President Obama in Pictures

Yet again I have a brain exercise sort of article.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a genius to read this one.  These are pictures that convey thoughts on the Obama Presidency.

A coward blames others for his own incompetence. A person of honor and integrity takes responsibility and makes all efforts to correct the issue.

No additional words necessary for this one.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Vladimir Lenin
“The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one.” – Adolf Hitler

A 14 trillion ton gorilla in the room, and as usual, the main stream media feeds this like it makes mathematical sense.

Funny. but sadly true.

If you were to play the drinking game where you had to drink a shot every time Obama told the truth, at the end of the night you’d still be sober.

Useful idiots are always the first to be “discarded” by the new leadership in any revolution.  Hitler killed his useful idiots when they finished serving their purpose (the night of the long knives), and throughout history similar events have happened.  Why?  You can’t have the ideologues doing the same activities to the new leadership when they realize they have been duped.

This barrier is slowly breaking, but only slightly.  Most of those in the circle are NBC and MSNBC “journalists,” in my opinion.

According to Forbes, and just plain basic math, Obama has spent more money in his three years as President than ALL of the previous Presidents COMBINED!  Yes, that includes Bush.  He is literally raising our debt so fast so as to trigger a “fundamental transformation.”  Not a comforting thought, frankly.

This is a guy raised by Marxists, attended Marxist rallies, joined Marxist organizations, and even was a member of a short-lived socialist party.  He’s never worked a real job in his life.  He has absolutely no clue what the average American goes through, does, or struggles with, nor does he know or understand how a business operates and how the free market system works.  He has been indoctrinated since birth to consider a free-market system as bad, and that getting rewarded for hard work is unfair.  In my opinion, the guy is an idiot.

My impression of the expression George W. Bush would give if asked what he thinks of how Obama is doing as President.

This is what Obama is doing to the American worker.

Is it Bush’s fault after three years?  Nope.  Things were better with him, though I don’t think he was a great President, a chimpanzee could be doing a better job than Obama.  Go ahead and celebrate George, it is Obama’s fault.

Chancellor Palpatine, Evil in Disguise

Chancellor Palpatine had an eerily familiar rise to power in the Star Wars saga.

This is a similar story, but ours isn’t fiction.

Emperor Palpatine of the Star Wars saga

Let’s just hope the people aren’t dumb enough to allow something similar to happen.  Granted, an emperor that can shoot lightning out of his hands would be cool, but ask Luke how it feels to have them directed at you.  However, having any absolute leader is stupid.

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