The Best Case Against Abortion Ever

By Stu BraguireThe Wonderful World of StuThe Blaze TV

Wow, the most amazing, intelligent, concise, and articulate (with a little bit of humor) display of common sense about the topic I have seen.

One Response to “The Best Case Against Abortion Ever”

  1. Although, I certainly agree with Stu on his stance about abortion. (A baby is a baby at conception, and any other view I would call self-delusional, not “psychotic”.) But he’s wrong about Gosnell. He didn’t go to prison for all those horrindous late term abortions he performed (though, he should have). He went to prison for the mothers he killed. He killed at least 6 women that we know of through his barbaric practices. And I believe that the court threw out 2 of those counts of murder on some technicality. So, although he should have gotten the death penalty for the mass murders against all those countless babies. He actually went to prison for the deaths of the fully grown women he killed on the abortion table.

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