Bill O’Reilly and Bible Thumpers

English: Bill O'Reilly at a Hudson Union Socie...

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News

There are many things Bill O’Reilly says that I do not agree with, but this one borders on stupid.  Bill claims those against so-called “gay marriage” are just crazy “Bible Thumpers”.  So Bill, Mr. No Spin… what you are saying is those that are opposed to homosexuality and its infringement on God’s definition of marriage, as stated in the Bible, are crazy wacko “Bible Thumpers”?  You are ccertainly entitled to your opinion Bill, but I am going to help you in your obvious ignorance.  Most of those that read the Bible, actually believe and try to obey what it says, regardless of what society and Bill O’Reilly thinks is right.  God, quite frankly, doesn’t change on the pressures of society and its whims.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  The ideas and whims of men are what Lucifer (Satan, the adversary) tries to get us to believe are “right” and “fair”.

With that said, let me explain further.  Jesus taught us to love everyone as you love God.  He told us to treat everyone with love and never use hatred or anger against those that choose not to follow God’s teachings, however you choose to interpret them.  He encourages freedom to choose.  While there is certainly only one truth, it is up to us to find out and choose to follow it when we find it.  Those who choose not to, have that right to not do so.  So in other words, homosexuals have a right to choose to act upon their urges despite God saying it is sinful, and they deserve to be treated with human dignity and respect.  God does not say we must lower our own standards to “tolerate” their behavior.  In other words, they have a right to live life as they see fit, have careers as they see fit, and deserve free movement in society and commerce as long as they don’t try to force their own beliefs and lifestyle upon you and your children (as you shouldn’t be forcing yours upon them).

The term “gay marriage” is a misnomer, a lie.  Marriage, by its very definition is a religious ordinance founded by God, and dictated by God for a man and a woman, and has always been that way since the first man.  Granted, God has sanctioned marriages where a man has had more than one wife, but the pattern is still the same.  A man marries a woman (or women), and a woman marries a man.  That is how the Bible dictates what “marriage” is.  The fact it is a religious ordinance indicates that the government’s interference on it violates the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, when government is prohibited from establishment of a religion and dictating to the people doctrine, which is exactly what this “gay marriage” thing is all about.  It has nothing to do with “gay rights”.  It has everything to do with what marriage actually is, and that is none of the government’s damn business.

If the homosexuals want to form a church and “marry” each other according to their definition, then they have that constitutional right to do so, as it is a religious freedom.  It should remain out of the government’s (and lawyers) hands.

People want to argue that if you got rid of government “restrictions” that all sorts of perversions would happen… like homosexuals hijacking a religious ordinance defined as a man and a woman union under God for example.

What the real problem here isn’t the definition of Marriage by the government, be it Prop 8 in California, or whatever; it is the fact government and lawyers are involved in the first place.  Marriage, and coupling agreements should be completely separate from each other, and coupling agreements should be contracts made regardless if marriage is performed or not.  Divorces were never intended to happen, in fact, until recently, frowned upon to the point of it being a sin itself, and shunned by civilized society.  Divorce is not part of God’s intentions for us.

So Bill, I am a “Bible Thumper” and quite proud of it.  I believe homosexuality is a sin.  I also believe homosexuals are children of God too, and deserve to be treated with human dignity and love.  I do not believe forcing churches to perform ordinances completely against their doctrine, and giving lawyers food for “rights violations” lawsuits is a thing I, as a “Bible Thumper”, have to tollerate or put up with.

English: Portrait of Mormon polygamists in pri...

Mormons in Prison being told by the government their doctrines of marriage aren’t government approved.

Bill, your friend Glenn Beck, and his religion is my religion.  We have a history with government interfering in the affairs of our religion, and dictating to us what doctrine is, and what marriage is.  The Edmunds/Tucker act was devastating to families in Utah.  Yet another time when the government turned a blind eye to the rights supposedly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to Mormons.

This argument never has been about “gay rights”.  It has always been about dictating to the religious what they can and cannot worship and believe according to their doctrines and the dictates of their own consciences.

So, as long as the government is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, religious affairs and beliefs, I like the idea of lawyers and special interest groups not being able to sue my church for refusing to perform an ordinance contrary to its teachings.  Laws like Proposition 8 protect against that, and if you can’t see that, then you are either blind or stupid.

So either get government out of the marriage business all together, or allow us to protect what sliver of the Bill of Rights we have left from people who really don’t care about marriage, but are using it as a tool to break the freedom of religion.

Before the trolls get all stupid on me, I want to say my brother is gay, and chooses to live the lifestyle.  I do not approve of his behavior, nor do I support him in it, as I believe it is a grievous sin against God.  Nevertheless, I love my brother, and I defend his right to make the choices he has made, even though I believe they are the wrong choices.  He deserves to be treated with love and respect by everyone, as Jesus taught us.  He deserves to be treated with friendship, kindness, and charity.  He deserves a career, if he works hard at it like the rest of us, and deserves to be paid fairly like the rest of us.  He does not have the right to force his beliefs on me nor my children (if I had any), and try to convince them what he is doing is “normal” and acceptable behavior before God, as it is not.  Does that mean I love him any less?  Of course not.  It just means I do not approve of his behavior, but I do not hate him, nor beride him.  He is my brother, and I love him.  He has a right to live how he sees fit, as do I, without interference by any government body or judge.

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