Racial Bigotry of Progressives

“Only fools and bigots make sweeping, judgemental generalizations about large groups of people based on the distasteful actions of a very few.” – The Washington Post

Those on the Progressive nut-bus, have the favorite war cry of saying they are the minority’s hero, yet, they are those that categorize and assign people to groups, races, cultures, etc.  They try to convince those they claim to protect, that they are victims and must be “protected”.  A conservative looks at this, and using common sense, can see that racial and societal bigotry, done by simply judging people based on their genetic makeup, or place of birth.  Because of common sense, they see the folly of people telling other people they are being repressed, or have been repressed, and that somehow everyone owes them something, and that if they relied upon their grand genius, they will make it all better, is just a means of enslaving the very people they claim to protect.  It’s mind bodgglingly amazing to see how many willingly, happily, are hopping on the “Go To Hell” train and actually look forward to the trip!  How the promise of free stuff is no different than corralling chickens with feed before slaughter.  Has anyone watched Pinnochio (how the boys are lured into enslavement), Alice in Wonderland (the story of the Walrus and Oysters), the old Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (luring the kids into the coach), or heck, national park signs saying to not feed the animals, because they forget how to feed themselves and become dependent.  Nevermind the blatant lessons of history played out time and time again!  The promise of “free stuff”.  The dividing of people into groups, races, cultures, etc.  The claims of “we will protect you if you put us in charge”.  The “that guy has more than you, take from him, you are entitled to it” lie.  The lessons of this repeating over and over throughout the centuries, and yet people buy into it like flies to a blue light.  Note, “Wreck It Ralph” has an excellent example of this blue light phenominon, just sayin’.

I’m going to play their stupid game for just a small moment.  The left is now (before the Boston bombings), trying to convince everyong that white people are evil.  Ok, this is the left wing playbook on display.  I am going to use their own numbers (Mother Jones):

According to The World According to Mother Jones, this percentage does not include shootings related to armed robbery, gang violence, and other felonies (conveniently for them).  In other words, data proving their progressive claim wrong, does not count.  They dismiss from their data 48% of all violent crime, which is perpetrated by groups typically 87% not white.
Not White White
Mass Shootings 27.7% 70.3%
Race Population 21% 79%

Now anyone who has a grasp of mathematics, and statistics, can see that the claims that white people statistacally commit more mass shootings, contradicts the math.  You see, if that claim were true, then the mass shootings percentage should be greater than the race population percentage.  However, what the numbers actually state, that statistically, white people commit LESS mass shootings than the “not white” portion of society, as a percentage of a group of people.

The problem, is they skip over a few (non-white) mass spree killers like John Allen Muhammad (beltway sniper), Lee Boyd Malvo (beltway sniper), and Nadal Malik Hassan (Fort Hood).

Now, let’s go to the horrific Boston bombings.  Main stream media, full of progressives, did their best at attempting to say the bomber was a white tea party activist and absolutely nobody brown.  When it turned out it was two Islamic radicals, Chechnians (not white), they begrudgingly and reluctantly reported the truth.  They were noticably disappointed!

The problem with the “it’s the tea party narrative,” is that the tea party has always been a shining example of non-violence, people that love their country, and the principles it was founded upon.  The tea party aren’t violent anarchists (which hate all government).  They are constitutionalists that respect the individual, and the rule of law.  They believe SMALL government is necessary to a free society, not the lack of government.  Why would they even consider bombing the people, if that is what they believe the contry belongs to?  It makes no sense.  You see, Marxists, Islamists, and others with similar radical agendas only understand violence and force.  This is completely anti-tea party.  Even the first tea party, the one originally in the Boston harbor, was about the people being over-taxed by those claiming to represent them, but aren’t listening to their pleas for help.  Sound familiar?

Do you really want freedom?  Do you really want to solve as much of society’s problems to the best that mankind and its nature is capable?  It is very simple, and history proves it works.  Put the power back into the hands of the people and take it away from the bureaucrats and elites.  It’s that simple.  People help other people when allowed to shine, and not bogged down by stupid regulations and rules some moron of a bureaucrat came up with hundreds of miles away.

The Constitution was designed to keep the federal government small, the power centralized in the States and local communities.  The federal government was only intended as a referee, not a tyrant.  Centralized power has a historical failure rate of 100%.  So why do people still buy into it?

Stop separating people into races, classes, and income brackets.  Stop saying what is wrong with the other guy.  Stop blaming someone else for your situation in life.  Stop saying things are “unfair”.  Instead, you make your life what it is.  Your rights are there for you to better yourself.  Instead of attempting to enrich yourself by forcibly taking from someone else who has more than you, how about you earn it on your own, and eventually have more than him in the end?  Instead of taking away from the rich and giving to the poor, how about making the poor rich as well so there are no longer poor?  TEACH the poor to excel.  Stop teaching them they need the government’s help.

For the love of God, stop whining about being not-white or white.  You are a human being.  Our president is not white.  Our attorney general is not white.  Many of our congressmen aren’t white.  I’d say the period of bitching has to end.  It’s time for everyone to join the human family and leave their assigned races and groups when interacting with each other.  This was the dream Martin Luther King Junior had.  I am amazed at how quickly his own so-called friends have forgotten that, and now cheer for the slave owners once again.

So, history is the best teacher.  Rome, greece, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Mao Tse Tong’s China, Stalin’s Soviet Union, all when studied with TRUE historical accounts, and not progressive filtered history, show how obvious the lessons are that any large government is the beginning of tyranny and the loss of freedom, but most of all,  the stagnation of society and innovation.  ALL begin with assigning people to classes and groups, setting each against the other, crippling education and dumbing down the populace, creating envy and covetousness, and even jealousy, attaching blame to those with more.  All this while the bureaucrats sick back and greedily watch and profit from it and gain the power they wanted.

I will always say this.  If you are a progressive, you are either a sucker, a moron, or evil.  You all have lost your common sense.  Now you may say that my labeling “progressives” is the same thing.  I beg to correct you.  They label themselves as progressives.  I merely point out their folly.


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