What is Faith? What is Fanaticism? What is Religion? Why is The World On Fire?

* Please note, that the views and opinions expressed in this article are my own, and in no way stand as an example nor endorsement of the doctrines nor official standing of any church, nor am I a spokesperson for any church or organization in any capacity.

Hello folks,

It’s been a long time since I posted my thoughts, as I have had more pressing matters to deal with.  However, the world is sinking into chaos, and evil is becoming more and more bold.


Evil acts are being committed in the name of religion, perceived oppression, political agendas, over-stepped authority, and corruption.  Everyone is pointing fingers at someone else.  Everyone is blaming their problems and life situation on someone else.  Everyone claims they have the solution, and you had better do it their way, or else.  Everyone is throwing mud.  Many are throwing bombs, bullets, rocks, and feces.  Many are just taking advantage of the chaos and anarchy as a result.

The problem is, (with the exception of a small few,) everyone is afraid to step forward and call evil what it is, EVIL.  Everyone is so caught up in worrying about offending someone that they don’t say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.  Nobody (with a few exceptions) is willing to call a liar a liar, a thief a thief, and most importantly, call criminal activity by a popular figure, criminal activity.  It’s “Political Correctness” is what is evil.  It’s political correctness that stifles truth, that silences free speech, that squashes freedom.  There is nothing “correct” about it.

When the fear of offending someone outweighs the justice of punishing wrongdoing, then society is lost.

What happens is you get people that get offended at everything, consider everything, every thought, word, display, and landmark, an offense to their senses.  They are like spoiled brats living in a glass house.  Then there is the other side of the spectrum, as all things need to have opposition to balance out.  You have those in authority (authority given to them by the people) that overstep their authority, and turn that authority into oppression.  Then nobody calls that evil either.  It fuels the opposite group, which fuels the group in authority.  The fire gets hotter and hotter.

The Groups

First I will address police.  Yes, there are many good cops, and they deserve our support.  HOWEVER, if they are so good, then why aren’t they helping to weed out the bad cops?  Good or not, ignoring bad behavior endorses it, regardless if you participate in it yourself.  If there is a “brotherhood” or “code” that prevents it, then you aren’t a good cop, because you put this code above the law and above what is right and wrong.

Now I will address those on the other side.  There are people that do get harassed by cops on a daily basis.  These dirty cops get a high off the power kick they have ordering people around.  Now, if you get that in your neighborhood, and nobody does anything about it, then you are going to get pissed and explode eventually.  However, there are neighborhoods where gangs and the culture is so lawless that it isn’t a surprise that cops have to stop people all the time.  These cops are only human, and their lives are at risk every day.  It can be stressful, and even they can snap.  You see, both sides are pushing and tugging on each other.

These cultures are lawless because they have no proper parenting, no proper disciplining, no values taught to them about right and wrong.  All they have are people telling them they are victims of “the man” and that they need to get angry.  Only a small few understand personal responsibility and get out of this environment on their own and live happy lives.  They only pay attention to a man shot dead by a cop fearing for his safety from a thug that just robbed a store.  No, the thug is the poor oppressed innocent guy, and the cop is the bad guy.  And this guy’s parents, where were they?  Why were they supporting his bad behavior?  To claim your punk thug son is an innocent angel is bad parenting.


So why is the country falling apart?  Well, you have leaders telling the people they are victims, throwing gasoline on an already roaring fire.  Some do this thinking it will “help”, but I think most are doing it on purpose to achieve their agenda, to cause chaos.  What should instead be said is “you have personal responsibility for your own lives.  You can’t depend on nor blame others for your situation.  If you want a hand up, people will give it to you.  If you want a hand out, your hand will remain empty.  Nobody owes you anything.  You determine your destiny.  You can achieve anything with hard work.”

You have people more worried about what Kim Kardashian is doing, what slutty clothes that movie star is wearing, or their favorite football team, and other unimportant stupid things like that.  There are more important things in life.  First, God, second, your family, third, your freedom, fourth, your fellow man.  Stop sensationalizing filth, and concentrate on what is good for you.

Fanatics vs. The Faithful

Now there is terrorism.  It is fueled by evil and fanaticism.  Fanaticism is not faith.  What’s the difference?  Faith is based on truth that can be tested.  Jesus compared faith to a mustard seed.  If the principle or belief is true, then you will see its good results, if you put it into practice.  If it’s not based on truth, then it’s a lie and you should discard it.  If you don’t test it, it’s fanaticism.  If someone forces you to believe and practice it (especially under the cowardly and tyrannical threat of death), then it is fanaticism.

