“A Den of Lying Liars and Crap Weasels”

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin has a gift for calling a spade a spade, and to hell with what other people think.  This Asian powerhouse and patriot has my utmost respect.  Michelle has some excellent investigative reporting and best selling books on the Obama administration and its lies and corruption.

Sean Hannity is covering the Lybia attack scandal and cover-up of the Obama Administration.  He gets Michelle’s gold-plated input on what is happening.  What results is Michelle’s unhindered assessment, and obvious disgust, at what the Obama administration is doing by attempting to stonewall and cover up this scandal, among other scandals.

Let’s Review

Gee, we have the following colossal failures, and yet people think he’s qualified?

  1. The “stimulus” sinking billions into alternative energy companies like Solyndra, who are all now defunct and bankrupt.
  2. He has had 46 months of unemployment above 8%.  A record for any president in the United States since the Depression.
  3. His foreign policies of apologize and appease has alienated our allies and emboldened our enemies; as well as get people murdered and killed.
  4. More deaths as a result of war have occurred under Obama’s short administration than Clinton’s and Bush’s combined!
  5. The economy continues to tank while he runs up a debt greater than ALL of the previous presidents (yeah, since Washington) COMBINED, including Bush.  That is just his contribution to it.
  6. The guy is a fumbling buffoon who is helpless without his teleprompter…. uh …. uh …. uh.
  7. The guy plays golf and goes on extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense (1.2 billion so far?) while the world burns.
  8. He can’t be bothered with affairs of state and security and rarely ever attends important security meetings.
  9. The guy lies, and they are easy to prove are lies.
  10. The guy’s past and present is easy to investigate, and yet his radical beliefs don’t concern you??
  11. An empty chair has apparently been doing the job.  Empty chairs suck.

Way to go Michelle for telling it like it is.  Those of you that want to vote for Obama, this is you:

A baboon in a room full of bananas could do a better job than Obama.

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