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Big Lies on Big Oil

According to the Institute for Energy Research, we have more than 1.4 trillion barrels of oil that is technically recoverable in the United States with existing technology. The largest deposits are located offshore, in portions of Alaska and in shale deposits in the Rocky Mountain states. So the United States has more recoverable oil than the rest of the non-North American world combined. The Heritage Foundation says this is enough to fuel every passenger car in the nation for 430 years. Therefore, “it is merely semantics — not a scientific assessment of what America has the capacity to produce — that allows critics to claim repeatedly that America is running out of energy.”

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WHAT?! “We can Absorb Another Terrorist Attack?!”

You know folks, I have given the President the benefit of the doubt on many things.  Now, mind you, I never approved of his policies, agenda, nor staff, but I always thought he just was different about his philosophies in life and politics.  The old “Agree to Disagree” stance. Now, in the book “Obama’s Wars” […]

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