Religion is the practice and expression of faith.  A theocratic dictatorship is based on fanaticism.  The only way it can exist is to threaten those with death, if you want to leave the theocracy, or if you won’t join it.  There is no faith involved.  It’s fear.  Satan thrives on fear.  I repeat, this is NOT religion, it is a theocratic dictatorship.

The Fanatics

You have these fanatics in the Middle East that have been indoctrinated from birth into fearing the theocracy, and eventually believing it themselves, becoming useful idiots.  They justify murder, rape, theft, slaughter, all in the name of their so-called God.  They say their God allows it because the unbelievers aren’t members of the theocracy.  They are infidels, and thus no better than animals, and if it’s okay to kill animals, then it’s okay to murder, rape, plunder and brazenly lie to the infidels.  They then apply this logic to women.  Oh women are greater than infidels, but are less than men and are property, and thus can be treated as such.

Gee, fanatics that believe they can get away with murder, rape, theft, and basically do whatever they want, except to fellow fanatics (that remain loyal) and attribute it to a so-called “prophet” (pedophile actually).  Wow, no wonder why so many sleazebags are on board!  If Christians ever wanted to see a great and abominable church John describes in The Revelation of the Holy Bible, then this fits the bill to a “T”.

This isn’t religion.  This isn’t faith.  This is a gang, a theocratic dictatorship that wants to spread.  Oh they think they are bringing glory to a God, but it’s not God they are glorifying.  It’s Lucifer, Satan, their God, the father of lies, murder, rape, thievery, death, destruction, and all things evil, the ultimate deceiver.

You’ll find those on the left, that are apologists, the trumpeters of “Political Correctness” and all things “fair”, “nice”, and “understanding” that actually think that they can make these people like them, become peaceful, be civilized, be reasoned with.  If only we just didn’t… blah blah.  These apologists do not understand what real evil is.  Until a man screaming praises to his fanatic God runs through their office with an AK47 killing their friends and perhaps killing them, will they then really understand that you cannot reason with evil.  Evil must be eradicated.

Evil is a festering disease that must be plucked out quickly, else it spreads fast.  Once someone determines that rape and murder is okay, and actually does it, especially in the name of a God, then they are beyond reason, and need to be removed from this earth.

Apologists like to cite history like the crusades, but unfortunately for them, the crusades was a war against terrorism and this fanaticism.  They then cite atrocities against the Jews by “christians”, claiming Christians are no different.  The problem with their argument, is that those doing the oppressing may have claimed they were Christian, may have even had a powerful theocracy, but they were not practicing Christianity in the slightest form.  They were just those desiring power, wanting to keep it, and using Jesus as a scapegoat.  It was Martin Luther that exposed this truth.  Unfortunately, fanatics of today are doing what their teachings tell them, what their prophet told them, what the “rules” say.  They aren’t fringe, nor are they “radical”.  They are just those practicing their fanaticism to the fullest.

Here’s a word to go look up, “TAQIYYA”.  It’s basically what these fanatic’s spokespeople use when talking to infidels.  Note, any videos you try to watch in YouTube that expose those using Taqiyya mysteriously don’t work.  Hmmm.

When these fanatics say they want to kill all the Jews, they mean it, and no amount of appeasement, negotiations, or reasoning is going to change their minds.  It’s part of their obedience and duty to their fanatic deity.  They mean what they say when they say they want the world under the control of their fanaticism.  They aren’t saying “get out and leave us alone”.  They are saying “we will kill you and your family, if you don’t submit to our fanaticism”.  This isn’t something new.  This isn’t the result of some sort of western oppression that the left somehow believe.  This isn’t the result of Israel nor of anything named “Palestine” (which by the way means “Invader” in Hebrew).  This fanatical group has been raping, murdering and plundering all in the name of their false God and false prophet for nearly 1600 years!  Many western nations didn’t even exist back then.

Here’s a little brief history, how about studying the theme song to the US Marines and its origins?  The phrase “shores of Tripoli” has a real significance here.  Or find out why Marines are called “leathernecks”.  Our nation has been fighting these fanatics since our nation was founded.  Long before we even had a base in any Middle Eastern territory.  So this “those poor people are just angry at us” narrative by the left is utter bull crap.

This folks, is why we need to protect ourselves before it is too late.  We need to start praying, practicing true faith, being kind to others, pointing out and routing out evil immediately.  Removing corruption immediately.  Not being afraid to point out a lie and a liar.  To say your sorry when you do wrong, and be truly sorry.  Being charitable.  We also need to defend ourselves.  We cannot let our freedoms to be compromised.  We cannot let others take away our ability to defend ourselves either.

