The State of Things Today, As Spoken By a Friend

Not long ago, my friend Jason sent me an email giving me his thoughts on the state of the USA today. Jason has some great insights on history. Below is essentially a summary of what he wrote me. I believe it makes a magnificent article for everyone to read, as it is very thought provoking.  I elaborate on things afterward:

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but I really don’t see things as “socialist”, “communist”, “dictator” etc. It’s just I see them as synonyms for tyranny by government control over people. Control versus liberty. It really is black and white for me. I do not allow any gray. I do not confuse law and order with that either. Common sense law is necessary for liberty. Anarchy is just as much tyranny as is government control. A sheriff is necessary to protect the innocent. A judge and jury is necessary to hold back the mob and hold back tyranny. Civilized behavior is necessary to freely move and travel. Property cannot be protected without law and order. It’s simply government has as much authority as I have a right and desire to give it. Government has no right to give itself more authority.

The Declaration of Independence and Original Constitution with the Bill of Rights is merely the same declaration. I do not see any difference in its application today as it was applied two hundred years ago. The simple truths they declare haven’t changed, only the fashion sense. What’s different today is people have lost common sense, which is what the founders assumed people would always have. This is why the Constitution wasn’t written in lawyer-speak, and instead, just plain English.

The founding fathers never thought it conceivable:

  1. Mankind would ever develop (and desire to use) the technology to kill an infant in a woman’s womb, let alone call it a “right”.
  2. Be so stupid as to be willing to give up the right to protect themselves.
  3. The free press would willingly and openly want to subvert the people’s freedom, as the press used to be exclusively run by “the people”.
  4. That there would be the technology and desire to distribute child pornography and pornography in general. They couldn’t even fathom anyone, even a sleaze-bag lawyer would argue it was “free speech”
  5. That we would give up our freedom to travel for the guise of “safety”.
  6. That we would allow illegal search and seizure under the guise of “safety” or “protection”.
  7. Never conceived that we would be sexually assaulting people for their “protection” while ignoring the painfully obvious.
  8. Never would have believed that we would have to be forced to show “papers” before being allowed to travel.
  9. Never thought people would be so insane as to defend cold blooded killers and label them as misunderstood “victims”.
    Never thought those same killers and their minions would be given special privileges in our neighborhoods.
    Never thought those same killers and their minions would be allow to ignore our laws and follow their own more tyrannical laws.
  10. Never thought people would be run off their land just because of religious beliefs.
  11. Never even conceived anyone in the United States of America would ever order the extinction of any group of people, let alone a State governor (Boggs).
  12. Never conceived that we would falsely claim a “right” to native American lands or the “right” to break treaties to them under the false doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”.
  13. Never conceived that slavery would last as long as it did, as the second law of Congress was that slavery were to be abolished after 40 years (a generation).
  14. [My own addition here] The idea that people that commit crimes and incarcerated would be let out early because of “good behavior” would have been considered moronic.  The idea of punishment is to punish what they DID, not what they are doing now.  Actions have consequences.  If you get sentenced to 10 years, you serve ten years.  Prison also shouldn’t be easy.  No weights, no TVs, no computers, it should be a punishment fitting to the crime.

Let’s go over what Jason wrote, shall we?  The first two paragraphs speak for themselves, except maybe what “common law” is.  Common Law simply means common sense law.  It is to judge based upon common sense, and not precedent nor loopholes.  The idea of “precedent” is a progressive invention brought to Harvard Law school, and has screwed everything up since.  The idea of 5000 page lawyer-speak laws goes completely contrary to common law.  Also, the idea that just because some judge ruled this way in some case “over there” doesn’t mean that it is how this case should be ruled.  “Precedent” is a foul cancer on our legal system.

Now let’s elaborate on the numbered section:

