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The Ecstasy of Empire (The Story of Greece, Rome and Weimar, but is it ours too?)

Paul Craig Roberts Infowars.com August 16, 2010 The United States is running out of time to get its budget and trade deficits under control.  Despite the urgency of the situation, 2010 has been wasted in hype about a non-existent recovery.  As recently as August 2 Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner penned a New York Times […]

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Will America Follow Greece? — Star Parker

Will America Follow Greece? — Star Parker — GOPUSA http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/spar… It's perfectly clear that big-government, welfare-state policies drove Greece into bankruptcy and that the path on which our own Democrat-controlled government has put our nation mirrors where Greece and other European welfare states have gone.

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