.”
  • “I don’t need Barack Obama’s help to “spread the wealth around.” I spread my wealth around every time I hire somebody, expand my business, or just go to the general store and buy a quart of milk and loaf of bread.”
  • “If you want a public culture that reeks of indestructible faith in its own righteousness, try Europe — especially when they’re talking about America: If you disagree with Eutopian wisdom, you must be an idiot. Obama and far too many Democrats have bought into this delusion, most thoroughly distilled in Thomas Frank’s book What’s The Matter With Kansas?, whose argument is that heartland voters are too dumb (i.e., “moronic muppets”) to vote for their own best interests.Europeans did “vote for their own best interests” — i.e., cradle-to-grave welfare, 35 hour work-weeks, six weeks of paid vacation, etc — and as a result they now face a perfect storm of unsustainable entitlements, economic stagnation, and declining human capital that’s left them so demographically beholden to unassimilable levels of immigration that they’re being remorselessly Islamized with every passing day. We should thank God (if you’ll forgive the expression) that America’s loser gun-nuts don’t share the same sophisticated rational calculation of “their best interests” as Thomas Frank, Obama, too many Democrats and the European political establishment.”
  • “The biofuels debacle is global warm-mongering in a nutshell: The first victims of poseur environmentalism will always be developing countries. In order for you to put biofuel in your Prius and feel good about yourself for no reason, real actual people in faraway places have to starve to death”
  • “On a tiny strip of land narrower at its narrowest point than many American townships, Israel has built a modern economy with a GDP per capita just shy of $30,000 — and within striking distance of the European Union average. If you object that that’s because it’s uniquely blessed by Uncle Sam, well, for the past 30 years the second largest recipient of U.S. aid has been Egypt: Their GDP per capita is $5,000, and America has nothing to show for its investment other than one-time pilot Mohammed Atta coming at you through the office window.”
  • “Killing thousands of people in Manhattan skyscrapers in the name of Islam does, among a certain narrow-minded type of person, give Islam a bad name, and thus could be said to be “anti-Islamic” — in the same way that the Luftwaffe raining down death and destruction on Londoners during the Blitz was an “anti-German activity.” But I don’t recall even Neville Chamberlain explaining, as if to a five-year-old, that there is nothing German about the wish to terrorize and invade, and that this is entirely at odds with the core German values of sitting around eating huge sausages in beer gardens while wearing lederhosen.”

American author, columnist and political comme...

Ann Coulter

  • “If a university official’s letter accusing a speaker of having a proclivity to commit speech crimes before she’s given the speech – which then leads to Facebook postings demanding that Ann Coulter be hurt, a massive riot and a police-ordered cancellation of the speech – is not hate speech, then there is no such thing as hate speech. “
  • “Liberals become indignant when you question their patriotism, but simultaneously work overtime to give terrorists a cushion for the next attack and laugh at dumb Americans who love their country and hate the enemy.”
  • “Political debate with liberals is basically impossible in America today because liberals are calling names while conservatives are trying to make arguments. “
  • “Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening.”
  • “Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America’s self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant.”

Michell Malkin

  • “Bean-counting government bureaucrats are free to take race, ethnicity and gender into account when doling out public funds to non-white-male contractors. But God help law enforcement officers, air marshals and border agents who try to use those same factors to combat terrorism and protect American lives.”
  • “Unlike Michelle Obama, I can’t keep track of the number of times I’ve been proud — really proud — of my country since I was born and privileged to live in it.”
  • “Once an unabashedly pious land, we have been transformed into a nation of historically clueless ingrates — embarrassed about our heritage, afraid of offending all newcomers, and more committed to inculcating a sense of entitlement over a culture of gratitude.”

Andrew Klaven

  • Interviewing himself — “Theoretically, let’s stipulate, for argument’s sake, that there are a lot of powerful people at a university like this who believe things that aren’t, strictly speaking, true.

    “Leftists, you mean.

    “Let’s just call them people. Powerful people.”All right.”

    These powerful people believe things like: One culture is as good as another. Or, there’s no such thing as good and evil. Therefore, if America is at odds or at war with someone, it must be America’s fault. You only have to think about those statements for two minutes to see that they can’t possibly be true. But these people think they should be true and they think they’ll seem to be true if no one is allowed to say they’re not true. So they attack anyone who says that they’re not true. They call him names. Racist, sexist, phobic, offensive, whatever. They demand apologies from him. They make his life a misery, so no one wants to speak up.”

    So it’s like the emperor’s new clothes.”

    Right. Except instead of clothes, it’s all the emperor’s lies. And in an Empire of Lies, only a crazy man would speak the truth.”

Mitt Romney

  • “America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home. “
  • “Dependency is death to initiative, to risk-taking and opportunity. It’s time to stop the spread of government dependency and fight it like the poison it is.”
  • “I spent my whole life in the private sector, 25 years in the private sector. I understand that when government takes more money out of the hands of people, it makes it more difficult for them to buy things. If they can’t buy things, the economy doesn’t grow. If the economy doesn’t grow, we don’t put Americans to work.”
  • “I want you to remember when our White House reflected the best of who we are, not the worst of what Europe has become.”

3 Responses to “It Makes You Think”

  1. While my job is as menial as they come, the one perk, one glorious perk, is getting to listen to the radio — precisely Rush — while I work. I just love him to death! Staying informed is, to my mind, SOOO important any time and particularly in this season of ousting the libs led by Darth Obama and returning our nation to its constitutionality. I know I won’t be at this job much longer and I cringe at the possibility of losing Rush during my workday … so much so that I may become a paid member for access to audio files!!

    Reagan: How We Miss Ye. Imagine he is rolling over in his grave at the lib onslaught and intentional destruction of our nation.

    • I have been a paid member for more than a decade. I highly recommend it. He has a treasure trove to access.

      • Years of extreme hardship where paying the rent and bills has been a struggle render Rush membership a luxury I can’t afford. (Hell, I didn’t even have the money to treat a longtime dental infection!) With Rush, I’d rather listen than read his broadcasts; among other reasons, he’s got a terrific audio presence and voice! Will see what this year brings and whether it afford me the luxury of membership.

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