  1. Abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to kill.  It’s about finding a way to get away with doing something irresponsible without having to suffer the consequences.  Just because science found a way to murder before birth doesn’t make it a “right”.  The right and choice was made when the woman opened her legs and allowed the man to penetrate her.  Intercourse has its consequences, and that is one reason why societies, in the past, had such stigmas to those that had it outside of the responsible covenant of wedlock.  Abstinence wasn’t about control, it was about knowing the consequences for promiscuity.  Something a very horny teenager isn’t taking into consideration, nor understands at his/her age.  This is why courtship was so strict and usually supervised.  Child birth carries a great personal and financial responsibility, and sacrifice, because once the choice to have intercourse is made, the consequences are life changing.
  2. The false and poor arguments against the second amendment by people who just do not understand why it is still so important.  Guns do not kill people.  They are inanimate objects.  They don’t kill any more than a fork makes someone fat.  They are tools.  The person behind the tool is the potential killer or obese person who makes their own choices.  However, protection never was, nor should it be, a responsibility to exclusively turn over to a government agency.  Everyone is responsible for their own safety and family’s safety.  As a civilized society, we can choose to have the government act as a first defense (military and police), but in the end, we are responsible for our safety.  To abdicate that responsibility also abdicates your freedom, and any fear by those in power from exploiting their power.  You see, protection is not just for the criminal element and foreign element.  Protection is also against tyranny by the government.The first thing tyrants do to cement their power, is to confiscate the public’s means to remove them from their power.  Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao, etc. all confiscated the guns of the people so they would never be able to rebel, and thus cemented their power and control over the people.
  3. The press was originally anything someone posted, printed, or publicly spoke of (town criers for example).  They were not special entities given special permits to label them as “the Press”.  The Press was the people’s means of mass communication, speech.  They were never intended to be a propaganda arm of any political party like MSNBC is to the Democrat party.  The press was supposed to be the watchdog over those in government, not their lapdogs.
  4. Like guns, modern technology can be used for tremendous good and tremendous evil,  Both require extreme responsibility to use.  Just because a camera is capable of photographing a human being’s genitalia and all of the various ways we can use them, doesn’t mean it is something a civilized society should consider a “right”.  Pornography causes those that view it to have a warped view of intercourse, and overly excites them in an unhealthy manner.  It becomes an addiction.  Instead of them seeking a mate for love, they are merely satisfying the physical desire.  Families are destroyed, marriages ended, single mothers, STDs, etc.  All can be traced to promiscuity and pornography in one fashion or another.  Just because a camera can film these things, and a magazine, TV, or computer can display them, doesn’t mean you should, nor does it mean you have a right to distribute such filth.
  5. The TSA is not keeping you safer, but instead teaching you to be subservient to tyranny under the guise of “safety”.
  6. They have tossed the Constitution aside and given themselves authority we as citizens never gave them.  You are innocent until PROVEN guilty, not the other way around.
  7. Patting you down, groping your genitalia, is tyranny at its highest.  For “political correctness” and to avoid the label “profiling”, they ignore the obvious and harass grandmothers, infants, toddlers, etc. all quite obviously people not fitting the PROFILE of a hijacker or terrorist.  Frankly, if 20 year old Middle-Eastern males don’t like getting profiled, then maybe they ought to help get rid of the terrorists and hijackers being trained in their native lands, instead of bitching and moaning that they fit a PROFILE of other hijackers.Want to solve airline security problems?  It is very simple.  Get rid of the TSA and allow each individual airline to manage their own security.  They not only will have to remember that customers are flying with them, but also that there is a possible great financial loss (the plane and compensation to families for the people that could die) should a hijacker get through.  Want a great security model for this?  Israel’s “El Al” airlines.  They have a perfect safety record for a reason.
  8. Nazi Germany, the USSR, and other Communist nations did do this.  It is a means to control the populace and let them know who is in charge.  It also is a violation of your rights as a US citizen to move freely and unhindered.
  9. Radical Muslims are being coddled by the left, and their agents in government.  These people have demonstrated time and time again they are cold-blooded killers.  YOU CAN’T REASON WITH A FANATIC THAT IS HELL BENT ON KILLING YOU.  Thinking appeasement will make things all better is insane.  Allowing them to subvert our laws with their own “Sharia” law goes against everything our nation was founded on.  It is the violation that the government is to never establish a church, nor church doctrine as law.  Yet these progressive idiots think that being nice to them will show them how wonderful and tolerant we are, and then suddenly everything will be sunshine and lollipops.  Ask Europe how that policy is working out.
  10. This happened to the Mormons many times.  They were run out of New York, Missouri, and Illinois.  Why?  Preachers didn’t like the fact people were converting in droves, and it was easy to lie to those jealous of the Mormon’s success.  They had nice farms, towns, homes, all because of their work ethic and clean honest living.  Tell wild stories about them and say it enough times, and by someone in authority (preacher, sheriff, judge, etc.), also have people print outlandish books and newspaper articles about them, or get those excommunicated from their society with a grudge, and you have yourself an angry mob.
  11. Missouri Executive Order 44

    Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs (1836 – 1840) actually signed an executive order (Missouri executive order 44) ordering the EXTERMINATION of all Mormons.  In other words, you hunt down and kill a Mormon without due process, nor trial, and you are rewarded by the State.  Yes folks, this actually happened, and this executive order wasn’t rescinded until 138 (!) years later by Governor Christopher Bond.

    Let’s also not forget the Branch Dividians.  People who minded their own business, and exercised their second amendment rights, yet were terrorized and killed, burned to death, by a tyrannical government because of that.

  12. Andrew Jackson, one of the Presidential jackasses of our nation, warped “divine providence” and turned it into the very evil “manifest destiny”.  All because of his arrogance and bigotry, he caused the USA to dishonor itself and its treaties all because a douchebag of a president felt God destined the nation to have that land.  God had nothing to do with it.  It was arrogance and hatred that drove that man.  This is why Davy Crocket left Washington in disgust.  All of the years of his friendship, promises and good relations with the native American people was shattered by one delusional douchebag of a president.
  13. That’s right.  Slavery was originally, by law, to be outlawed in 40 years.  The first law of Congress was the Declaration of Independence, but the second law was to outlaw slavery after the first generation.  This is why the U.S. Constitution says “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS” instead of the original draft, which said “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of PROPERTY”.  That change was intended to prevent slave owners from claiming slaves were property, and that they were protected Constitutionally to own them.  You see, the founding fathers were the smartest men gathered in one place at that period of time.  No historian worth his weight will deny that.

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