If the world continues like it is, and people get angrier and angrier, then I fear it will get to a point to where it will be too late.

The Faithful

You can stop reading here, if you want, as I am going to express to you my faith.

I firmly believe these things have happened many times before, and we have been given a warning, and a means to spot the causes, and what to do to fix the problems.  The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is an account, scripture, of two societies that lived in the Americas anciently, and they eventually destroyed themselves with what is happening right now.  Secret combinations, corruption, gangs, agendas, fanaticism, political correctness, and lies to stir up enemies, everything is shown here, and what happened when they stopped it, and what happened when they let it grow and ignored it.  It stands as a companion to the Holy Bible as a second witness of its truth.

One account is a people that came from the tower of babel, the Jaredites.  The other is the Lehites that came from Jerusalem at the time of Zedekiah.  Well, there is a third, The Mulekistes, but they joined with the Lehites, which by that time had split up into two separate people called the Nephites and Lamanites.  Most importantly, it gives an account of Jesus Christ visiting them after his resurrection and ascension in Jerusalem.

I have read this book, and applied its challenge at the end, applying the promise James gives us in the Bible in James 1:5-6.  I know it to be true.  I know it to contain the key to freedom, the proof that Jesus is the Messiah, and that God has promised that America will always be free IF we are freely obedient to him of our own free will, and not coercion.

Captain Moroni Raises The Title of Liberty - Arnold Freiberg

Captain Moroni Raises The Title of Liberty – by Arnold Friberg

My favorite account in that book is about a retired general, Captain Moroni, that got fed up with the corruption and those plotting to take away the freedom of the people (he had just recently fought a long hard war for); and to set up a king.  These people had a free government emphasizing freedom of speech and religion.  Both of these things were under attack and becoming oppressed.  The government had corruption, sleazebag lawyers, you name it, they had it, just like us.  Anyway, this general rips his coat and turns it into a flag (the “Title of Liberty”) that said, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children“.  He put on his armor and rallied the people.  He asked for a vote of the people for what they wanted.  Did they want a king to rule over them, or did they want their freedom?  They wanted freedom.  Those that wanted a king fought those that wanted freedom, and all that wanted a king were captured and tried, and given a choice.  The choice was to die or to promise by oath to fight for their freedom from that day forward.  Back then an oath meant everything.

When the people repented and obeyed God, they had freedom.  They were promised this land would always be a free land, as long as they were a righteous people.  However, they were told that if they disobeyed, and became wicked, this land would be cursed, and they would lose their freedom to oppressors.

Glenn_Beck_Raises_The_Title_Of_LibertyWe need a modern day Captain Moroni.  The country can only be saved by a miracle now, by people remembering God, the real God.  So how is your faith?  I believe in miracles.  I still believe in prophets.  Not one like the fanatics do, not just dead ones, but modern living ones.  God still loves us, and still talks to us through his servants.  I believe in a modern day Moses, Peter, James, and John, and I love reading and listening to what they have to say, what God has inspired them to say.

Am I a fanatic?  How can I be?  I have applied the test of faith Jesus taught us.  I have asked God for wisdom, a God that does not upbraid, and gives to all men liberally, like it says in James 1:5-6.  I know when I pray to God for wisdom, it is God that answers and gives that wisdom.  Thus the mustard seed has grown.  God has shown me it is true.  It is my faith, real faith.  So no, I am not a fanatic.  A fanatic is Satan’s counterfeit of faith.  A fanatic blindly listens to and obeys a cleric or preacher without questioning and finding out for themselves if what they preach is true.  A fanatic grasps on to what their parents believed, and what they were raised to believe, without gaining a faith of their own, and a knowledge of knowing if it is true.  A knowledge the burns in their hearts with confidence, love, and happiness.

I love God, and I know he loves me.  He sent and sacrificed his only begotten son for me.  I know I am here on this earth to freely choose to follow him and continue to learn.  I know freedom of choice is central to all of his teachings, and that anyone that claims differently is lying to you.  People are free to choose to follow him or not to.  However, a civilized society needs to understand evil is evil regardless of what you choose to follow.

You have the freedom and right to believe what you believe and to worship God by the dictates of your own conscience, but you do not have the right nor authority to force your beliefs on me or others.  To believe in such a God is to believe that your God is a coward, and Lucifer is a coward, not Jesus, nor his Father.

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